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The different faces of paedophilia: Have you protected your child?

By Maria Zain

The story of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin shed new light on the dangers faced by children in their every day lives. The streets are no longer safe for an eight year old to take a 100 metre walk from her home to the neighbouring pasar at night, let alone in broad daylight.

Many were aghast when DNA results proved that the little girl found in a sports bag 20 days later after her disappearance was indeed Nurin. Sympathy turned from the child to her parents who had, in the days before, denied her identity as the deceased. It is quite understandable that the trauma of losing a child would transform into denial after learning of the sequence of sordid events that led to her death.

The public, including Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, objected to litigation against Nurin's parents for negligence, emphasizing that the loss of their child would haunt them forever. The objections did raise the safety concerns of young children left unaccompanied beyond the vicinity of their own home. Parents agree that a heavier surveillance upon their children's whereabouts has to be implemented at all times, despite the amount of time they are able to spend with their children.

Unfortunately, amidst the support Jazimin Abdul Jalil and his wife received from the public, there were those cruel enough to ridicule them for being blatantly responsible for Nurin's murder. Some went to the extent of concocting stories to defame her family's name and reputation. Perhaps these citizens have a better idea on how to "take care of their children" after "making them."

Just because children are kept under lock and key, does this mean they are protected from the lurking psychopath with paedophiliac tendencies? The answer is a resounding "No!"

Mental Health Professional and Social Worker, Tammy Ruggles, describes the difficulty of identifying such a criminal. General characteristics of a potential perpetrator include: popularity with children and adults; demonstrates an air of trustworthiness and respectability; prefers the company of children.

These paedophiles are usually family-men with no criminal record and if they are not family-men, usually sport a children-friendly home. To make matters more complicated, a paedophile could also be female, who cohorts with a paedophile male.

With such a camouflage representation of a heinous criminal, concern against paedophilia does not begin when a child crosses beyond the house compound. In fact, paedophiles have infiltrated homes; the family's safe haven away from the dangers of the streets and public communes.

Negligence, as vague as it is defined by law, needs to be eradicated from the home's comfort too. A simple example is the use of the internet. Children as young as Nurin are users of the Net. They hook up to the web for education, entertainment and communication purposes – the few of many benefits of Internet use. Unfortunately, lewdness and perversion have also lethally injected themselves into the orbits of cyberspace, preying on vulnerable children and teenagers.

The National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families has revealed statistics stipulating that 86% of rapists admitted regular use of child pornography. Frighteningly enough, these rapists were exposed to such obscenity between the ages of 6 to 10. With children that young having easy access to computers in the home, the multi-billion dollar business of pornography is successfully churning out potential psychopaths who will be entwined in the crossfire of sexual violence.

If websites containing child pornography are not already a concern for parents, take for instance networking websites such as Friendster and MySpace. These sites provide social avenues on the web, allowing teenagers to post photographs, personal profiles and even their contact details – such as their chat ID or email address.

A child predator only needs to open a free account and browse for his or her victim of choice through a simple search function. He or she may select a location, age, gender and possibly even a school of choice. Having pulled up several candidates through the search, he or she may directly contact the child by sending him or her a message.

Your child has now come into contact with a paedophile.

It is inadequate for parents to assume that they are better caretakers of their children by ensuring that they are kept in the house under tight lock and key. In fact, besides the Internet, there are other windows of opportunities for paedophiles to fulfill their fantasies for young children.

Talent quests, talent shows, talk shows and reality television featuring pre-pubescent children are beginning to spawn on local channels. It may sound innocent having children perform their favourite bubblegum pop dance routines or chit chat idly about the latest fashion-sense while lathered in make-up. However, these small messages of "negligence" by parents can also entice interest in a paedophile, let alone a psychopath.

Not only is the child swaggering along to blasting music or pulling laughs by imitating adults, he or she is being encouraged by the screaming and applauding hysterical crowd - the majority of them being parents - alongside the performer's mother and father - basking in pride as their son or daughter gives suggestiveness a new meaning.

Have these parents taken precaution to protect their children from the paedophile? The answer is again, another resounding, "No!"

Do not feel compelled to only finding a potential perpetrator in the audience. What about the millions of adults watching these programmes from the comfort of their own homes?

Nurin's parents did not intentionally lock her out of her house in the middle of the night; neither did they push her into the arm's length of her perpetrator. They made a mistake of allowing her to leave the home alone for the nearby pasar, a place she frequented often with her sister.

Some parents interpret their housebound children as being protected from child criminals while they do nothing but surf the internet without supervision. Others are opening gateways for their child to bask in the limelight of a potential perpetrator by encouraging unwarranted display of vulnerability on national television.

Charles Montaldo, a private detective with various work experiences in crime prevention, relays that paedophiles enjoy child-oriented activities, refers to children in angelic terms and has hobbies that entice interests in children. Unfortunately, he also says that a paedophile "can be anyone - old or young, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, non-professional or professional, and of any race."

With the escalating concern that a paedophile could now be "anyone" in your child's life, Tammy Ruggles digresses, assuring that the majority of children who like and work with children are not paedophiles. Parents have to exercise discretion and follow their intuition should they suspect the presence of a paedophile in their child's social circle.

As Nurin's case unfolds and her memories put to rest, supporters and critics of her parents should take this opportunity to rethink negligence and work on a blanket protection for their children, in their every day lives. With a little self-supervision amidst supplication and support for Nurin's family, it is possible to prevent another innocent child to fall victim of such an abhorrent crime.

- (A Division of Harakah)

DEATH PENALTY-MALAYSIA: Sane Voices Amidst Hysteria

By Baradan Kuppusamy

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 (IPS) - In a small dingy community meeting room in Taman Kosas, a depressed working class suburb north of the city of factory workers and petty traders, Rohana Bakar, a 36-year-old mother of two girls, is trying hard to keep her ground.

Bakar tries to explain again but is greeted with cries of scorn and anger. About 30 women, some single mothers, and a dozen children, pack the room.

"We can’t save our kids by hanging the culprits. The death penalty is not the solution. The death penalty has been around for 50 years and but crime cases have soared," she persists in fluent Malay, clutching her six-year-old daughter.

"We must protect our children and teach them to protect themselves, but killing culprits is not going to save out children," she adds in desperation, pleading for support.

The reason they have come together is apparent from a glance at the front pages of the newspapers strewn on the floor. A killer, who it is believed has so far abducted and sexually abused three girls, murdering one of them, is still at large and the mothers are angry and frightened.

"This monster raped, abused and killed Nurin ... he must hang for the heinous crimes," one mother says, pointing to the newspapers on the floor. "We have to protect our kids from this monster ... only death for him will do."

Just as in that fear-filled room, everywhere in the country the debate is raging over how to deal with the gruesome death of nine-year-old Nurin Jazlin abducted in August and held for nearly a month, sexually abused and eventually murdered.

Her body was stuffed in a gym bag and left by a staircase in Petaling Jaya, a suburb south of the city, late September.

Outrage over Nurin’s death has been sharpened because a video camera mounted in the street caught a man on a motorcycle with a bag.

He was filmed leaving the bag with Nurin's body beside a staircase.

But the recording, although taken to the U.S. and enhanced by the FBI, is not clear enough to identify the culprit or his vehicle registration number.

Police have up to now drawn blanks, arresting several "suspects" and releasing them later. The public mood is for vengeance and a swift execution when the killer is eventually brought to justice.

A few lone voices like Bakar are speaking up to argue that the death penalty is a cruel, state-sanctioned public killing that does not solve or remove gangsters and criminals from the streets.

"We are outraged by the brutal murder. This is a disgusting and terrifying crime and a sad reflection of how unsafe our country has become for girls and (the) young," said Shanon Shah Sidik, executive director of Amnesty International in Malaysia.

"Public outrage in this matter is understandable but calls for the death penalty to be applied are misplaced.

"Countless men and women have been executed worldwide for crimes of murder and sexual violence yet there is no convincing evidence that the death penalty is a deterrent.

"The nation mourns Nurin Jazlin. Let us never have to mourn another girl in these circumstances ever again," he argued.

But such words only invite more expression of public outrage.

People are writing to newspapers and calling up television and radio stations to say that "monsters" who kill children should be swiftly led away to their execution.

"Criminals who committed sexual crimes and murder should be given the death penalty," writes S. K. Mathews, a member of the public, in a letter to, an independent online news provider.

"These monsters do not deserve to be among us in society," he continues, reflecting widely held public views. "The death penalty should remain."

Rising violent crime is fuelling demands for tough measures against criminals and many see the death penalty as the cure for all ills.

"The public are angry and upset because nearly nine women are raped every day and many see the death penalty as a quick solution," says opposition leader Lim Guan Eng.

"We must not rush to condemn," he says, advocating studies to determine the root causes of rising crime.

"There is no one-solution-fits-all here," he says, adding that the experience of other countries showed that crime was a complex issue and needed to be treated professionally.

In the first seven months of this year, there were 1,814 cases of rape compared to 1,362 during the corresponding period last year – an increase of 33 percent, according to official statistics.

But there were five times as many unreported rape cases, making Malaysia the "crime capital" of Southeast Asia, Lim says.

Malaysia imposes the death penalty for a raft of crimes from murder to drug trafficking (of more than 200 grams), terrorism and even poisoning of the water supply. Between 1960 and October 2004, there were 434 executions, according to the last available statistics.

"Malaysia should not execute, should not carry out state killing no matter what the crime," said human rights lawyer Charles Hector. "There is simply no justification for the state to kill."

The Malaysian Bar, which represents 13,000 lawyers, passed a resolution in 2006, urging Malaysia to emulate the Philippines, a fellow member of the ASEAN regional grouping, to abolish the death penalty.

"At the very least it can declare a moratorium with a view to abolishing the death penalty," Hector told IPS.

Human rights lawyer and executive director of Malaysians Against Death Penalty, MADPET, Surendran Nagarajan said the organisation recognized the "seriousness of violent crime and the extreme suffering it causes to victims and their families," but it was totally against the death penalty.

"It is a cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment," he told IPS. "There is possibility of judicial errors and the innocent would be killed."

He blamed politicians for the current hysteria among the public for the retention and use of the death penalty.

"This is the usual knee-jerk reaction fuelled by politicians who are exploiting public fear and revulsion at crimes against children," Nagarajan said. "We should not fall for this manufactured hysteria."


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nurin’s tragedy to be made into feature film?


KUALA LUMPUR: Rumours of the upcoming project to turn the tragic killing of eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin into a feature film have sparked outrage within the local fi lm fraternity.

Criticising the movie as distasteful, industry players said it would only fuel public anger and cause distress among Nurin’s family members.

Film Producers Association Malaysia president Ahmad Puad Onah said the idea is insensitive and reeked of opportunism.

“This isn’t the fi rst such tragedy of its kind. Why didn’t the producer come up with the idea before this, unless of course, they simply wanted to capitalise on the sensationalism of the case,” he said.

He added there was no need for the producers to declare that the film would be based on Nurin’s case.

“There are other ways to do it, such as fictionalising the events. Although our film industry practises a free market approach, responsible industry players should know the limits.

“If the producer is prepared to face a public outcry, then go ahead, by all means,” he said. Producer David Teo echoed Puad’s views, saying that filmmaking is not only about profit, but also social responsibility.

“How can anyone have the heart to put the family through the horror? I think whoever wants to do this must be insane,” he said.

Teo said it could also give foreigners a negative perception of the country’s image as a safe holiday destination.

“Even if they have the family’s consent, I object to the idea of the film. It’s heartless,” he said.

Actor/director/producer Afdlin Shauki said the only way the movie could be accepted is if it was nonprofit oriented.

“If it is solely for commercial gain instead of education, I’m against it. A sensitive case like this shouldn’t be spun into a commercial product,” he said.

Afdlin, who was deeply affected by the tragedy, advised the producer to think the matter over before proceeding.

The movie, it is claimed, would depict events which took place following the girl’s disappearance at the Setapak night market leading up to the discovery of her battered body stuffed in a bag in Petaling Jaya Utama. Actors Rosyam Nor and Sheila Rusly, whose names were mentioned as the possible leads to play Nurin’s parents, were surprised with the news. Rosyam said he would have to consider it.

A father to five girls, he said he would never undertake a project which would cause anyone grief.

“I think catching her assailant is more important. Instead of talking about her movie, we should instead perform solat hajat and pray for the murderer’s swift capture and punishment,” he said.

Sheila, however, chose to look at it positively and believed that if she took on the role, she could play a part in helping to fi ght crime.

“As a mother, I fear for the safety of my children and wonder what I can do to help. If the movie can help us become more alert and raise awareness, there is no harm, provided the intention is noble,” she said.

Sheila believes it to be rumours as she has yet to receive any offer. Nurin’s body was found stuffed into a sports bag under the staircase of a shoplot in Petaling Jaya Utama on Sept 17.

She went missing after visiting a night market near her home on Aug 20. Her killer is still at large.

- The Malay Mail

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Holiday mood, foul words in the House

Sunday October 28, 2007


At the Dewan Rakyat last week

THE holiday mood lingered in the House in the early part of the week, with only a handful of MPs standing up to debate on recent issues that surfaced during the month-long Ramadan break.

At times, they were like lone rangers – with no one standing up to back them.

The momentum picked up by mid-week and the mood became more serious with the members espousing their stands on issues pertaining to fuel, apex universities, road safety, crime and the judiciary.

Several MPs touched on the gruesome death of eight-year-old sexual assault victim Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, the Tioman ferry tragedy that claimed seven lives and the “miracle” heart donations to teenager Tee Hui Yi that crossed racial boundaries.

Despite the advice early in the week by Speaker Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib to keep speeches short and sweet, some members just could not resist rambling on and on.

The debates were on the nation's 2008 budget but Datuk Dr Rahman Ismail (BN – Gombak) veered off and spoke extensively about various foreign issues, and some reporters dubbed him “the next foreign minister.”

Dr Rahman spoke at length on how the United Nations viewed Malaysia and thanked Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar for taking him and several MPs to the UN General Assembly in New York.

Much time was also used by some MPs to talk about excessive fruit supplies, farmers and on digging up old “personal” issues.

Datuk Mohd Said Yusof (BN – Jasin) lamented that Karpal Singh (DAP – Bukit Gelugor) kept harping about him being a shipping agent although, he said, “the matter had been settled.”

On Monday, Mohd Said highlighted the Oct 13 incident of the blazing ferry, which did not seem to stir many of the MPs early in the week.

Before that, he talked of the earlier Bukit Gantang bus express accident that killed 22 people.

He said he lost some friends in that tragedy and questioned the lackadaisical attitude of conducting operations after an incident occurs.

“We were busy with operations when the ferry from Mersing to Tioman burnt and people died.

“We were busy with operations after the Bukit Gantang express bus accident that claimed over 20 lives.

“Why must we wait until lives are lost before taking action?” he asked.

He stood alone to talk about it and it was only towards the middle of the week that some other MPs from both sides of the House raised the issue again and asked for stern action.

Datuk Mohd Sarit Yusoh (BN – Temerloh) expressed concern about the country's economic growth being dependent on Petronas and the manufacturing industry.

“Is the economic growth felt by the people?” he asked, worried that only a few sectors were contributing to the economic growth.

“What happens when we become a net importer of oil in the near future?

Responding to the concerns, several backbenchers and opposition MPs agreed that renewable resources needed to be developed from now.

A string of MPs raised the issue of the judiciary, including Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR – Permatang Pauh) and Salahudin Ayub (PAS – Kubang Kerian).

The sole Barisan Nasional backbencher to talk on the judiciary was Datuk Zaid Ibrahim (BN – Kota Baru), who questioned why a royal commission was not set up to investigate the controversial alleged judge-brokering video clip and its authenticity.

Karpal Singh took a pot shot at People's Progressive Party president Datuk M. Kayveas and hit out at backbenchers whose conduct he alleged was un-parliamentary.

He said one MP had even uttered a foul word abusing one's mother in the House, although this had occurred back in the 1990s.

Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN – Jerai), allegedly the MP in question, retorted that the DAP leader too had used disparaging words in the House, such as binatang (animal) and bodoh (stupid).

Going further, Badruddin said Karpal Singh was in a wheelchair because of God's wrath due to his arrogance.

As an afterthought, the Jerai MP apologised to all disabled people, adding that he never meant to insult them.

Tomorrow is the last day for MPs to debate on the budget before the relevant ministries respond to their queries.

Will there be enough time for more MPs to speak, or will time be wasted again on petty issues? And will Badruddin apologise to Karpal Singh?

- Star Online


My wife commented that this posting is the most inappropriate article that has been posted in this blog since its existence. Further, she can't find the relevance of this posting to the spirit of the blog.

Well, to answer such curiosity, the following is the rationale.

I had just wanted to highlight that the Nurin Tragedy has eventually reached Parliament. I do wonder though on what aspect(s) of the tragedy was/were raised. Was it merely the gruesome murder (as a passing remark) or asking the government on how could such tragedy happened, or how effective was PDRM's search and rescue operations or what the government intends to do to avoid any recurrences. Though details on reference to the Nurin tragedy at the House were really very unclear, I'm pretty sure the MPs did not ask about details of the on-going investigations as since the name suggests, investigations are still on-going.

Hopefully, when the reply session starts this week, we would be able to learn on the government position on the matters raised, whatever they were.

Thank you.

p.s. The other reason for the posting of the article was : there was no other news item on Nurin today!

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School : Is your child ready for it (with a session on Nurin Alert included)

As duly corrected by Dayang Lily, the title of this posting has been changed accordingly.

Thanks to Dayang Lily for clearing the air on the status of the talk. To all readers, please be assured that there have been no attempts to commercialise the Nurin Alert initiative. Instead, what is currently being undertaken is the continuing promotion of Nurin Alert so that more and more people understand its concept and thus therefore would render their support to ensure its introduction and implementation in the country.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Minda Pengarang: Larangan keluar malam bantu bendung kes budak hilang

KETIKA umat Islam masih meraikan Syawal, kita memang tidak mahu dikejutkan dengan berita sedih seperti kes Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8, yang mayatnya dijumpai dalam beg sukan selepas hilang selama 27 hari. Disebabkan itu, kita bersyukur Rekha Abdullah, 10, yang dilaporkan tidak pulang selepas keluar berseorangan ke pasar malam berhampiran rumahnya di Kampung Kolam di Georgetown, Pulau Pinang sejak lima hari lalu tidak senasib Nurin Jazlin, selepas ditemui selamat. Bukan saja usia mereka hampir sebaya, malah kedua-duanya hilang berhampiran rumah ketika ke pasar malam keseorangan. Dalam soal ini, lokasi pasar malam bukan isunya, sebaliknya budak itu pergi seorang diri. Pasar malam bagaikan perangkap kerana di situ orang terlalu ramai dan apa saja boleh berlaku. Kita kecewa kerana masih ada ibu bapa atau penjaga membiarkan kanak-kanak keluar bersendirian dan kemudian hilang. Hal ini, bukan bermakna ibu bapa terbabit tidak bertanggungjawab, hatta anak tiri sekalipun, tetapi hakikatnya anak perlu ditemani orang dewasa walau seketika, sekali pun di tempat orang ramai seperti pasar malam dan pusat beli-belah.

Kelalaian seperti ini tidak sepatutnya berlaku ketika seluruh negara masih lagi tidak lupa kejadian membabitkan Nurin Jazlin, yang sehingga kini kes itu belum dapat diselesaikan. Dalam keadaan sebegini, walaupun secanggih mana alat digunakan, termasuk proses pengecaman melalui kaedah asid deoksiribonukleik (DNA), penggunaan Unit Siasatan Tempat Jenayah (CSI), bantuan Biro Siasatan Persekutuan (FBI) Amerika Syarikat atau bantuan kamera litar tertutup (CCTV), semua proses itu diambil selepas kejadian berlaku untuk membantu mengesan mangsa atau mereka yang bertanggungjawab. Jika semua ibu bapa atau penjaga mengawasi pergerakan anak, sudah pasti sebahagian daripada masalah kehilangan anak boleh selesai. Alasan sesetengah ibu bapa bahawa anaknya cuma keluar sekejap, berjalan seorang diri cuma beberapa meter dari rumah atau pasar malam berdekatan rumah, tidak boleh diterima kerana dalam sekelip mata, apa saja boleh berlaku di belakang kita. Ibu bapa sepatutnya peka dan mengambil iktibar kes Nurin Jazlin. Mereka tidak harus membiarkan anak kecil keluar bersendirian, terutama pada waktu malam. Hakikatnya, Rekha dikatakan pernah hilang tahun lalu ketika menunggu bapa tiri mengambilnya pulang ke rumah, tetapi keesokan harinya datang ke sekolah seperti biasa.

Setakat ini, kita tidak mahu kes Rekha hilang berulang lagi. Yang pasti, kebanyakan kes budak hilang ketika keluar rumah berseorangan dan inilah isunya. Jika kerajaan mula bertegas terhadap ibu bapa, kita berharap tiada siapa akan membantah demi kebaikan bersama. Mungkin sudah tiba masanya kita mencontohi undang-undang di United Kingdom (UK), yang membolehkan pihak berkuasa mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap remaja berusia 18 tahun ke bawah yang berada di luar rumah selepas jam 12 tengah malam. Dengan ada undang-undang baru seperti itu, polis dapat mengambil tindakan menahan remaja bawah 18 tahun yang berada di luar rumah selepas jam 12 tengah malam dan memanggil ibu bapa untuk diambil keterangan kenapa mereka membiarkan anak mereka. Rekod menunjukkan kebanyakan kanak-kanak hilang di negara kita adalah mereka yang tinggal di kawasan taman perumahan di bandar.

- Berita Harian

Friday, October 26, 2007

After the Nurin case: Adopt proactive measures


By : DATIN ROHATY MOHD MAJZUB, Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

I REFER to the Nurin Jazlin Jazimin tragedy. It shocked all Malaysians and we should not forget what happened. At the same time, we should take more proactive steps to combat the problem.

Allow me to recommend two mechanisms which should be instituted by law. These mechanisms have been implemented in the United States with some success and can also be instituted in Malaysia.

First, please implement the equivalent of Megan's Law in Malaysia. In the US, Megan's Law refers to the state law that requires enforcement authorities to notify the public through various forms of media of sex offenders who move in the community.

Such law requires persons convicted of any sexual assault to notify authorities of their whereabouts. Megan's Law was passed in New Jersey in 1994 after the rape and murder of Megan Kanka.

The law suggests that every parent has the right to know of a dangerous sexual offender who is in the neighbourhood.

Although there are criticisms against such law, one should not deny its strengths and positive outcomes. The database on sex offenders should be up to date and available and caution be taken with regard to the implementation procedures so as not to wrongly go against human rights.

Second, I agree with the move by Nurin's uncle Jasni Jalil and the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry's suggestion to introduce the Amber Alert.

The Amber Alert Plan was named after Amber Hagerman who was kidnapped and murdered in the US. It refers to a statewide and nationwide notification programme to help locate abducted and endangered children within the first 24 hours, which are the most critical hours after abduction.

The power of free over-the-air electronic media is the best way to quickly reach citizens who can be the ears and eyes of the government.

The Amber Alert Plan should take into account that (a) the child must be below 18; (b) the child is believed to be abducted; (c) enough description is disclosed about the child; and (d) it is recommended by the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction.

I believe these two mechanisms can be implemented with success.

Of course, the police and authorities have worked hard to solve Nurin's case but we need speedier action and more concrete efforts to combat abduction, child molest, rape and murders.


Missing girl Rekha reunited with family


GEORGE TOWN: Ten-year-old Rekha Ahamad, who has been missing since Monday, has returned home.

She walked into her house at 9 last night to the pleasant surprise of her family.

Her stepfather Ahamad Omar, 49, said Rekha told him she was coaxed by a woman to follow her and was taken to a flat in Farlim.

The woman and her husband had locked her in a room but fed and gave her some clothes to change.

"My daughter told me she was not abused or ill-treated. But she was not allowed to leave the room or the flat," he said before rushing to the police station to give a statement.

Yesterday evening, the couple was said to have left the girl at a bus stop in Farlim.

Rekha boarded a bus and alighted near her home.

It is believed that the couple could have panicked after print and electronic media highlighted Rekha's disappearance and decided to leave her at the bus stop.

State police chief Datuk Koh Hong Sun confirmed that the girl's father had brought her to the Northeast district police station at 9.30pm.

He said the girl appeared to be in good health but the police would send her to the hospital for a check-up.

The Year Four pupil of Sekolah Kebangsaan (P) Island at the city centre here, was last seen leaving her Kampung Kolam home alone after she coaxed her stepfather to give her RM5 to buy a VCD at a night market.

Rekha, the sixth of seven siblings, was wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of shorts when she left home.

Ahamad, Rekha's mother, Salmah Sellamah Abdullah, 41, and siblings had been holding a vigil at their run-down house for the safe return of the girl.

The poverty-stricken family had for the past few years been illegally occupying a vacant shoplot, located 100 metres from the Kapitan Keling mosque.

The shoplot is only equipped with a one-seater sofa, several broken chairs which lined the five-foot way as well as old mattresses. There is no electricity supply.

Ahamad sells second-hand items at the nearby flea market while Salmah works as a factory operator in Bayan Lepas.

The couple met in 2002 when Salmah's ex-husband left her and her children.

They got married two years ago.

- NST Online

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Girl, 10, leaves home to buy VCD, goes missing


By : Audrey Dermawan

Ahamad Omar and his wife Salmah Sellamah Abdullah with photographs of their missing girl Rekha Ahamad.

GEORGE TOWN: Even as Nurin Jazlin Jazimin's abduction-cum-murder case remains unsolved, another girl has gone missing under almost similar circumstances.

Ten-year-old Rekha Ahamad left her squatter home in Kampung Kolam alone at 9pm on Monday to buy a VCD at a nearby night market.

She has not returned.

Police are baffled why her stepfather, Ahamad Omar, 49, allowed Rekha to leave home alone at night.

They are also puzzled why the girl wanted to buy a VCD as there is no electricity supply to their house. They don't even have a VCD player.

Rekha, a Standard Four pupil of Sek Keb (P) Island at the city centre here, was last seen leaving her home after she managed to coax Ahamad to give her RM5 to get the VCD.

Her mother, Salmah Sellamah Abdullah, 41, was at work at a factory in Bayan Lepas at the time.

Rekha, the sixth of seven siblings, was wearing a white T-shirt with the "Ultraman" character printed on it, and a pair of shorts, when she left home.

Ahamad said it was not the first time he had allowed his stepdaughter to go out alone.

"She always goes for a walkabout near our house and has never encountered any problems.

"She always returns home around 8pm or 9pm but I don't know what happened on Monday. She left and never returned," he said when met at home yesterday.

Ahamad said he and a few neighbours went out to search for Rekha when she failed to return home about midnight.

The couple lodged a report at the Central police station early on Tuesday morning.

"We are worried sick about her. We have not seen her for three days and we just don't know where she could have gone," said Ahamad, a sidewalk trader.

Asked why Rekha wanted to buy the VCD although their house did not have any power supply, Ahamad said his stepdaughter usually watched movies in a relative's house nearby.

Salmah said she had been praying hard for Rekha's safe return.

Meanwhile, Northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Azam Abd Hamid said investigations were ongoing and police had yet to pick up anyone in connection with the case.

"We view this case seriously as there have been many similar cases before this. We will intensify the search for the little girl," he added.

Rekha's disappearance comes in the wake of Nurin's murder, which, more than a month after her body was found, remains unsolved.

It was reported that Nurin, a year two pupil of SK Desa Setapak, went missing on Aug 20 after going to a night market near her house at Section 1 Wangsa Maju in Kuala Lumpur.

Her naked body was found stuffed inside a sports bag placed at the bottom of a staircase at a shoplot in Taman Petaling Utama on Sept 17.

- NST Online

Lagi kes hilang mirip Nurin

Oleh Faiza Zainudin dan Rudy Syareme Sheriffudin

Murid tak pulang selepas beli VCD di pasar malam

GEORGETOWN: Belum pun selesai siasatan kes Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8, yang mayatnya dijumpai dalam beg pakaian sukan selepas hilang selama 27 hari, seorang lagi budak perempuan dilaporkan tidak pulang selepas keluar berseorangan ke pasar malam berhampiran rumahnya di Kampung Kolam di sini, empat hari lalu.

Malah, kehilangan Rekha Abdullah (gambar), 10 , juga menyamai kes Nurin yang tidak pulang selepas keluar berseorangan ke pasar malam berhampiran rumahnya di Seksyen 1, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur pada 20 Ogos lalu sebelum mayatnya ditemui hampir sebulan selepas itu.

Rekha, murid Tahun Empat Sekolah Kebangsaan (Perempuan) Island, Jalan Larut di sini, dikatakan ke pasar malam berhampiran rumahnya, kira-kira jam 9 malam Isnin lalu untuk membeli cakera padat video (VCD).

Bapa tirinya, Ahamad Omar, 49, seorang peniaga barang lusuh, berkata Rekha meminta RM5 untuk membeli VCD di pasar malam serta mengajak abang sulungnya menemaninya.

Bagaimanapun, abang Rekha yang berusia belasan tahun, ada urusan lain.

Berikutan itu, Rekha yang berbaju-T dan seluar panjang putih, keluar seorang diri dengan membawa wang RM5. Ketika itu, ibunya, Salmah Sellamah Abdullah, 41, seorang warga India bertaraf pemastautin tetap, bekerja di sebuah kilang di Bayan Lepas.

Ahamad yang ditemui di rumahnya di sini semalam, berkata beliau sekeluarga bimbang apabila Rekha tidak pulang ke rumah selepas jam 12 tengah malam dan dengan bantuan beberapa jiran, mencarinya di sekitar tapak pasar malam, rumah rakan serta tempat permainan anak tirinya itu, tetapi menemui jalan buntu.

Selepas empat jam mencari dan gagal menemui Rekha, Ahamad membuat laporan di Balai Polis Central di sini, kira-kira jam 4 pagi.

"Sehingga kini, kami tidak mendengar sebarang berita mengenainya," katanya.

Salmah yang tidak tidak boleh berbahasa Melayu atau Inggeris, hanya menitiskan air apabila menunjukkan potret anak keenamnya itu. Pasangan Salmah dan Ahamad mempunyai seorang anak lelaki hasil perkahwinan mereka, tiga tahun lalu.

Ahamad berkata, sebelum ini Rekha sering ke pasar malam, tetapi bersama abang atau rakannya.

"Sebelum ini tidak masalah kerana dia balik selepas ke pasar malam atau ke rumah rakannya," katanya.

Sementara itu, Ketua Bahagian Siasatan Jenayah negeri, Datuk Abdul Samah Mat, berkata gerakan mencari Rekha dilancarkan sebaik polis menerima laporan mengenai kehilangannya.

Operasi mencari kanak-kanak itu diketuai Ketua Polis Daerah Timur Laut, Asisten Komisioner Azam Abdul Hamid.

Beliau berkata, usaha mencari di rumah sanak saudara kanak-kanak itu setakat ini gagal menemui mangsa atau mendapat sebarang petunjuk. Gerakan mencari Rekha juga diperluaskan bukan saja ke seluruh Pulau Pinang, malah ke negeri lain termasuk Kuala Lumpur.

Abdul Samah menegaskan, pihaknya memberi perhatian serius terhadap kes berkenaan, terutama ia membabitkan kanak-kanak perempuan kerana khuatir berlaku kejadian tidak diingini.

"Siasatan masih dijalankan dan setakat kini masih tidak ada perkembangan, itu yang kita bimbangkan. Terlalu awal untuk buat andaian (diculik)," katanya.

Beliau turut mempersoalkan tindakan bapa tiri Rekha yang membenarkan budak itu keluar seorang diri untuk membeli VCD di pasar malam.

"Budak itu minta duit daripada bapa tirinya untuk beli VCD. Bagaimana kanak-kanak itu boleh dibenarkan keluar seorang diri pada waktu malam... itu yang menghairankan.

"Masih ada keluarga yang tiada kesedaran mengenai keselamatan kanak-kanak. Keluarganya juga kata kanak-kanak ini sering keluar seorang diri dan tiada masalah pulang ke rumah," katanya.

Orang ramai yang mempunyai sebarang maklumat mengenai kehilangan Rekha diminta menghubungi Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Timur Laut di talian 04-2292222 atau balai polis berhampiran.

- Berita Harian

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Polis yakin selesaikan kes foto bedah siasat Nurin

Earlier today, two nice policemen came over the office in connection with the on-going investigation of the mass circulation of Nurin's autopsy pictures over the Internet.

It seems that quite a number of all those who had received and re-distributed the pictures have been interviewed to record their respective statements.

I believe that it is now just a matter of time for the police to conclude their investigation on the case and once concluded, it may be taken as a consolation to the family while waiting for the other bigger and actual case to be resolved as well.

The progress on the investigation is very much in line with what was reported in Utusan Malaysia today. Its full report is as follows :-

KUALA LUMPUR 23 Okt. – Polis yakin dapat menyelesaikan kes penyebaran gambar bedah siasat ke atas mayat kanak-kanak malang, Nurin Jazlin Jazmin, 8, dalam tempoh dua minggu lagi.

Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Bukit Aman, Datuk Christoper Wan Soo Kee berkata, polis telah meminta bantuan Pusat Keselamatan Siber Kebangsaan (CyberSecurity), Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (MCMC) dan makmal forensik bagi membantu mengesan pihak yang menyebarkan gambar tersebut.

‘‘Polis sudah merekodkan keterangan beberapa pegawai polis berhubung isu penyebaran gambar bedah siasat ke atas mayat kanak-kanak malang.

‘‘Siasatan sedang dijalankan dan polis yakin akan dapat mencari orang yang menyebarkan gambar itu dalam tempoh terdekat,’’ katanya pada sidang akhbar di Ibu Pejabat Polis Bukit Aman di sini hari ini.

Gambar bedah siasat Nurin Jazlin, 8, dalam keadaan menyayat hati itu telah disebarkan oleh individu yang tidak bertanggungjawab melalui Internet dan khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) baru-baru ini.

Christoper memberitahu, beliau meminta orang ramai yang menerima gambar tersebut supaya membuangnya dan tidak menghantar kepada individu lain.

“Buanglah dan jangan sebarkan gambar tersebut bagi menghormati keluarga mangsa,” ujarnya.

Pada 9 Oktober lalu, Jazimin Abdul Jalil membuat laporan polis berhubung tindakan pihak tidak bertanggung jawab yang menyebarkan gambar proses bedah siasat mayat anaknya, Nurin Jazlin, 8, menerusi Internet dan SMS.

Jazimin membuat laporan itu di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Dang Wangi kira-kira pada pukul 9.40 malam dengan ditemani oleh sanak saudaranya.

- Utusan Malaysia

Cops seek man caught on CCTV to help in Nurin case

Wednesday October 24, 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: The man whose photofit was released early this month is now the only person who can help in investigations into the murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

The man was seen stopping his motorcycle at a shoplot in Jalan PJS 1/48 Petaling Utama where Nurin Jazlin’s body was found in a sports bag.

Captured on a web-camera CCTV system, the two-minute footage showed him talking on a mobile phone and taking a sports bag into the shoplot at about 1pm on Sept 16.

Police later released a photofit of the man, together with that of a woman wearing a red dress who stood near the sports bag.

They also released enhanced CCTV images of the two.

Police later concluded that the “woman” in the recording - a 15-year-old girl – had no connection in the case.

Nurin Jazlin went missing on Aug 20 and her naked body stuffed in a sports bag was found under the staircase at the shoplot in Petaling Utama on Sept 20.

Those with information, can contact the police or send an SMS to the Rakan Cop hotline at 32728 or call 03-2115 9999.

- Star Online

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nurin Alert on TV3

Photo extracted from

Nurin Alert was given another breakthrough when airtime was accorded to it via TV3's Wanita Hari Ini aired live at noon today.

Citizens for Nurin Alert, represented by Kamal Ariffin, Nuraina and me, further explained on the Nurin Alert initiative as well as the need for it to be implemented in this country of ours.

After buzzing in the blogsphere for several weeks, a report on it appearing in The Star last Friday, and now a live TV show, it is definitely a development that augurs well for the Nurin Alert project.

Registration of interested volunteers are now pouring in through and with all the expertise at Nurin Alert's disposal, the only path for Nurin Alert now in none other than going forward.

Thank you for all the support, let's make it real.

Hukum mati perogol kanak-kanak

KUALA LUMPUR 21 Okt. – Parti Progresif Penduduk (PPP) mahu kerajaan meminda akta sedia ada bagi memasukkan peruntukan hukuman mati terhadap perogol kanak-kanak.

Cadangan itu terkandung dalam usul yang dikemukakan pergerakan Puteri PPP dan diluluskan pada perhimpunan agung parti itu di sini hari ini.

Anggota Puteri PPP bahagian Klang, M. Punitha semasa membentangkan usul itu berkata, saranan hukuman gantung itu dibuat berikutan peningkatan kes rogol termasuk kes mangsa penderaan seksual dan pembunuhan kejam Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8 tahun, yang menggemparkan negara baru-baru ini.

Beliau berkata hukuman rogol sedia ada mengikut Kanun Keseksaaan iaitu penjara maksimum 20 tahun dan hukuman sebat adalah tidak mencukupi dan masih tidak menakutkan penjenayah.

Beliau turut mengusulkan supaya sebatan 20 kali dikenakan di khalayak ramai kepada sesiapa yang didapati bersalah melakukan jenayah rogol.

- Utusan Malaysia

Ramai kecewa kes Nurin belum selesai

KUALA LUMPUR: Selepas sebulan kematian Nurin Jazlin Jazimin akibat dibunuh dengan kejam, orang ramai terus meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati terhadap siasatan polis apabila pembunuh kanak-kanak berusia lapan tahun itu masih bebas.

Keluarga Allahyarham Nurin Jazlin, turut menjadi tempat orang ramai meluahkan rasa marah dan kecewa termasuk dengan menghantar SMS, menelefon dan surat yang mahu pihak polis segera menangkap penjenayah terbabit.

"Hingga ke hari ini saya masih menerima banyak SMS daripada orang ramai termasuk dari Singapura, Sabah dan Sarawak yang mahu polis segera tangkap penjenayah itu...malah ada yang syorkan saya siasat sendiri.

"Saya tak mampu buat apa-apa selain menunggu hasil siasatan polis. Apa daya saya nak cari pembunuh tu? Saya tak kenal dia, lagipun dunia ni bukannya kecil," kata Jazimin Abd Jalil ketika ditemui di rumahnya di Seksyen 1, Wangsa Maju, di sini, semalam.

Beliau berkata, harapannya untuk melihat penjenayah terbabit segera di bawa ke muka pengadilan lebih tinggi daripada harapan orang ramai yang mahu perkara sama berlaku.

"Saya tak mahu perkara ini terjadi pada orang lain. Selagi dia (pembunuh) terlepas bebas, selagi itulah hidup kami rasa tak selamat," katanya.

Sementara itu isteri Jazimin, Norazian Bistaman, berkata beliau sekeluarga terpaksa menangguhkan hasrat untuk berpindah ke rumah sewa baru kerana belum mendapat jawapan daripada Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL).

Norazian berkata, beliau sudah memohon mendapatkan rumah sewa DBKL sejak tahun lalu tetapi hingga kini tiada sebarang jawapan yang diterima.

- Berita Harian

Monday, October 22, 2007

Many parents just don’t care

Taking a cue from the various great comments and suggestions from the visitors of the blog, I find the following letter by a Concerned Parent published in Star Online today worth highlighting.

Indeed the observation of the Concerned Parent is real, there seem to be this attitude among some parents that whatever happened to Nurin would not and never happen to their child. How wrong can they be? Some lesson must and should be learnt to avoid the repetition of the tragedy.

While we work on a suitable Alert mechanism, attitude must change as well. I guess this has to be tackled via education both to the children as well as to the parents.

Well readers, read on and let us have your say :-

Monday October 22, 2007

WITH the recent tragic deaths of young innocent lives, it is enlightening and a relief to know that we are taking positive steps to ensure that our world is a safer place for our children.

The blogs, the surveillance teams set up for the Nurin case and alike provide adequate evidence that Malaysians are indeed a caring society. Yes we do show care when tragic befalls our neighbour’s children.

But what about caring for our children? Many a time I find children roaming on the streets by themselves. During the Raya break, I decided to take my son for a car ride.

I spotted a group of boys between the ages of eight to 10 loitering in some housing estate. I wondered what their parents were doing.

On our way back home, I saw a girl of about six years walking all alone on the busy street. I again wondered whether her parents had read enough about what happens to young girls if they are left unsupervised in this big bad world.

As much as the Government is trying its best to nail down child predators, parents should be accountable for children. This lack of attention from parents is indeed an issue to be reckoned with.

The parents of these children should be questioned and if need be investigated by welfare officers.

Kuala Lumpur.

- Star Online

p.s. Thank you for the continuous support and encouragement. We shall continue to talk and shall also walk the talk. By the way, something great (for Nurin Alert) might take place tomorrow. Just to be on the safer side, I shall only blog about it once it happens.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just a two liner after a month

After exactly a month since Nurin was laid to rest and two months since she first went missing, there is a glaring dearth of news on Nurin in the mass media. Everything seems so quiet and calm. Even the police are not coming up with new announcements of new arrests or new leads.

However, today, after browsing through all the major newspapers in town, I found this two liner news on Nurin in The Star. It says, "On the investigations into the murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, Fu, who is also Kuantan MP, assured the public that police were doing their best to solve the case.

“Let the police have more time to crack the case,” he said."

The "he" refered in the above report is Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow and the two liner was actually part of a report on the award of RM2.5mil in damages to an ex-ISA detainee under the title ‘Decision shows independent judiciary’.

This sad development is indeed much expected as time passes, the heat cools, henceforth the Nurin tragedy will slowly fade from people's memory, until the next tragedy.

Personally and selfishly, the absence of news item on Nurin makes it difficult for me who has vowed to maintain this blog until the day when the perpetrator of Nurin's murder is convicted, or probably hanged!

Why difficult? Well, if you have been following this blog site, some 90 of perhaps even 95% of the entries are actually extracted from newspaper reports, so with the absence of newspaper reports on Nurin, what's there to extract from?

It looks like that now I'm really forced to brush up my writing skills to come up with original entries in order to ensure the visitors will continue visiting the blog and to continue talking about the tragedy and joining forces towards creating a safer environment for our children so that there will be no Nurin No. 2, 3 and so forth.

However, though it might seem that interest on Nurin is fast fading away, there are still people out there who have made it their mission to make Nurin lives on in the memory of the public.

Just yesterday, the Jazimins and mine had a photo shoot session for a fairly new magazine which will be carrying an article on the proposed Nurin Alert. Hopefully by keep on talking about Nurin and now Nurin Alert, the public will at least realise that the case is very much unresolved and pending where the perpetrator(s) is/are still at large and until this happens their children are still very much in danger of becoming the demon's next victim.

To some, seeing pictures of Jazimin (and now with the whole family, minus Nurin) is read to carry the meaning that the family is capitalising on their new "fame".

I remembered, sometime about two or three weeks ago, there was an article in the Malay press that suggested that the entertainment industry was using Jazimin to publicise themselves by having Jazimin and his daughters attending events organised by them. In fact, strongly worded words were even registered in this blog arguing about the gossip of Jazimin being lured to become a "singer".

Well, the fact is I have always been encouraging Jazimin to participate in any "suitable" public events as he represents Nurin, and he will continue to do so until justice is given to poor Nurin or until such time our place is safe from or free of these sadistic demons.

Nurin Alert is therefore a very good initiative and I just could not wait for the formation of its Working Committee come early November.

Good Night, let's see if there is anything I can extract from the press for my posting tomorrow. If there is none, sorry to say but you would have to read my original "donno what" entry again tomorrow. I hope I have not and will not bore you.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Uncle comes up with Nurin Alert

Friday October 19, 2007


KUALA LUMPUR: The pain of having his young niece’s life viciously cut short has spurred Jasni Abdul Jalil to come up with a “Nurin Alert” emergency response plan.

“Talking and feeling helpless over Nurin’s death will not bring her back. But, we can use our feelings positively and do something,” said Jasni, who is the eldest brother of the victim’s father, Jazimin Abdul Jalil.

The plan will bring the authorities and community together to search for abducted children in the shortest time possible after they go missing.

The plan is modelled after the successful “Amber Alert” programme in the United States. Amber is the acronym for “America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response”. It was named after Amber Hagerman, a nine-year-old who was abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas, in 1996.

Jasni, a company secretary, started the to help search for eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin after she went missing on Aug 20.

The “Nurin Alert” response was mooted after a commentator referred to “Amber Alert” in the blog.

Within weeks, several bloggers and Jasni agreed on the urgent need to introduce a similar system here.

With the help of the like-minded bloggers, Jasni met Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil just before Hari Raya to discuss the proposed emergency response.

Jasni said Shahrizat asked them to forward a working paper on it.

He thanked fellow bloggers Nuraina A. Samad, Tembam and Nik Farez, who have become the core group working on the project.

Their work is supported by Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation’s Kamal Affandi Hashim, Protect and Save The Children director Madeline Yong and lawyer Abang Ariffin Abang Bohan.

“We hope that Nurin Alert will eventually be realised. Nurin’s death should not be in vain, and no child should be so cruelly tortured and killed again,” said Jasni.

- The Star

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Post Raya Business Resumes

Both our families (the Jazimins and mine)will be heading for home tomorrow, after a week's Raya break. Jazimin will be heading home from Selama, Perak while mine will be leaving Penang.

This Raya will always be remembered as a Raya that has brought the families closer together as both the near and the distant branches of the family, are resolute with the hope for a quick and successful conviction of the sadistic perpetrator(s) that had tortured Nurin until her death.

We also came to know that Solat Hajats were performed everywhere, during Nurin's disappearance as well as after when she was found, though not alive. And to all these initiatives, we wish to convey our greatest appreciation.

Everyone we met asked for absolutely one common thing, what's the latest news. Of course, we don't really have the answer as just like all the others, we are equally clueless.

We have not make it a habit to call on the police every now and then asking for updates as we are quite certain that the police are indeed pursuing the investigation dutifully and hopefully with much progresses though not much of it are disclosed to the public.

Hopefully, next week we will hear :-

1. THAT the motorcyclist has been identified and arrested;
2. THAT the arrest of the motorcyclist has led the Police for the arrest of the sadistic killer, assuming that the motorcyclist was merely the transporter; and
3. THAT the Police have completed their investigation on finding the culprit who took and disseminated the autopsy pictures.

All these are hopes, but definitely not really high hopes, as these are really no more than merely natural hopes.

Meanwhile, talking of people capitalising on one's misery, we have just also learnt that there is already at least a "story" book on the tragedy befalling Nurin selling for RM2.50 at sidewalk's book stalls. Though we are yet to get hold of one, we are quite sure that we will be able to get a copy of it very soon.

Since we're yet to get hold of any of the books, it is therefore quite premature for us to state our position on the matter.

On the positive front, Nurin Alert will be getting another boost as an article on the subject will be carried by a national daily within the next few days. Hopefully, with its exposure to the public beyond the blog sphere, more public support on it will be garnered. With greater public support, the journey of Nurin Alert from ideals to reality would be faster and easier.

Thank you for keeping on visiting the blog during the past week and sorry for the one week silence. The silent mode was merely due to my limited internet access while on holidays here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nurin case: Police release enhanced footage

Thursday October 11, 2007
MYT 11:14:34 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: The police have released enhanced CCTV footage of a man carrying a Diadora bag and leaving it at the spot where Nurin Jazlin Jazimin’s body was found stuffed in a bag.

In another segment of the enhanced clip, one woman (in a red dress) and three men are seen lurking around the same area.

The CCTV footage was enhanced by the FBI’s forensics lab in Washington. The FBI is the primary investigative arm of the United States Department of Justice.

Police had on Sept 26 sent the CCTV footage to the FBI, which had agreed to help enhance the clarity of the blurred images.

- Star Online

Nurin's Family To Celebrate Aidilfitri In Perak

October 10, 2007 16:06 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 10 (Bernama) -- The family of the murdered Nurin Jazlin Jazimin will celebrate Aidilfitri in Selama, Perak, her mother's hometown for one week.

"We are leaving for Selama on Friday after visiting Kah Ngah's (Nurin Jazlin) grave," said Nurin Jazlin's father, Jazimin Abd Jalil, 33, after receiving an umrah (minor pilgrimage) package from Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd at his house in Wangsa Maju here Wednesday.

Jazimin hoped by celebrating Aidilfitri in Selama, it would help the family cope with the trauma of losing their loved one.

Thanking Uptrend Network for the package, Jazimin said he and his wife were planning to go for the umrah after Aidilfitri.

"It is impossible for us to overcome our grief over the loss of Kak Ngah. The contribution would ease the pain and help us rebuild our lives," he said.

Jazimin said he had quit his job as taxi driver and would be venturing into business offered by Uptrend Network but the nature of the trade had yet to be determined.

Nurin Jazlin went missing on Aug 20 after going to a night market near her house in Wangsa Maju.

Her naked body stuffed in a sports bag was found outside a shop in Petaling Jaya on Sept 17. A post-mortem revealed that she was sexually assaulted.

Jazimin yesterday lodged a police report over the circulation of post-mortem photographs of his daughter.

Four men and a woman were arrested in connection with the murder but the men were later released unconditionally after the DNA test carried out on them did not match the foreign material found on Nurin's body.


On behalf of Jazimin's and my families, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslim friends SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN. We would also like to say thank you to all well wishes received from all quarters.

Nurin Alert in the Making - Part 2

Nurin Alert is definately inching albeit slowly into reality. Being a topic of discussion and receiving an overwhelming support from among interested bloggers, it's portal (via has registered a long list of interested individuals offering their time and services in pursuing the objective of making Nurin Alert a reality.

Nurin Alert was also made as a topic of discussion in a Roundtable Discourse with Datuk Seri Shahrizat held last evening.

Also participating in the Roundtable Discourse were Kamal Affandi Hashim, a crime analyst from the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation; Madeline Yong, the Director of Protect and Save The Children (P.S.The Children); Abang Ariffin Abang Bohan, a lawyer cum social activist; and me Jasni AJ.

The Roundatable Discourse was moderated by Mustapha and Wahti Mohidin, both from Tell Media.

Circling on the proposed Child Protection Policy scheduled to be presented to the Cabinet soon after Hari Raya, the participants devoted a considerable portion of the discourse discussing on the virtues of the proposed Nurin Alert, a mechanism tailored along the much successful Amber Alert as practiced in the States as well as its similar implementation in Queenlands, Australia.

Relaying the experience encountered by the Jazimin family in finding their then missing child, the participants had generally agreed that there were indeed flaws in the current system that had contributed to the fact that Nurin had remained missing for 27 days without a trace.

It was also concluded that there is an avenue, which is currently void, for a system akin to Amber Alert, be it known as Nurin Alert or otherwise, to be introduced in the country in ensuring that there will be no second Nurin after Nurin Jazlin.

But, since the proposed Nurin Alert is still at its infancy stage, more work would need to be ploughed in order for a comprehensive and workable concept of it can be tabled for adoption.

While the proposed Child Protection Policy will still be tabled to the Cabinet in its curent form i.e. without any mentioning of Nurin Alert or anything similar to that, Datuk Seri Shahrizat encouraged the promoters of Nurin Alert to continue working on the proposal and her Ministry would undoubtedly support such noble initiative.

Towards this end all participants of the discource pledged their undertaking to be active contributors towards the realisation of Nurin Alert.

The ball is on our feet, if we really want Nurin Alert, we would not have much other choice but to really work for it, empty talk produces nothing hence converting ideas in reality is the way of pushing Nurin Alert through.

Render you support to Nurin Alert, let's prove that not only Malaysia Boleh, Bloggers are equally Boleh!

For the record, Jasni AJ's participation in the Roundtable Discourse with Datuk Seri Shahrizat was arranged by Nuraina & Rockybru.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Indonesian Woman Detained In Nurin Murder Case Freed

October 10, 2007 20:18 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 10 (Bernama) -- The Indonesian woman detained by police on Sept 29 to assist in the murder investigation of Nurin Jazlin Jazmin, 8, was today released unconditionally.

Kuala Lumpur CID Chief SAC II Ku Chin Wah said the woman was released because police did not have adequate proof to charge her in court.

"Furthermore, the extended remand order obtained on Oct 4 to hold her ends today.

"As she did not have valid travel documents, she has been handed over to the Immigration Department for further action," he told Bernama here today.

The woman was detained on Sept 29 at a Ramadan bazaar in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan and was believed to have held Nurin captive.

She was said to have sent a SMS message to Nurin's father and had also contacted the Police's Rakan Cop hotline with her mobile phone to check on developments in the case.

The woman made headlines after swallowing her phone SIM card while being brought to court on Sept 29 for an initial remand order against her. The SIM card was only retrieved six days later.

Meanwhile, an officer with the Indonesian embassy, when contacted, said it had yet to be informed about the release of the woman.


Nurin Alert in the Making

A group of concerned citizens met for the first time today to streamline and strategise for the promotion of Amber Alert (or proposed to be adopted as Nurin Alert)for possible implementation in the country.

Attended by Nuraina, Tembam, Rockybru, Nik Farez and me, the meeting had among others decided to work on the organising for a "general" meeting to form a Working Committee in pursuing the objective of getting the mechanics of Amber Alert be adopted by the Malaysian authorities.

The "general" meeting is scheduled to be held in the first week of November.

The organising comittee invites all parties interested to render their services to this cause to register their names and contact details by sending a note to

In the meantime, the website will continue to be under construction status until the formation of the Working Committee.

Stern Police Warning As Pictures Of Murdered Nurin Posted Online - Jazimin lodged a Police Report

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 (Bernama) -- As news broke out Tuesday that autopsy pictures of murdered eight-year-old girl Nurin Jazlin Jazimin were posted on the Internet, police warned that stern action would be taken against anyone distributing such pictures.

Selangor Chief Police Officer Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar, who was not amused by this latest twist in the bizarre murder, told Bernama: " I've seen the pictures posted via emails and have lodged a report.

"Investigations are underway under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) and I warn those distributing such photographs to stop doing it or risk being prosecuted under the OSA or in possession of pornographic materials," he said.

" I'm directing this warning particularly to my own men (police) as they were the ones who had direct access to these photographs and those who are now in possession of such photographs," Khalid said.

Nurin was reported missing on August 20 after she had gone alone to a night market near her home in Wangsa Maju here.

On September 17, her nude body was found stuffed into a sports bag that was left in front of a shoplot in Petaling Jaya. A post-mortem revealed that she was sexually assaulted, with a brinjal and cucumber inserted into her private parts.

Police picked up five people, including a woman, in connection with the murder 10 days after the discovery of the body but only the woman is still under remand.

The four men were released four days later as DNA tests carried out on them did not match the foreign material found on Nurin's body.

Describing the distribution of the photographs as a despicable act, Khalid said others might also be in possession of such material.

Asked how many photographs could have been distributed on-line, he said: "There were many, more or less the whole set of photographs."


In the meantime, Jazimin accompanied by his brothers and his legal adviser also lodged a police report later today at the Jalan Bandar (Dang Wangi) Police Station.

In his report he expressed his dismay and disbelieve that such photographs which are supposed to be in the hands of the authorities for the yet to be solved case could be easily and unlawfully circulated to the public without regards to the feelings and dignity of the victim's family.

He asked the police find and stop the source of the circulation as it is feared that such act would interfere in the investigation on his daughter's murder case.

Asked by reporters outside the Police Station on what would be his next action, he told them that he was leaving it to his counsel Messrs. Shafee & Co to deal with the matter. A ststement on the matter shall be made by the counsel right after Hari Raya. Messrs. Shafee & Co will also be acting as the watching brief for the family once the trial commences.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Improper Use and Circulation of Post Mortem Photographs & Report

It has come to our attention that Post Mortem Photographs and Report said to be of Nurin Jazlin are currently being circulated through e-mails.

Please be advised that the Police has been notified of this development and subject to their confirmation on the authenticity of the photographs and report, a Police Report will be lodged.

In the meantime, we seek your kind understanding to refrain from circulating the said photographs and report as such improper use and circulation is an offence under the Penal Code.

Thank you.

Telah sampai ke pengetahuan kami bahawa Gambar-gambar Bedah Siasat dan Lapuran yang dikatakan berkaitan dengan Nurin Jazlin kini sedang disebarkan melalui e-mel.

Sila ambil perhatian bahawa pihak Polis telahpun dimaklumkan tentang perkembangan ini dan tertakluk kepada pengesahan mereka tentang kesahihan gambar-gambar serta lapuran tersebut, satu Repot Polis akan dibuat.

Sementara itu, kami mohon pertimbangan wajar tuan untuk mengelak dari mengedarkan gambar-gambar serta lapuran tersebut memandangkan pengunaan serta penyebarannya secara salah adalah satu kesalahan di bawah Kanun Keseksaan.

Terima kasih.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Nurin Murder Probe: Police looking into several leads


KUALA LUMPUR: Police have intensified their investigations into the murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said they were working on several leads and added that the task force formed to investigate the case was still in charge of investigations.

On the SIM card which was flushed out of an Indonesian woman, Khalid said the matter was still being investigated.

The SIM card, which the 23-year-old Indonesian woman swallowed when she was picked up in Nilai last week, is believed to hold vital clues to Nurin’s murder.

The suspect is believed to have sent text messages to Nurin’s father Jazimin Abdul Jalil and made calls to the RakanCop hotline to check on the progress of the case.

It was reported that the woman, who had been warded at University Malaya Medical Centre since last Saturday, had refused to eat any solids.

The SIM card is currently at the police forensics laboratory in Cheras where experts are trying to retrieve data from it.

The woman is now the only suspect in police custody in connection with the case.

Police picked up four men and a pregnant woman in Section 7, Shah Alam, on Sept 27 but all were released after it was established that they were not connected to the case.

Nurin, a Year Two pupil of Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Desa Setapak, was reported missing on Aug 20.

Her sexually-ravaged body was found in a sports bag near a flight of stairs at a three-storey building in Petaling Utama on Sept 17.

- Sunday Times

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A quote a day - The Nurin Jazlin story

"Please help find my little girl and bring her home!” Jazimin, The Star, 23 August 207

"Kami telah mengedarkan poster dan risalah serta menyebarkan maklumat mengenai kehilangan Nurin Jazlin kepada rakan-rakan dan sanak saudara. Dalam masa yang sama, adik saya juga telah menghebahkan berita tersebut menerusi e-mel kepada rakan-rakannya’’ Norazian, Utusan Malaysia, 24 Ogos 2007

”Bagi kes adik Nurin ni , kita tidak mengetahui ianya angkara siapa kerana maklumat yang kami terima dari bapanya mengatakan pada hari kehilangan adik Nurin pada Isnin lalu, dia berkelakuan ganjil terhadap keluarga terutama adik dan kakaknya yang selalu bersama kemana sahaja”. Timbalan Pengarah 1 Unit Amal DPPWP, Sdr Abd Jalil Mustafa, kata Abd Jalil,, 24 Ogos 2007

"Sejak kecil, saya dan isteri sentiasa berpesan kepadanya supaya tidak ikut sesiapa yang dia kenal atau tidak kenal." Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 25 Ogos 2007

"Saya pasti kehilangannya bukan kehilangan biasa memandangkan ketika kejadian dia berada di tempat tumpuan ramai" Jazimin, Harian Metro 26 Ogos 2007

"Kes kehilangan kanak-kanak wajar diberi perhatian serius kerana ia semakin menjadi-jadi sejak kebelakangan ini,” Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman, Timbalan Menteri Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah, Utusan Malaysia, 26 Ogos 2007

"Kami sekeluarga kini benar-benar pasrah kerana hampir semua ikhtiar sudah dilakukan, namun Kak Ngah tidak juga ditemui. Ada yang kata dia dibawa ke Hutan Melintang, Perak tetapi apabila kami ke sana dia tidak ada." Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 27 Ogos 2007

"I'm willing to sacrifice everything to get my child back," Norazian, Bernama, 27 August 2007

“Whoever it was, please bring my daughter back. My wife and I cannot take this torture anymore,” Jazimin, The Star, 27 August 2007

"Pada saat-saat inilah peranan media amat diperlukan, kerana gambar dan berita mengenai Nurin akan tersiar dan orang ramai mungkin boleh sama-sama mencari Nurin," Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil,Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, Utusan Malaysia, 27 Ogos 2007

"Saya harap dengan bantuan pihak akhbar dan liputan meluas, sesiapa yang mengambil anak saya tidak berani membawanya keluar dari negara ini." Jazimin, Harian Metro, 28 Ogos 2007

‘‘Saya berharap semua ibu bapa menjadikan kes kehilangan anak saya ini sebagai satu pengajaran agar kita lebih peka dan prihatin terhadap keselamatan mereka,’’ Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 28 Ogos 2007

“So far we have no information on the girl. But we will check every nook and corner including houses, construction sites, abandoned houses and buildings and undergrowth,”Sentul deputy OCPD Supt Zainuddin Ahmad, The Star, 29 August 2007

“Kami terlepas pandang, kesilapan kami membuatkan kami menderita hampir seminggu,” Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 29 Ogos 2007

“Polis yakin mangsa (Nurin Jazlin) telah diculik dan bukannya hilang seperti yang digambarkan sebelum ini,” Ketua Polis Daerah Sentul, Asisten Komisioner K. Kumaran,, 30 Ogos 2007

‘‘Budak perempuan yang juga rakan anak saya memberitahu, dia ternampak Nurin Jazlin ditarik masuk ke dalam sebuah van oleh seorang lelaki pada malam kejadian." Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 30 Ogos 2007

“Kami semua sedih bila melihat tempat duduk Nurin kosong pada hari pertama persekolahan selepas bercuti seminggu,” Zechariah Aaron(8), Utusan Malaysia, 30 Ogos 2007

"Muslimat Pusat akan membawa Norazian bersama suaminya ke Markas Tarbiyah PAS, Taman Melewar malam Jumaat nanti untuk solat hajat beramai-ramai." Ketua Dewan Muslimat PAS Pusat, Ustazah Nuridah Mohd Salleh, Harakah, 30 Ogos 2007

"I was sad to receive many alarming phone calls and SMSes from people who told me my child had been found dead in a pond or river in an area near here and they seemed to enjoy it." Norazian, Harian Metro, 30 August 2007

“Dia (Nurin)sibuk meminta saya memasak laksa Penang dan menjemput rakan lain untuk meraikan hari jadinya selain mengatakan dia sendiri akan memilih kek yang akan dipotong pada majlis itu." Norazian, Utusan Malaysia, 31 Ogos 2007

"Zaman sekarang bukan seperti dulu, orang yang kita tidak kenali apatah lagi orang yang dikenali, tidak pernah mempunyai niat jahat terhadap kanak-kanak. Zaman sekarang, pantang budak kecil terlepas daripada pandangan mata, pasti sesuatu yang buruk akan berlaku."<em>Yang Dipertua Kesatuan Kebangsaan Pekerja Pusat Pelajaran Malaysia (KKPPPM), Shafie Omar, Berita Harian, 1 September 2007

“Jika Nurin Jazlin dijaga seseorang seperti yang berlaku ke atas Yin (Muhammad Nazrin Shamsul Ghazali) yang pernah hilang, saya rayu orang itu kembalikan Nurin Jazlin ke pangkuan kami kerana kami amat sayang dan merinduinya,” Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 2 September 2007

“Justeru, polis mengingatkan orang ramai yang menemui kanak-kanak hilang atau berkeliaran tanpa penjaga perlu diserahkan kepada polis dengan segera kerana mengambil dan menjaganya di rumah adalah salah dari sisi undang-undang,” Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur, Deputi Komisioner Zulhasnan Najib Baharudin, Utusan Malaysia, 3 September 2007

“Saya buntu... sama ada saya nak pergi kerja atau menjaga anak-anak dan isteri yang terlalu sedih dan rindukannya,” Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 4 September 2007

“Daripada petunjuk yang diperoleh, kita tidak menolak kemungkinan Nurin masih berada di sekitar Lembah Klang dan kita akan mencuba lagi melalui proses itu bagi mengenal pasti lokasi yang lebih tepat di mana Nurin berada,” Pakar forensik hipnosis, Dr. Sazali Ahmad, Bernama, 4 September 2007

“I fear that she may be given the wrong medicine by whoever has her now,” Norazian,Bernama, 5 September 2007

"My wife is worried sick and she feels so helpless, blaming herself for what has happened." Jazimin, New Straits Times, 5 September 2007

"Kami telah hantar satu pasukan polis ke sana (R&R Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan di Seremban)bagi memastikan sama ada Nurin betul-betul ada di situ dan kami juga telah meminta bantuan polis Seremban. Pemanggil itu enggan mendedahkan identitinya tetapi kami harap maklumat itu adalah sahih," Ketua Polis Daerah Sentul ACP K. Kumaran, Bernama, 5 September 2007

"Pasukan khas diketuai Ketua Polis Daerah Sentul, Asisten Komisioner K Kumaran, bertungkus lumus setiap hari bagi mengesan kanak-kanak itu kerana terus menjadi tanda tanya kerana hingga kini polis tidak mendapat sebarang petunjuk mengenai kedudukannya." Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur, Deputi Komisioner Zulhasnan Najib Baharuddin, Berita Harian, 5 September 2007

“Bagaimanapun, saya berterima kasih kepada orang ramai yang sudi membantu saya, namun keluarga saya sedih apabila menerima pelbagai SMS berunsur cacian yang mengatakan kami tidak tahu jaga anak,” Jazimin, Harian Metro, 5 September 2007

“We have also mobilised 1,000 of our members to distribute the posters to the public in the Klang Valley. Members in other states have also been asked to join in the search.” Federal Territory Umno Youth chief Datuk Mohamad Norza Zakaria Mohamad Norza,New Straits Times, 5 September 2007

“Dari kaedah yang kami jalankan ada kemungkinan Nurin kini ditinggalkan sendirian,”
Pakar Forensik Hipnosis, Dr. Sazali Ahmad, Bernama, 6 September 2007

“We cannot be going on a wild goose chase every time information is received." Sentul OCPD Asst Comm K. Kumaran, The Star, 7 September 2007

"The family celebrated Nurin's birthday every year but this time it would be just prayers for her safety." Jazimin, Bernama, 8 September 2007

" I hope that Nurin would be found soon, in time for her to celebrate her 8th birthday which is in three days time." Norazian, RTM, 8 September 2007

“Every time I see the face of a little girl I imagine it’s my daughter coming home to me,” Norazian, New Straits Times, 8 September 2007

“I am lost and worried. I have used all avenues in the search for my daughter. We spoke to a religious medium who said Nurin is either still in the Klang Valley or in Hutan Meilintang in Perak. We have not heard of any developments in the police investigation yet.“ Jazimin, New Straits Times, 8 September 2007

“Saya yakin jika Kak Ngah membaca doa itu, dia akan selamat dan Allah melindunginya daripada segala perbuatan tidak baik,” Norazian, Berita Minggu, 9 September 2007

"My workers will distribute the flyers to our customers. We have also printed 50 large posters to be hung in our outlets,"
Jawahar Ali Taib Khan, Managing Director of Ali Maju Sdn Bhd, Sunday Times, 9 September 2007

“Kami menerima hakikat Nurin tidak bersama kami sempena hari jadinya tahun ini tetapi saya yakin akan dapat menemuinya dalam waktu terdekat,” Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 10 September 2007

“Selamat hari lahir, Kak Ngah...tapi kamu di mana nak?" Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 11 September 2007

"O­n August 20th when Nurin went missing, she was taken away by a "bunian" child of the same age as it was interested in Nurin’s illness." Mohd Amin Abdullah,a traditional medicine practitioner ,RTM, 11 September 2007

"The Peninsular Malay Students Federation (GPMS) is to mobilise 150 volunteers on Friday to distribute posters of missing Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8, at 50 locations in the capital." GPMS Deputy President, Jais Abdul Karim, Bernama, 12 September 2007

"I still remember last year when we woke up for "sahur" (pre-dawn meal during Ramadan), Kak Ngah (as Nurin is fondly called at home) was always the first to wake up among her siblings because she liked to fast although she was ill. She helped me to prepare food for sahur and also for breaking of fast. This morning, it was all so different because she is not with us and we all broke down in tears," Norazian, Bernama, 13 September 2007

"Polis masih kekurangan maklumat yang boleh membawa kepada penemuan Nurin Jazlin."
Ketua Polis Daerah Sentul, Asisten Komisioner K. Kumaran, Utusan Malaysia, 14 September 2007

“If we keep on increasing the reward, then it becomes habitual. This is not healthy because it invites more crimes,” MCA Public Services and Complaint Department head Datuk Michael Chong, The Malay Mail, 15 September 2007

"Setakat ini GPMS telah mengedarkan 20,000 keping poster Nurin ke Pahang. Bermula minggu depan edaran akan dibuat ke Perak, Pulau Pinang dan negeri-negeri lain," Jurucakap GPMS cawangan Wangsa Maju Muhammad Azruddin Alias, Bernama, 16 September 2007

"Alhamdulillah (Praise to God), it’s not my daughter, I know my daughter, it’s not her. I know that Nurin is alive somewhere out there, and I hope to see her again in the same condition as the day she went missing," Jazimin, New Straits Times, 17 September 2007

"My instincts tell me that Nurin is still alive. She will be back with us during this Ramadan, my daughter is a survivor. She is a strong and brave girl. She will survive and our prayers will be answered.", Jazimin, New Straits Times, 18 September 2007

"As harsh as it sounded, parents must also teach their children not to be trusting of strangers, teachers and even relatives." Wanita MCA chief Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen, The Star, 19 September 2007

"Due to the overwhelming scientific evidence produced, the parents of Nurin Jazlin have decided to accept the body they inspected as of their daughter's. The body will be claimed this morning and funeral (burial) would probably be held after Friday prayers today." Jasni,, 20 September 2007

‘‘Allah sayangkan Kak Ngah (Nurin Jazlin), nak buat macam mana. Allah sayangkan Kak Ngah,’’ Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 21 September 2007

“Nurin Jazlin’s case appears to have similarities with the cases reported in Kampung Baru." Federal CID director Commissioner Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee, 22 September 2007

“Sekarang kita sudah masuk bab baru iaitu mencari pembunuh yang tidak berhati perut itu,” Ketua Biro Pengaduan MCA, Datuk Michael Chong,Utusan Malaysia 22 September 2007

“Saya memandang serius kes ini dan kita sedang kumpul maklumat. Pasukan Siasatan Khas ini mempunyai strategi khas dan rangkaian mereka yang tersendiri sehingga tertangkapnya penjenayah itu." Ketua Polis Negara (KPN) Tan Sri Musa Hassan, Utusan Malaysia, 22 September 2007

“Somebody has sent her to heaven in a very terrible way. The killers must be found. Let no other child suffer like what Nurin had to endure,” Jazimin, The Star, 23 September 2007

“I have asked the police to let me talk to the culprit. I just want to ask him why he did such a thing to my daughter,” Jazimin, The Star, 24 September 2007

"Police should focus their resources on apprehending the culprit or culprits responsible for Nurin's death." DAP chairman Karpal Singh, New Straits Times, 25 September 2007

“We do not require the assistance of psychics as investigations are progressing and we are confident of solving the case,” Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar, The New Straits Times, 26 September 2007

“Two FBI agents are going to help us with the investigation, especially in terms of the technical aspects of the probe." Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, Bernama, 27 September 2007

"Police arrested five people, including a woman, in separate raids in Shah Alam last night to assist their probe into the murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8. They are between 27 and 33 years old. Police also seized two cars and five mobile phones." Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee, Bernama, 28 September 2007

"The investigations revealed the possibility that the sexual abuse and torture of the eight-year-old girl might have been recorded for distribution on child pornography websites." A Senior Police Officer, The New Straits Times, 29 September 2007

"We're trying our best to retrieve the SIM card although it's difficult. The card could give us the lead in this case," A Police Source, Bernama, 30 September 2007

"If we had an Amber Alert already in place, let me tell you, those murderers would not have got away with what they did to Nurin." Nuraina A Samad,, 30 September 2007

"It is an act of anger and power and has this anti-social behaviour that motivates him to commit such heinous sexual crime. They gain sexual gratification from such act," Chartered psychologist Professor Dr Low Wah Yun of University Malaya's Faculty of Medicine, Bernama, 1 October 2007

"The RM20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin’s killer will stay," MCA Public Services and Complaint Department head Datuk Michael Chong, The Star, 3 October 2007

"False or incorrect information given to us will slow us down in tracking the two who can shed some light into Nurin's case." City CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Ku Chin Wah, Star Online, 4 October 2007

SIM card sent to celco to determine contents

Friday October 5, 2007
MYT 11:30:33 PM


PETALING JAYA: The SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card retrieved from the 23-year-old Indonesian woman detained last Saturday in connection with the abduction and murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8, has been sent to the celco that issued it, to help police in their investigations.

Police sent the SIM card to the company Friday morning as they wanted to know whether the contents and information could be retrieved from the card.

It is learnt that police are expected to know the results within the next few days.

It is also learnt that the woman had sent text messages to the police on several occasions and police are keen to know why she had swallowed the card and its contents.

The woman is believed to have sent SMSes to a police hotline number, claiming that Nurin Jazlin was in her custody days after the girl went missing on Aug 20 following a trip to a night market.

The woman was picked up last Saturday, from a clothes stall at a Ramadan bazaar in Nilai, Negri Sembilan.

She collapsed at the doorway when she was brought to the Petaling Jaya court house.

Bernama had reported that she had swallowed a SIM card when police arrested her. It is believed she was trying to hide the SIM card from the police.

After being remanded, the woman was taken to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre.

Her remand order was for seven days.

- Star Online

From the Brunei Press : Father Of Murdered Malaysian Girl Thanks Bruneians For Prayers

By Rosli Abidin Yahya

Bandar Seri Begawan - The father of the late Nurin Jazlin whose badly bruised body was found stuffed in a sports bag in Petaling Jaya Sept 17 has thanked Bruneians who have offered prayers for the eight-year old girl, who was missing for nearly a month before she was found dead.

The father, Jazimin Abdul Jalil told his close relatives (a teacher and a lawyer) working in Brunei Darussalam for many years that he was touched by Bruneians who shared the nation's grief through the blog site - - which was set up after the poor girl went missing last Aug 20.

"Please relay my thanks and deep appreciation over the concerns of many Bruneians who followed the news through newspapers and televisions.

"I am absolutely touched by some Bruneians who even performed 'solat hajat' or requested prayers after my little girl was abducted.

"May Allah bless the good and kind-hearted Bruneians who shared their grief with me and my family over the loss of my little girl," he said to the relatives through text messages.

Nurin Jazlin, a Year Two pupil of Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Desa Setapak, went missing on Aug 20 when she went to the night market near her house by herself.

She was last seen being dragged into a white van by a man.

Her body was found stuffed in a sports bag and left outside a shop in PJ last Sept 17.

Her murder, the nation's most horrifying crime in years, has sparked nationwide outrage and anger and prompted talk that the girl was the victim of a serial sex offender.

As of yesterday, the murderers of Nurin Jazlin have yet to be found even though suspects have been detained and released over the past few days.

Yesterday news report stated that Malaysian police have identified two more suspects whom they believe can assist in investigations into the brutal murder of Nurin Jazlin.

The suspects, a man and a woman, were identified based on their photofit from public information.

- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

On behalf of the family, we would also like to convey our gratitude for all the "solat hajat" conducted and performed nationwide during the frantic search for missing Nurin. The family has also made several requests to local imams within the vicinity of Wangsa Maju for more "solat hajat" of a different purpose - to capture the perpetrator(s). The sooner the capture, the safer it will be for all the other children.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mesej Ayah Nurin

My brother Jazimin was invited to deliver a message at the closing event of "Stop Child Sexual Abuse Campaign" organised by TLC Team, B.Comm (Hons), Final Year Persuasive Communication Students 2007, TCPJ in collaboration with P.S. The Children earlier this evening.

His message was delivered by yours truly. Here's the transcript of his message :-

Saudara-saudari sekelian,

Terlebih dahulu ingin saya sampaikan salam kepada semua yang hadir pada majlis malam ini. Maafkan saya kerana tidak dapat bersama saudara-saudari pada malam ini.

Walaubagaimanapun, sepertimana yang diminta oleh pihak penganjur, mesej saya pada malam ini akan disampaikan oleh abang sulung saya, Jasni Abdul Jalil.

Saudara-saudari sekelian,

Sememangnya apa yang sedang cuba dibuat oleh pihak penganjur - yaitu kempen mencegah jenayah seksual terhadp kanak-kanak - amat besar maknanya terutamanya kepada mereka yang telah mengalaminya seperti kami.

Sungguh tidak disangka, setelah sebulan berusaha mencari anak kami Nurin Jazlin yang hilang entah kemana pada malam 20 Ogos yang malang itu, kami sekeluarga telah dikejutkan dengan penemuannya semula pada 17 September - bukan dalam keadaan yang kami mahu tetapi hanya satu jasad yang tidak lagi bernyawa.

Lebih mengharukan kami adalah anak kami itu telah diperlakukan sebegitu cara yang amat tidak berperikemanusiaan langsung.

Manusia apakah yang tergamak melakukan jenayah terkutuk itu tehadap seorang kanak-kanak yang semestinya tidak berdosa sama sekali.

Kami begitu pasrah, begitu marah, begitu kecewa - hati tertanya-tanya kenapa ini berlaku kepada kami.

Walaupun kami menerima ketentuan Ilahi, namun untuk memaafkan penjenayah yang masih bebas itu tidak sama sekali.

Dan kita sebagai masyarakat harus mengambil iktibar dan tindakan yang sesuai agar anak-anak saudara-saudari pulak tidak akan menjadi mangsa penjenayah ini yang entah esok atau lusa akan mengulangi perbuatannya sekali lagi.

Sementara pihak polis harus berusaha keras menjejaki penjenayah ini, masyarakat harus memikirkan cara-cara yang sesuai bagi memastikan anak-anak kita selamat.

Buatlah sesuatu - saya sebagai seorang ayah kepada seorang anak yang malang ini akan sentiasa menyokong sebarang usaha kearah ini.

Bercakap mengenai usaha, selain dari usaha murni penganjur menimbulkan kesedaran tentang bahaya jenayah seksual dikalangan kanak-kanak, saya juga dimaklumkan bahawa terdapat perbagai lagi usaha oleh perbagai pihak bagi mengatasi masalah ini.

Abang-abang saya beserta rakan-rakan bloggersnya juga sekarang sedang giat berusaha meminta pihak berkuasa untuk mengujudkan satu mekanisma bagi menangani kes-kes kanak-kanak hilang atau yang diculik seperti yang diamalkan dibeberapa negara maju yaitu "Amber Alert" atau nama tempatan yang dicadangkan yaitu "Nurin Alert".

Saya berharap sokongan saudara-saudari terdapat kempen ini dapat juga disalurkan kepada inisiatif ini juga.

Sekian, terima kasih dan Selamat Malam.

Jazimin Abdul Jalil

Nurin murder probe: Swallowed SIM card finally comes out but is it any use?

By : Lee Shi-Ian

PETALING JAYA: Five days of patience paid off for police as the subscriber identity module (SIM) card swallowed by an Indonesian suspect in the murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin was flushed out yesterday.

The 23-year-old woman, who had frustrated police with her play-acting and “fainting spells” when they attempted to question her, was discharged from the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) at 12.30pm yesterday.

She was discharged after police ascertained that the SIM card had indeed come out. The card is considered essential evidence to the murder investigation.

She was seen being led away under guard from the hospital and at 3pm, was produced at the magistrate’s court, where police obtained a six-day extension to the remand order against her. She is now being held at the district police headquarters.

It was reported that the woman, who had been warded at UMMC since Saturday, had refused to eat any food, subsisting on liquids and intravenous drip.

Attempts to flush the SIM card out of her system had been unsuccessful and she had also refused to consume laxatives which hospital authorities attempted to feed her.

Police will now have to examine the SIM card to see whether its data can still be retrieved.

The card, which has a microchip made of copper and other metals embedded inside, is very fragile.

Once the card is damaged, any data stored is irretrievable. After going through the entire process of the human digestive system, there may be little hope the card can be saved and data retrieved.

The easiest method of retrieving the information from the card would be to dry it and try using it in a mobile phone. The other way would be to use a smart card reader attached to a computer to access the data.

The woman, who has been confirmed as an illegal immigrant by police, was arrested in Nilai on Sept 29 by officers from the city police headquarters.

Shortly after her arrest, it was discovered that she had swallowed a SIM card. Police obtained a seven-day remand order for the woman before admitting her into UMMC.

During her arrest, police seized two mobile phones, four SIM cards and a prepaid starter pack. Checks later revealed the pack had the same number used to make calls to police through the RakanCop hotline.

X-ray tests carried out on the woman on Monday confirmed the presence of the SIM card in her stomach. But her refusal to co-operate meant police had to wait until yesterday when the SIM card was finally flushed out.

Nurin had gone missing after she went to a night market near her home in Wangsa Maju on Aug 20. Her body was found almost a month later in a sports bag which was left in a building in Petaling Utama.

So far police have detained six suspects. Five have been released, leaving only the Indonesian woman. Police also released the photofit of a man and woman on Tuesday, but so far, no suspects have been picked up.

- NSTOnline