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The week that was

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Firstly, please kindly accept my apologies for not being able to update this blogsite since 8th March 2008 till today as my access to the internet was limited during the period as I was out of the country not once but twice. If you wish to know my whereabout during the period, please feel free to visit my other blog which is more of a personal journal.

To re-cap the events throughout the period, let's just revisit the week that was as follows :-

8th March 2008
Malaysia's 12th General Elections
For the very first time Malaysians witnessed the most unpredictable election results where the ruling Barisan Nasional Government lost their 2/3 majority in the Lower House. More surprising was the capturing of an additional 4 states namely Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor by the opposition alliance other than the existing opposition held state of Kelantan.

There were many casualties in the elections but we, as far as the C4NA community is concerned, mourned the defeat of Datuk Seri Shahrizat to PKR's Nurul Izzah.

Datuk Seri Shahrizat was key to the introduction of Nurin Alert and now with her departure from the legislative body, the C4NA would have to get all over started again.

9th March 2008
C4NA's official website launched.
After several months of under construction, C4NA's official website went live at 0.01 am 9th March 2008. The website's came in being was made possible with the assistance rendered by Sdr. Mohd. Fadli Yusof, a new Committee Member of C4NA.

10th March 2008
Another Child went Missing

While the nation is still shocked with the kidnapping of murdered child Nurin Jazlin and the still unresolved kidnapping of Sharlinie, another child went missing today while playing in front of his house at Pantai Dalam. The child, Asmawi is still missing until today.

12th March 2008
News of Missing Asmawi First Reported

After three days since he went missing, news of his dissapearance was reported in over Buletin Utama TV3, a delay that was probably due to the late reporting of the incident.

13th March 2008
News of Missing Asmawi published in mainstream media
After 4 days of him went missing, news of missing Asmawi caught the media attention. The Star had this in their 13th March 2008 edition :-

An 11-year-old boy, Muhamad Asmawi Jalaludin, who went to play with his friends at the Kampung Kerinchi flats located about 200m from his house on March 9, has gone missing.

Brickfields acting OCPD Supt Azri Abdul Rahman said Muhamad Asmawi usually went to his friends' flats nearby to play videogames.

The boy had gone to the nearby flats at around 5pm on March 9. When questioned by the police, his friends said that the SRK La Salle pupil had gone home at 6.30pm that day.

When the boy left the house, he was wearing a pink T-shirt and grey shorts.

"The boy was last seen at the Mid-Valley Megamall by a friend. We are scrutinising the CCTVs in the shopping complex to find out if he was there," Supt Azri said on Thursday.

He added that Muhammad Asmawi's mother, Rozita Abu Hassan, 50, had received an SMS demanding ransom of a sum of money.

Police have identified the sender of the SMS but have yet to track the person down.

Rozita, when met at her home in Kampung Kerinchi here on Thursday, said she waited for her youngest son to return until evening and decided to search for him in the area but to no avail.

"Usually he goes cycling and plays football in the evenings and would be back by 5pm," said the mother of seven.

Anyone with information on Muhamad Asmawi's disappearance can contact the Rakan COP hotline at 03-2115 9999 or SMS to 32728 or call Rozita at 019-255 0279.

14th March 2008
Ugly SMS surfaced again
Ugly SMS surfaced again. Not only misleading SMSs, there was also SMS demanding ransom sent to Asmawi's mother. Click here for the full report.

17th March 2008
House to House Search for Missing Asmawi Commences

The Police commenced House to House Search for Missing Asmawi. Click here for more nedws on the matter.

18th March 2008
Search for Asmawi intensifies

The search for missing Asmawi intensifies though facts have revealed that there might be certain other factors that casts doubts that he was ever been kidnapped. Check here for details.

19th March 2008
Shahrizat Appointed as Special Adviser

Datuk Seri Shahrizat was appointed as a Special Adviser to to the Prime Minister for Women and Social Development Affairs. Her appointment is definately a welcoming news at least to C4NA as the broken communication link leading to the implementation of Nurin Alert is now reconnected. Click here for more news on her appointment.

21st March 2008
Youth who sent ransom SMS napped

The youth, all the way from Kota Kinabalu was napped by the police for sending the SMS demanding ransom from Asmawi's mother. Click here for more details.

Thank you for your continued patronage. Let's work towards zero missing child from now onwards.

Jasni AJ

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