Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bloggers keep up the search


WHILE many think the search for missing children Sharlinie Mohd Nashar and Muhamad Asmawi Jalaludin has become a lost cause, bloggers in the city are still trying to find and return them to their parents.

But they can’t do it alone.
They need public help to continue to keep a lookout for the children for as long as necessary.

It is approximately 153 days since little Sharlinie, or Nini, as she is fondly known, went missing. Nini is five years old.

For 11-year-old Asmawi or Awi, who was last seen on March 9, he has been missing for 91 days now.

Blogger and ex-journalist Nuraina A. Samad (www.nursamad.blospot.com), said the bloggers’ efforts in materialising the Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network or NURIN Alert is far from done.

They are, in fact, coming closer to legalising the establishment of Citizens for Nurin Alert (C4NA), a body created to spearhead the NURIN Alert programme, she said.

“We’ve recently received support from several corporations for C4NA. Once we register with the Registrar of Societies, we will be open for membership,” said Nuraina.

Aside from Nuraina, C4NA consists of crime analyst Kamal Affendi Hashim (president), Jazlan Abdul Jalil (vice-president), Jasni Abdul Jalil and Nik Farez (secretaries), Wahti Mahidin (treasurer), and committee members Mary Kate, lawyer Stephanie Chee (East Malaysia liaison), Mohd Fadli (webmaster) and part-time researcher Hanizah Hashim.

“We’re ambitious. We’re go- ing to push the effort for as long as we can to help in rescuing missing children.

This is not a one-off thing. Our effort will help lessen the po- lice’s burden,” said Nuraina.

When asked if she believes that Nini and Awi are alive and safe, she said: “At this point, I don’t know what to think, but my heart goes out to their parents. I can only imagine their anguish.

“If Nini is alive, she is being kept somewhere. And it’s not impossible for a child to be kept in a house in the suburbs without anyone noticing. Who would actually take a second look at what goes on in a normal-looking house?” As for Awi, she said, if he was abducted, “we can’t rule out the possibility” of him being used for prostitution, pornography or drug trafficking.

As for police efforts in finding the children, Nuraina said it is hard to determine the police’s stand on the issue.

“There’s a possibility that they’re looking at the case as a lost cause and would rather use their manpower for other things. They may say they’re serious, but I’m not sure if they’re serious about being serious.” C4NA’s Hanizah (tembam.wordpress.com), believes the police should implement preventive measures of child safety rather than just “wait for a lead” in the in- vestigation.

“This can be done by holding talks to educate parents or training children on what to do if approached by strangers.

“But unfortunately, none of this is being done,” she told Malay Mail.

For blogger Jasni (nurinjazlin.blogspot.com), who is the uncle of Nurin Jazlin Jazi- min, he said bloggers are one of the most loyal groups who are still fighting for Nini and Awi’s rescue.

“The missing children’s case may have died down a bit with the public and the authorities, but bloggers are adamant in putting up posters of the missing children on their sites.

“The posters help to remind our blog visitors that the children have yet to be located.

Until they are found, the case will not be closed.” Sharlinie went missing after playing at the Taman Medan playground, some 200m from her home.

Asmawi, a Standard Five pupil of Sekolah Kebangsaan La Salle Brickfields (2), was reported missing on the way home from a playground near his house in Jalan Permai 7, Pantai Dalam.

Nurin’s killer is still at large.

- The Malay Mail


Anonymous said...

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Definitely not clothes, all right.

To quote a line from this book:
"Rape is not the reason of a problem, it is the result of a problem."

Anonymous said...

I just did a quick check, and discovered that MPH does carry this book. It is selling at RM59.90.

However, sadly, according to the status, the book is currently unavailable. Hope they'll restock the title soon.

unicorn said...


lama tak menjengok tapi saya tdk pernah melupakan adik2 malang kita.
melihatkan gambar comel nurin masih boleh menyebakkan dada apatah lagi bayangan penderitaan yg tergambar diakhir2 nafas arwah..

playground berdekatan rumah sudah ceria kembali dikala petang dimana dulu sunyi sepi seperti 'modern art'..agaknya kita sudah mulai 'mengeluarkan' rasa ketakutan diatas apa yg terjadi pd arwah nurin,the late presheena atau nini,awi yg masih hilang. Atau kita sudah mulai lupa akan peristiwa tragis itu..apapun,kehidupan harus diteruskan dan kanak2 adalah kanak2,fitrah kehidupan akan berterusan.

i salute all caring bloggers of their effort in searching the justice. pls dont give up and Allah will always there for those with the strong heart.

oh god, pls help us,help us to find nini,awi and others. pls help us in bringing the beasts who tortured and murdered nurin and others. pls help us,help us,help us..

Zulkifli said...

saya ada juga baca sinopsis dari beberapa chapter dari buku Dr. Anna Salter.melalui internet.... Memang sex offenders ni gila...tidak ada perasaan dan patut dibunuh sahaja sebab itu di Iran dan Arab Saudi , hukuman bagi perogol adalah bunuh.....kita masih lagi terhegeh hegeh nak pinda hukuman yang kita ada...hatta nak sebat dikhalayak ramai pun kita takut....

perlu ada perubahan...sekarang keadaan ekonomi kita pun tak menentu...bila keadaan ekonomi semakin buruk...kadar jenayah akan meningkat...

inilah yang kita perlu ambil perhatian...polis dan tentera memang dalam keadaan ini perlu selalu buat rondaan...cadangan untuk kuatkan rukun tetangga perlu dimantapkan lagi....

david santos said...


David Santo

unicorn said...

salam semua,

nampak semakin 'lesu' blog nurin ini....little nurin,you are always in my doa!

utusan malaysia,20/6/08

ibu tertekan selep[as 104 hari asmawi hilang
kuala lumpur,19 jun-selepas lebih 3bulan kehilangan anaknya,kehidupan rozita abu hassan,50,ibu kpd muhamad asmawi jalaluddin,11,kanak2 hilang sejak 9 mac lalu semakin tertekan dan kemurungan.

kakak asmawi, saudah jalaluddin memberitahu ibunya itu sering menagis setiap kali terkenangkan adik bongsunya itu.

"ibu saya kini hidup dlm kemurungan dan seceria dahulu" katanya ketika dihubungi untusan malaysia disini hari ini.

tambahnya lagi, kesihatan ibunya turut terganggu akibat terlalu memikirkan keselamatn adiknya itu.

"saya bimbang kesihatannya akan terjejas"ujarnya sambil menambah bahawa sejak kebelakangan ini maklumat mengenai kes kehilangan adiknya itu semakin berkurangan(atau tiada langsung..?)

"saya hrp o/ramai jgnlah jemu bantu kami cari asmawi" ujarnya.

Muhamad asmawi dilaporkan hilang ketika berjalan kaki dlm perjalanan pulang dr sebuah taman permainan berdekatan rumahnta di lot127,jalan permai tujuh,lembah pantai disini.

saya berharap wakil PR yg menang dikawasan itu dtglah jengok dan bantu keluarga malang ini.
pihak berkuasa dari 'melarang' laporan media dgn alasan mahu menyiasat secara 'senyap' dan pencarian 'nocturnal' sampai sekrang langsung takde berita.

mmm...betullah tu pencarian dlm 'senyap' dan terus 'senyap' bila dah takde publisiti oleh media.

maka, apalah nasib kanak2 malang itu? tidak terdaya jika mrk itu anak2 saya.mungkin saya sudah tidak bersemangat lagi untuk hidup...

i really hope for the best will come (for unfortunate children)...from arwah nurin to awi..!!