Monday, September 17, 2007

New approach to find Nurin Jazlin


MCA Public Services and Complaint Department, and the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation are using a different approach to find eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin.

Department head Datuk Michael Chong said they will seek the help of foreign workers at construction sites.

“So many other means have been tried, so this time we decided to target the foreign workers,” he said.

“These workers may be able to lead us to locate the missing child,” he added.

Chong said more than 10,000 pamphlets have been printed for distribution to the workers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

“We will go around and meet these workers to alert them about the missing child. There may be a chance that they might be able to locate her,” he said.

Chong said if Nurin has been abducted, she could be anywhere and alerting more members of the public will increase the chances of finding her.

Chong also offered a RM2,000 reward for anyone who finds Nurin. He advised the public not to increase the reward amount.

“If we keep on increasing the reward, then it becomes habitual. This is not healthy because it invites more crimes,” he said.

Nurin, a Year Two pupil at SK Desa Setapak, failed to return home after going to the pasar malam in Section 1, Wangsa Maju, at 8.30pm on Aug 20.

Normally, Nurin would go with her sister but that night, her mother had allowed her to go alone thinking that it was safe as the pasar malam is only 500m from their home

Nurin suffers from high blood pressure and kidney problems and her parents fear that her health might worsen without her medication.

- The Malay Mail


Anonymous said...

I keep on visiting your blog because I just can't get Nurin's face out of my mind. I'm in the office right now and I just can't keep my mind focus on work. My heart sobbing endlessly and tears are about to drop. I'm really traumatised by Nurin's sufferings for the whole 1 month of her disappearance. Nobody's right mind can take it. What more her parents?? Ya Allah, give me strenght. Give Jazimini and his family strenght. Ampun kan lah kami Ya ALLAH.

fara zahri said...

same goes here Nazurah. It was unimaginable of what Nurin has gone through. Her life was snatched in the most cruel way. Everytime i think about it, it was a razor sharp pain deep inside me. I keep this blog accessible everyday, hoping for some development on tracking down the beast. When I watched the news last night and nothing reported on Nurin, I started to worry if they are cooling down.

shizuka said...

Kes nurin jazlin menjelmakan kembali ingatan saya kepada kes intan yusniza yang mati dibunuh dengan kejam pada tahun 1991. Intan Yusniza seorang pengacara Kelab Kanak-kanak Angkasapuri berusia 12 tahun. Kematiannya telah mengundang simpati, sedih dan marah rakyat Malaysia sehinggakan tercipta lagu Untukmu Intan yang ditujukan khas untuknya.

Anonymous said...

Saya juga merasa amat sayu apabila mengigatkan apa yang si kecil telah lalui sebelum kematian arwah. Perasaan takut yang amat sangat sudah pasti menyelubungi arwah sebelum permergiannya.

Sesungguhnya Allah itu maha berkuasa, sikecil yang tidak berdoa sudah pasti menjadu ahli syurga.

Kepada sesiapa yang melakukan perkara terkutuk terhadap arwah, ketahuilah bahawa jika tiada seorang manusia pun mengetahui perbuatan jahat kamu, Nurin Jazlin tetap akan "hidup" didalam diri kamu dan membayang kamu sehingga ke ahirnya.

Pembalasan tetap akan menjadi seperit dan sesakit perbuatan kamu terhadap arwah, malah lebih lagi.

Manusia lebih teruk daripada binatang.

Nurin Jazlin, al-fatihah.

hashbrowns said...
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Unknown said...

All of sudden I remembered the tragic incident of the late Almarhum Nurin Jazlin (Al-Fatihah)...Is Justice have been served? Do we got the man who abducted her???? September is coming soon which if she still alive she shud be celebrating her birtday and thats the month she was brutally murdered!