Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A mother's agony

The New Straits Times carried the following article on 14th September 2008. Dearth of latest developements on Sharlinie and Asmawi, perhaps this article can remind us that there are more than the two missing children in Malaysia currently. One of them is Syed Ahmad Kushairi Syed Jamal.

FOUR years have passed since her son's disappearance but a 47-year-old hospital attendant doesn't let each black cross on the calendar break her spirits.

Mum Taj Bagam Ab Razak still hopes to see her son.

"Yes, I believe if he's alive, he will come back. I'm waiting for that day."

Casting a glance out of the window of her low-cost flat in Ampang, Mum Taj recounted the Saturday when her youngest son got lost.

"That time, it was like today. Raining. He was riding his bicycle."

The family, among the last to move out of the squatter area in Lembah Jaya Selatan, Ampang, was busy packing up when at 3pm, they realised something amiss.

Eight-year-old Syed Ahmad Kushairi Syed Jamal didn't respond to calls.

His eldest sister went out in search for him, only to find the boy's bicycle lying by a monsoon drain.

Kushairi was cycling a few metres away from home for half an hour. That was the last his family saw of him.

A missing child report was lodged, the Fire and Rescue Services Department came and went, and Mum Taj has seen more than 30 bomoh.

A rescue officer told Mum Taj that from his experience, the boy didn't fall into a drain.

"I believe him, because Kushairi is afraid of water. Even in Sunway Lagoon, he didn't want to mandi. He'd hold on tight to us when he had to cross over some drains.

"I also know my son didn't follow a stranger because he's shy. He doesn't talk, play or go near any stranger."

All the shamans, said Mum Taj, told her that her son is alive.

"They told me, saudara ambik. Saudara sakit hati. Budak itu di tangan orang. Siapa takde anak."

(A relative took him away because of angst. The child is in someone's hands. Someone who is childless.)

Even before this revelation, Mum Taj's instinct told her the same.

A few more reports were lodged, the case was reclassified as abduction. Mum Taj has provided fresh information from time to time.

Calls to the police for updates all these years were always met with the response that they are too busy to meet us.

"People tell me not to worry since the bomoh said my son is being taken care of by someone. It's easy for people to say that. But I cannot live like that."

Mum Taj, who has four other children, is constantly worried about her son's welfare.

She doesn't know how well her son is treated, whether he has enough to eat.

"There's nothing much we can do but wait.

"In my dreams, my son hugs us and cries. He scolds us, asking why we never came and looked for him. It breaks my heart."
- New Straits Times


unicorn said...


quite a time since last posting in the month of ramadhan..however ,im glad for new entry in this blog.

saya merintih setiap kali teringatkan atau terbaca mengenai nasib2 knk2 malang seperti adik khusairi, sharlinie,asmawi ini...

bila seorang ibu bermimpikan sedemikian ,saya percaya adik khusairi masih hidup namun tersgt rindu utk pulang kepangkuan keluarga..mungkin kehidupan yg dilaluinya menyedihkan....maaf.

baru saja menonton movie yg mengisahkan anaknya diculik dan ibu mempunyai kelebihan lebih kurang spt psychic ...polis tak dpt menolong byk krn mengikut protokol dan skeptical dgn extra ability si ibu.tdk membuang masa, ibubapa mangsa terus mencari dgn cara sendiri dan menjumpai anaknya dlm keadaan yg kritikal namun selamat.

kepada ibubapa kepada anak2 malang ini..tolonglah terus berusaha dgn cara sendiri. Satu perkara jgn di lupa ialah bersolat hajat tanpa henti dan membaca doa2 penting yg berkaitan dgn situasi kritikal begini...spt diamalkan oleh org2 pernah saya kenal iatu nurun nubbuwah,doa nabi ibrahim ketika dibakar firaun,doa nabi yunus ditelan ikan paus.

please dont give up.

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

nape x bls email @ komen sy?

inilah akbtnya jk pentingkan dr msng2!

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

pd hal zmn skrg yg pnh dgn teknologi moden mcm ict serta sms, perbncgan blh dlaksanakan dgn lbh mdh + cpt...

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...



Authorities still sleeping: Nurin Alert remains just a proposal
By : Tan Choe Choe

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Flashback on Nurin Alert carried by New Sunday Times on Jan. 20.

KUALA LUMPUR: The much vaunted Nurin Alert is still in limbo -- more than a year after the brutal murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

In fact, it is possible that the Nurin Alert may not see daylight at all. The authorities appear uncertain as to who should handle it.

The Nurin Alert was to have been a mechanism to disseminate information on missing children so that it reaches the public in the shortest time possible and ultimately help locate the children.

It was proposed after the body of Nurin, 8, was found stuffed inside a gym bag on Sept 17, 2007, slightly more than a month after she went missing.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen told the New Sunday Times that the Nurin Alert was not part of the Child Protection Policy to be submitted to the cabinet for approval.

This is in sharp contrast to the statement by her predecessor at the ministry, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, on Jan 20, that the implementation of the Nurin Alert was just a matter of formality and that the system was already in place and working.

"We've decided to park the alert system under the Child Protection Policy as one of its components -- it'll be our last module because we're first looking at more preventive measures," Shahrizat had said.

That was about four months after the murder of Nurin. The Nurin Alert was mooted by Nurin's uncle Jasni Abdul Jalil and his group of blogger friends following the tragedy.

Nurin means "Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network" and was modelled after the United States' Amber Alert.

It was earlier reported that a proposal on the Nurin Alert system had been submitted to Shahrizat. However, Dr Ng said no such proposal had been received by her ministry.

When contacted, Jasni said he had emailed a copy of the proposal to the Welfare Department's director-general sometime late last year and had subsequently received a note acknowledging receipt of the proposal on Nov 2.

Jasni had told the New Straits Times in September that he wanted the police to take ownership of the system, but the police had said that it was the ministry's initiative.

Dr Ng, however, said the ministry was not in charge of the alert system and that such a system was related to enforcement work.

Her ministry, she said, was more involved in awareness and advocacy work.

So does this mean that the initiative is not under the ministry anymore?

"I won't say it's not under me, but to start the process, it should be inter-agency. It's not an easy matter,"she said.

"But there is a section in the CPP that suggests that an early warning alert system for missing children should be developed, but with input from government agencies, non-governmental organisations, academicians and, more importantly, the police."

Madeleine Yong, director of P.S. the Children, said she was not surprised at the state of affairs.

"Looking at the trends over the past years in child rape and murder issues, we have too many suggestions that are knee-jerk reactions.

"We have too many programmes or services created that are ad-hoc.

"We need to have a lot more discussions and strategic planning for this system to be implemented effectively," said Yong.

"The entire system should be framed around the primary objective -- to promote the wellbeing of children -- rather than to meet the requirements of organisations or departments," she added.

For Nurin Alert to be realised, there must be teamwork between the lawmakers, the Women, Dr Ng's ministry, non-governmental organisations that deal with children, the media, law enforcement officers, social workers, hospitals and the entire community.

The Amber Alert system, Yong said, had a series of strategies to support the authorities and communities to increase the likelihood that abducted children would be recovered swiftly and safely.

One important lesson learned by Amber Alert implementers, she said, was that while it was an outstanding tool, it was ultimately only a tool to help in law enforcement.

"Training and having an investigative plan or strategy are the most important components.

"We need to start with these steps.

"We can have good ideas but the implementation, monitoring and sustainability of a programme or system needs a lot more effort."

"So am I surprised Nurin Alert didn't take off? Absolutely not."

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...


amber alert dah nak wjd tp bila PeKeMaJ?

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

NST Online » Local News

Missing children alert system ready
By : Evangeline Majawat

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KUALA LUMPUR: The early alert system for missing children is already in place but it is not called Nurin Alert, after Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who was found brutally murdered last year.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said a mechanism similar to Nurin Alert was already in place.

"I've said it clearly that the name 'Nurin Alert' is not in our programme or part of our plans on child protection. But the whole mechanism and processes from A to Z have been discussed and is already in place," she said.

The so-called "Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network" (Nurin Alert) was first mooted last year, four months after the broken body of 8-year-old Nurin was found.

She had been sexually assaulted, murdered and her body stuffed into a gym bag.

The mechanism was modelled after the United States' Amber alert -- an emergency response system that galvanises the authorities and the community to locate missing children.

Dr Ng said the yet to be named emergency response mechanism was a major component of the proposed Child Protection Policy.

"We didn't use the name Nurin Alert. America used Amber Alert. We have not decided."

Dr Ng stressed that numerous meetings between her ministry, the police and non-governmental organisations had been held to realise the mechanism.

However, she pointed out that it was up to the police to act first in a missing child case.

"In our intense desire to save children, we must know what is the best mechanism to do so. The first thing to do when a child goes missing is to make a police report.

"We can't instruct the police on what to do. It is a police matter and they know how to handle it."

Dr Ng said it was inappropriate to "splash the news of a missing child in newspapers for the first few hours".

"This creates panic and they (kidnappers) may kill the child," she said.

On the task force investigating the alleged abuse of Penan women and girls, she said the outcome of the investigation would be made public next month.

"We'll leave no stone unturned. There is nothing to hide in this case.

"I will even go to the extent of saying that if we need to test the DNA of the child to find out who the father is, we will do that."

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...


mungkin dgn wjdnya PeKeMaj, kt plk blh dpt award drpd http://merdekaaward.com/ ?

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi malam tadi menyampaikan Anugerah Merdeka kepada individu dan organisasi yang memberi sumbangan cemerlang kepada negara dalam bidang masing-masing.

Para penerima terdiri daripada Profesor Diraja Ungku Abdul Aziz bagi kategori Pendidikan dan Komuniti; Persatuan Pencinta Alam Malaysia atau MNS (Alam Sekitar), Pasukan Penyelidik Virus Nipah daripada Fakulti Perubatan Universiti Malaya dan Profesor Datuk Dr. Khalid Kadir (penerima bersama kategori Kesihatan, Sains dan Teknologi) serta Datuk Leslie Davidson (Sumbangan Ulung Kepada Rakyat Malaysia).

Mereka adalah kumpulan pertama penerima anugerah berprestij itu yang dilancarkan sempena 50 tahun kemerdekaan negara atas inisiatif bersama Petronas, ExxonMobil dan Shell.

Anonymous said...

terima kasih kerana update jugak blog ni at last...

sedih dan kesian mengenangkan nasib Khusairi sekarang...biarpun dia dijaga oleh orang lain, tapi tak sama dengan dijaga oleh ibu sendiri...

teruk betul manusia skrang ni...apsal nak culik anak orang lain...pergi je laa kat JKM amik anak angkat kat situ...ataupun tempat perlindungan anak2 luar nikah tu...bknnya baby2 tu semua berdosa pun...

jgn laa culik anak org lain...kesian diaorg tu, mesti menangis teringatkan keluarga tercinta...

En Jasni...what happen tu Nurin alert punya website..?? dah tak dpt bukak...