Friday, September 21, 2007

What happened today (An Original article by the Host Blogger)

At noon today, Jazimin and his wife were asked to go to the Wangsa Maju Police Station. From there, they were taken to the HKL Mortuary to do a second inspection to identify the body of a girl found recently.

They were joined by brothers Jazlan and myself on the father's side and a bother and sister of the wife.

At the mortuary, a swamp of reporters were already there and speculated that the DNA results have been released and supposedly had indicated that the blood samples taken from Jazimin and his wife matches with the DNA of the "unknown" girl.

The Police was however still saying that the DNA results have yet to be issued and the very purpose for them calling Jazimin and his relatives was to give another opportunity for the family to reinspect the body.

In the inspection, all family members were positively sure that the body did not resemble Nurin.

We left the Mortuary at around 4 pm. Not once had the police told us that they think the body was Nurin nor asked the the family to bring back the body for burial.

After the inpection, all of us went to the Wangsa Maju Police Station to make police statements relating to the body inspection and what we thought of the inspection.

At around 6, we were told (by callers) that the Police had made a Press Conference confirming the body to be of Nurin's. Up to this point, even the police at the station could not offer any explanation on the so-called Press Conference.

By then we have been receiving condolence SMSs from friends and relative, of which we can only say that we do not know what's going on.

All of us broke fast at Jazimin's house and joined by a string of reporters who updated us that such Press Conference was indeed held. As we have not get any notification of any DNA results as claimed to have indicated that all samples matches with the body, we had to wait for the 8 o'clock news for information on the latest news!

Come 8 o'clock, we were horrified to note that TV3 has already confirmed that the body was Nurin as announced by the Selangor Police Chief in his Press Conference.

What was more horrified was the statement saying that the parents had refused to accept the DNA results given to them in the afternoon, when in actual fact, the parents were not told of anything of that sort.

More horrified was the statement that the parents might have a hidden agenda for not agreeing to the DNA results and the whole tragedy could be related to problems with "loan sharks".

After the news, we contacted the Sentul OCPD to find out on what was going on. He asked us to get hold of the PJ OCPD as the Press Conference was made by the Selangor Police and not Kuala Lumpur.

Managed to get hold of the PJ OCPD, we fixed an appointment with him later in the night. So at around 10.00 p.m. Jazimin, his brothers Jazlan, Johari and myself together with my wife arrived at the PJ OCPD's office. Joining the meeting were several other PJ Police Officers.

It was only then, Jazimin and the brothers were informed of the DNA results, a result which is by now a public knowledge.

Unconvinced with the results, Jazimin has requested for a second DNA test to erase all doubts.

A lot more things will take place tomorrow. Till then and until the release of the second DNA results, as far as the family is concerned, Nurin is still missing and by now has entered the 32nd day.

We are still praying for Nurin's safe return.


Anonymous said...

Read the news. Found this site at SOPO.

Glad to read that it is not Nurin Jazlin, but still that girl in the bag belongs to a family that loves her too. So condolences to her family. Innalillahi wainnanalillahi ro'jiun.

As for Nurin Jazlin, who is still missing as far as the family knows, may Allah keep her safe.

Anonymous said...

isk...what is this? this matter shouldn't been taken lightly. i support and agree with the parents, if they are doubtful. clearly, there are some unexplained holes here. on another note, is there a possibility that adik Nurin might have her appearance changed to conceal her identity. the culprit monster might cut her hair or something. I say, do not give up! Nurin could still be out there...

Chedd eddie Yusoff said...

my prayers are for the girl, nurin and your family

insyaalah, don't ever give up

get a second opinion for the DNA test if u must. may allah blessed you and your family and Nurin

Anonymous said...

i was so damn shocked when i heard the news saying bout the body is really nurin jazlin. it looks like there is a conspiracy theory running in the police department,i dont know. cant stop praying that she's still out there. yes,the poor girl in the bag also belongs to another family,a big condolence for them. may Allah protects nurin jazlin. amin.

Amin Iskandar said...

To Nurin's parents.

Don't give up. I don't know why the police are doing this. Maybe because of they want to cover up something.

I believe that something fishy is going on.

But i pray for the safety of Nurin. Hope that she will come home before Eid.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope the girl is not Nurin.If you say she is not Nurin then she's not. We know our children.I would cry each time i read about Nurin and would not know how to handle this if it happens to me. To the little girl in the bag, condolences to her and and my heart goes out to you and to Nurin. Be strong, we are praying for her.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Takziah untuk keluarga Nurin..jika ditakdirkan mangsa itu adalah adik Nurin,maka diharapkan keluarga en Jazimin tabah menerimanya..sekurang kurangnya..inilah jaminan syurga buat Ibu dan Ayah nya juga.

Ezett,Johor Bahru

Anonymous said...

Subhanallah, pabila baca artikel ini, bersarang penuh dlm kepala apa AGENDA POLIS SEBENARNYA? That is not Nurin's family Agenda actually..Walaupapun, kini beginilah hakikat kita sebagai rakyat biasa/orang biasa, dalam hal yang amat penting&betul2 tragis inipun masih mainan politik media massa & polis..sokong pendapat Yon & Black @ amin iskandar tue..Sedarlah wahai kita diluar sana, kita skrg sedang ditindas dlm keadaan terang-terangan bukan tanpa sedar lagi..

kepada keluarga Nurin,
Banyakkan bersabar, dlm keadaan sekarang bergantunglah sepenuhnya kpd Maha Pencipta. Pertolongan Dia pasti sampai.Kami sentiasa disisi kalian semua..

cadangan: Jika mampu bersuara(dirakamkan), berceritalah hal sebenar (membela diri) kpd media & individu/organisai yg boleh 'diharap'..tak perlu takut sebab kalian dipihak yg benar..(kalau kita imbas semula sejarah Rasul kita, ada masa Beliau ceritakan&sebarkan tentang Islam, secara sembunyi & kemudian secara terang-terangan)..Inilah masa kita!

Anonymous said...

I am a parent, and science-trained. I am shocked, angry, etc. The DNA results should go back to the very particular person who ACTUALLY performed the tests. We should ask her/him and ourselves, could it be possible that she was making errors (mistakes)? We are Malaysians - we can think so we should ask this person who did the tests (for all you know are not even professionally trained) to please tell us and show us what DNA test was done and how she/he based/concluded the results.

Anonymous said...

it's just so awful that the police let the press know before Nurin's own family!

Anonymous said...

wat a lie.....

Anonymous said...

i wonder what the police are trying to cover up... is it that,or are they just lazy to do their job. "Lepas tangan", just cuz the little girls body found in bag was not claimed,they decided to combine the two cases just to make their job easier and close the case.
What if it happened to them? They would surely not act this way. I hope they find Nurin,i hope we find her. Can't really depend on police alone...
Please don't give up.

Anonymous said...

serius,hal nih mmg menyedihkan.lagi sedih bila baca paper yg langsung mcm nak menghukum keluarga mangsa.

Anonymous said...

di Berita TV3 semalam, Ketua Polis semcam menyalahkan ibubapa Nurin yang tidak mahu menerima hakikat bahawa DNA result itu milik Nurin

Bagi saya itu adalah sangat tidak patut

Sudahlah mereka mmg sudah bersedih, inikan pula menuding jari ke pihak ibubapa Nurin seolah2 mereka indenial

Teruskan usaha mencari
Allah ebrda di pihak orang yang benar

Anonymous said...

omg! the family din know?... its saddening to know all of this is happening here in malaysia...

My prayers for Nurin's family...may God be with you.

Anonymous said...

We are staff from SCSC & LRSB, Shah Alam. Please pray to ALLAH S.W.T for what been happened. There must be a good reason/HIKMAH why ALLAH S.W.T test this family like this.

Anonymous said...

again i say....this story is a tv the father of nurin stated at the HKL at daytime.."polis kata DNA ia sama dengan kami.....tapi mayat itu bukan anak saya..." that means the police had told him as stated by HKL director....

who is lying here ???!!!

Anonymous said...

Al Fatihah - Buat adik Nurin,

Sukar nak gambarkan perasaan keluarga adik Nurin krn betapa kejamnya manusia yang melakukannya. Namun mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya. Bykkan bersabar.

Yang pasti adik Nurin aman dan tenang disana. Semaga pembunuh kejam itu dapat diberkas secepat mungkin.

Anonymous said...

Please dont give up hope. Get a private lab to do the third DNA test . Certain things dont just appear and disappear from humans body. Deep inside I am still hoping that is not Nurin .You buried a little girl whom might not be Nurin . Think about it . DNA perhaps dont make mistakes but humans do. !

Anonymous said...

Panelis Eksekutif

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Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:31 am Post subject:


betul2 fishy la kes ni..
samada parent Nurin ni mengaku or not..samada mayat bdk dlm beg tu mayat Nurin atau budak pompuan lain, MENGAPA ...
...penjenayah tu letakkan mayat dlm beg sukan dan tinggalkan di hadapan bangunan pejabat di PJ..SEOLAH2 sengaja nak exposekan pada public dan pihak berkuasa?????

...selalunya penjenayah dah tentu akan hapuskan bukti dgn tanam mayat, campak ke laut..atau bakar hangus...

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Panelis VIP

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Kalau betul dakwaan di atas, Ketua Polis Negara kena letak jawatan...

Buat kerja tak pernah betul.

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bodonya.....satu statement yang nak indungkan sesuatu......masa press tanya bapak nurin...hari semalam....masih siang....petang kat hospital...dia ada kata...."polis kata DNA sama macam kami, tapi mayat itu bukan anak saya"....maknanya...memang polis dah bagi tahu jam tu...dan di sahkan oleh pengarah hkl.....siapa nak tipu siapa ni ????
dengar-dengar nurin is a pawn ...... banyak sangat utang........and the parents are the one sedang di siasat.......

kesian nenek dia yang bela nurin.....

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kenapa topik asal kena lock???? admin sila jawab!!!!

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syah wrote:
bodonya.....satu statement yang nak indungkan sesuatu......masa press tanya bapak nurin...hari semalam....masih siang....petang kat hospital...dia ada kata...."polis kata DNA sama macam kami, tapi mayat itu bukan anak saya"....maknanya...memang polis dah bagi tahu jam tu...dan di sahkan oleh pengarah hkl.....siapa nak tipu siapa ni ????
dengar-dengar nurin is a pawn ...... banyak sangat utang........and the parents are the one sedang di siasat.......

kesian nenek dia yang bela nurin.....


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tempua wrote:
Kalau betul dakwaan di atas, Ketua Polis Negara kena letak jawatan...

Buat kerja tak pernah betul.

Polis, saya tarik balik dulu kata-kata saya tadi ni... Tapi somebody must make things clear la.

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tempua wrote:
tempua wrote:
Kalau betul dakwaan di atas, Ketua Polis Negara kena letak jawatan...

Buat kerja tak pernah betul.

Polis, saya tarik balik dulu kata-kata saya tadi ni... Tapi somebody must make things clear la.

nanti kudahitam lock nanti.., bro kudahitam jgn marah la..

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akum..salam perkenalan...saya baruje join...menarik gakla forum ni..

loan shark...betulker..

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Dah lama nak cakap menda nih, tp tak berpeluang.... kini baru ada peluang..
Semua bomoh, pawang, dukun, Degawan dan yg seangkatan dgn nya yg ada kat M'sia yg mengaku hebat dlm hal2 mistik ni penipu besaq..!!!! Tak dak sekoq pon yg buleh cari budak ni dan budak2 yg sebelom ini. Ini meunjukkan depa suma tuh mmg tak buleh pakai... iklan dlm majalah bukan main, Bomoh besar Malaya laa... ilmu itu lahh... ilmu ini lahh... tp bila nak suruh carik budak ilang, tak de sapa yg buleh...

Che Kem said...

saya melahirkan rasa simpati dan sedih dengan peristiwa ini... di luar sana ramai yang menangisi kejadian ini. Orang yang membunuh Nurin adalah manusia paling kejam dan dilaknati Allah. Dalam saat-saat begini kita merasa terlalu kerdil dan insaf bahawa setiap takdir itu adalah ketentuan Allah dan di sana ada kebenarannya.
Buat jazimin sekeluarga, kuatkan semangat dan saya doakan kesejahteraan di hari muka.

Anonymous said...

Quoted by Bahlol "Dah lama nak cakap menda nih, tp tak berpeluang.... kini baru ada peluang..
Semua bomoh, pawang, dukun, Degawan dan yg seangkatan dgn nya yg ada kat M'sia yg mengaku hebat dlm hal2 mistik ni penipu besaq..!!!! Tak dak sekoq pon yg buleh cari budak ni dan budak2 yg sebelom ini. Ini meunjukkan depa suma tuh mmg tak buleh pakai... iklan dlm majalah bukan main, Bomoh besar Malaya laa... ilmu itu lahh... ilmu ini lahh... tp bila nak suruh carik budak ilang, tak de sapa yg buleh...

Hang bahlol ke apa...buat apa hang nak marah bomoh yg sememangnya sesat!!!! Buat apa nak harap orang sesat...kita pohon dengan Allah s.w.t. Hang bising2 nih apa usaha hang? Hang ada luangkan masa pergi cari atau distribute fliers nurin? Baik hang buat sembahyang hajat mintak kat Allah s.w.t supaya ditunjukkan kebenaran.

Saya amat bersimpati kepada keluarga Nurin dan berharap yang terbaik untuk mereka.

Kepada parents yg mempunyai anak, tolonglah jaga anak-anak anda baik2. jangan pandang mereka sambil lewa suruh gi sana, gi sini, beli tu dan beli ni. kalau kita sayang 100% anak, kita kena jaga mereka baik2. Jadikan issue nih dan issue budak hilang kat SOGO tu sebagai IKTIBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saya masih menunggu parents sebenar budak yg dibunuh dgn kejam kerana Jazimin tak mengaku itu anak dia....siapa la sebenarnya ibubapa budak tuh....da lama da nih tapi takdak orang claim.

Semoga Allah memberi petunjuk sebenar agar semua pihak berpuas hati.

Jangan percaya bomoh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im saddened with what happened. Agree to some views that the parent should follow the police when they make the test. Afterall, it was not the hospital and doctors that conducted the test, but the forensic police. Knowing Malaysia' police reputation, conspiracy and doubts can always happened.

Anyway, heard that Nurin's father has claimed the jenazah for funeral. My heartfelt sympathy and takziah to the family. Semuanya adalah dalam ketentuan Allah. Kita hanya dapat berdoa. Alfatihah

Anonymous said...

TO Nurin Jazlin's parents, words cannot describe the sorrow you must be feeling now. Please know that a lot of people do not believe that the girl in the bag is Nurin. The parents should know how their kids look like. Maybe the DNA sample was not taken by a professional. May Allah keep Nurin safe until she's united with her family.

Anonymous said...

Ketua Polis Negara tu definitely is hiding something! Did u all see the way he talked in the news last night???? Like as if Nurin's parents are behind he disappearance. He should use his brains before talking! If they were behind it,they wouldn't ask the government for help to find her. She's mising and all they want is for her to be found. Don't join the police force if u don't have feelings... Memang tak layak.
I feel so sorry for Nurin's parents,i know they just did the burial today because they are good people. They did it even though they know it's not their daughter. I hope Allah will help them find peace and help them find Nurin. It's the Holy month,insyaallah the truth will prevail.

Anonymous said...

the body stuffed in the bag is NOT nurin!bodohkan ibu bapa x leh nak cam muka n fizikal anak sendiri.lagipun baru one month...nothing much can change..BCG,SCAR n TEETH...all dis thing x sama!even org yg mati accident sampai kulit tersiat2 still leh identified kan!!dis is not american yg leh wat citer cam dlm filem tu...buat2 anak hilang but then ada agenda disebaliknya!!

Anonymous said...

i believe in wat nurin's uncle said here!!!

phisher said...

something is seriously wrong here.
1-either the parents is in denial
2-the ones doing the DNA test and the forensics crew ain't doing a professional job.

Anonymous said...

itulah org yg x punya kedudukan di tindas habis2an!!i hope for Nurin's return n dat time baru dpt buka mata semua pihak!!

Anonymous said...

well DNA test was carried out by police paham2 jer la..

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous, isn't it? Probably THE POLICE are the ones who have their "hidden" agenda. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

To the family of Nurin Jazlin,

My heart goes out to you all, i could only imagine the anguish and hurt you are all going through at this terrible time. You are all in my thoughts and prayers always.

May the monstrous perpetrator be swiftly caught and punished! Nothing but the worst for this terrible criminal!

Anonymous said...

polis ada hidden agenda? kenapa?
apa yg polis2 nak sorok dgn kes nurin?

mayat dlm beg diletak kat tempat awam yg sgt obvious nak soh org jumpa. kenapa?

takde org gi claim pun jenazah that little jane doe, even after all newspapers siarkan gambar dia besar2 kat muka depan. kenapa?

Unknown said...

Ya Allah...Ya tuhanku kau berikanlah perbalasan pada manusia yg berhati binatang nie... amin..

Buat ibu & ayah Nurin,
Takziah jika benar itu Nurin.. Doa saya sentiasa utk kalian sejak kehilangan Nurin..

Semoga tabah dlm menghadapi semua dugaan dariNYA.. sesungguhnya ALLAH SWT hanya menguji hambanya mengikut kemampuan hambanya.. Mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya...

Tabahkan hati & kuatkan semangat!!! Insyaallah...

Anonymous said...

In order to be a very 'sick-maniac-monster', i think that culprit has to be racism, uneducated & holding grudge against the family for some reason (assuming young Nurin is still a kid and innocent).

I have a feeling it has to be Ah Long or somekind. Only these people have the ability to do this... Because for the rest of us... we still have the sense of humanity.. doesn't matter what conflict arise.

I hope the culprit will be the first to be put on electric-chair.


Anonymous said...

takziah and inalillahi wa inalillahi rajiiun
from the bottom of my heart.

Unknown said...

Kepada Seluruh keluarga Arwah Nurin. Kami sungguh bersimpati diatas pemergian Nurin dan berharap keluarga Arwah dapat menerima dan merelakan kematian tragis ini. Doa dari kami dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Al Fatihah

Unknown said...

Kepada Seluruh keluarga Arwah Nurin. Kami sungguh bersimpati diatas pemergian Nurin dan berharap keluarga Arwah dapat menerima dan merelakan kematian tragis ini. Doa dari kami dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Al Fatihah

Anonymous said...

Gosh. It's so easy for some of you to dispute the DNA test result isn't it? If you guys would read up more and do a little research on DNA tests and profiling, perhaps you won't be too quick to make up baseless conjectures and conspiracy theories. Our police forensics are not THAT incompetent. They may not be flawless, they may have faults, but seriously, if you know the inside workings of police and forensics investigations, you won't be sitting around jumping to conclusions the way you all do.

To the family - my sincerest takziah. May Allah bless the late Nurin.

I hope they get the perp soon.

Anonymous said...

ksiannye adik nurin..ya allah...knape leh jadi camni..harap2 msyrkt skarang ni lbih sedar pasal betapa seriusnya problem sexual abuse ni...malaysia ni maybe nak terima bala pulak...innalillah...mintak jauh laaaa

Anonymous said...

Why are there some jerks posting under the name "Anonymous" and bashing here? I'm referring to the comment from an anonymous claiming what was written here was a lie. This jerk must be someone who swallowed every single thing published on papers and shown on TV, every single thing the government throw at him. How pathetic.

Why hide under the name "anonymous"?

Anonymous said...

Sebagai kanak-kanak yang dikasihi Allah, saya pasti Nurin sedang bergembira disamping Allah sekarang. Tiada lagi seksaan dan derita seperti yang telah ditanggungnya seorang diri semasa bersama dengan syaitan tersebut. Tanpa ayah, tanpa ibu..seorang diri..Tidak dapat saya bayangkan bagaimana dia menghadapinya. Syurga adalah tempatnya yang abadi.

Kita yang hidup perlu mengambil iktibar. Dalam ketenangan negara kita ini, ada orang sakit yang bukan hanya tidak menyumbang, tetapi menjadi satu kerugian kepada negara. Seksa dan bunuh dengan kejam saja syaitan begini.

Orang yang dah rosak otak mungkin sukar lagi dibentuk. Kita sembelih saja. Tapi, kita perlu lebih fokus kepada generasi sekarang. Ajaran agama walau agama apa sekalipun dan penerapan nilai-nilai murni tidak kira di rumah, di sekolah, di tempat kerja atau dimana-mana sahaja agar masa depan kita aman dan tiada lagi cerita-cerita maha dahsyat begini..

Kita janganlah menyalahkan satu sama lain. Walau siapapun yang terkena pasti hiba dan boleh gila. Dengan doa kita semua, walau tidak tertangkap sekalipun, saya pasti syaitan itu akan mendapat balasannya nanti..

Buat keluarga Nurin, sabarlah, reda dan sentiasa dekatkan diri dengan Allah supaya hati kita tidak dirosak oleh syaitan. Nurin akan menunggu anda di dunia yang lain. Anak yang meninggal kecil akan membantu kedua ibubapanya di akhirat nanti. Salam kasih sayang dari saya dan Alfatihah untuk Nurin Jazlin. -ai.kmj.muar-

Wilde Katze said...

takziah buat jazimin sekeluarga. .

hope the police will find this evil monster soon.


Daphne Ling said...

Dear Nurin's Family,

My deepest and sincerest condolences to you for lost of your little girl...My family grieves with you...

My own blog has a tribute to dear Nurin:

May she rest in peace...

Anonymous said...

i cried everytime i saw nurin's pics all over local newspapers and buletin utama. she's too little to torture. pls bring up nurin's justice.

Diane Jackson Mia said...

Nurin, sweet, Innocent, Beautiful girl. Our tears cannot return you to your father's embrace or your mother's kiss. I pray for your Mummy and Daddy - they have lost a part of their hearts. They have to be strong for your sisters. Their pain has no cure. I trust their family and friends will give them all the support that they can....though it will never be enough. Rest in Peace, God Bless You........................... F.Y.I. this is a message I sent to The Star Newspaper editors and reporters it is also directed at the Police
Headline of the Star Newspaper 20th September 2007 was "Get The Beasts!" The accusation of beast could also quite aptly be directed at the ones who have disseminated and written details that highlight the brutality and depravity of the heartless killing and 'disposal' of an innocent child.
To 'human' people, the murder of a child is unfathomably tragic in itself. Too painful for people to digest or accept. It is unacceptable. Unforgivable.
But people are strange. We are hungry for information. We ask for more. Are we just curious? Is it the survival factor? Some of us are simply trying (unsuccessfully) to somehow fit the jagged pieces of a jigsaw together, trying to comprehend the incomprehensible. Trying to make sense of madness.
Yes, we have an insatiable thirst to know, but we do not have the right to know everything. Must we be privy to every gory detail? Must we know the degree of degradation and suffering inflicted on a frail little body? To 'humane' people, there are some things that should remain untold. Secrets that should not be revealed. There are some things that decency does not permit one to divulge.

How is justice to prevail? Dwell for a moment upon this truth. A beautiful, little girl who could never even imagine such brutality. Now your words give us lurid descriptions and ask us to imagine! Adults failed to protect her in life - adults again have failed to protect her in death. Does death strip one of one's rights? Does death predispose one to loss of dignity? The police should not divulge such information to the media in the first place, and the media who finds itself in possession of such delicate information should have the decency to omit that which is inappropriate. You defile the child's memory and you glorify the perpetrator and the crime itself. Your injustice is callous and loathsome. Repeated exposure renders us desensitized.

Does sensationalism overshadow sensibility? Does greed outweigh good? If she is unidentified is she unimportant?
The police should have a policy that is more considerate of the the victims. Whilst certain information should be made available to the media, vulgarity and excessive descriptions of death should be omitted entirely, for they only serve the morbid and depraved. Sadly the indifference of the police and the media only give ideas to like-minded individuals who then duplicate the wrongs, so that instead of serving justice you have promoted and initiated abhorrent crimes. You are guilty of recruiting criminals. How do you sleep at night?
Beasts you are. Get the beasts!
Diane Jackson Mia

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with the family of Nurin and for Nurin herself. There are monsters, sick and deprived out there, and they need to be stopped.

But not before people like Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri and the IGP, along with the rest of the government first begin to recognise that this is a pandemic that is rapidly growing in our country. Instead, they make stupid, stupid statements saying that Nurin's parents could be charged with Neglegence. What utter rubbish!

Firstly, it's insensitive, secondly, no parent ever wishes for any such thing to happen to their child and of course, all parents look after their children as best as they can. But they also cannot be watching over them every second of the day! There will be times when parents may find that their child has wandered off by itself.

The job and role of the police is to ensure that we all can live in a safe environment, they must and need to have officers on the ground to enforce the rule of law and thereby ensuring the public's safety.

The job and role of our wonderful defacto "Law Minister" Datuk Seri Nazri, should be - rather than making stupid and insensitive statements, to ensure that the laws of our country is changed to adequately meet the requirements of the times. In this case, many of us feel that the penalty for rape of any sort, should be a mandatory Death Sentence. In the early days in Singapore, when kidnapping was rampant, Lee Kwan Yew changed the penalty for kidnapping to Death, it almost stopped immediately. We should adopt the same thing here for rape.

We are sick and tired of reading the papers everyday and finding out that there is some sick bastard out there who has gangraped a woman, brutalised a child and all that. Best of all, there is no closure in the papers. What happened to the Johor Gelang Patah case, the culprits were apprehended, and now what? Nothing...

I say that Bloggers Unite and blast people like Nazri who has accused Nurin's parents of neglegence. If it were his child, he wouldn't be so quick to make such stupid and insensitive statements.

Nazri, on behalf of Nurin and her parents... mampus la kau!

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Chen - Kepong

I would like to send my deepest condolence to Nurin's family.

Doubts :-
Why that is Nurin ?
Why the parents cannot identify her in the 1st place ?
Why the police can get the DNA test result so fast?
Are there any hidden agenda behind this incidence ?

Let us have the truth.

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To the late Nurin's parents and family members:

I noticed Nurin's uncle had used the word "it" when describing the maniac. I whole heartedly agree; in fact, I am more tha sure that animals are more humane and gentle than this maniac.

My heart sank when news of all these came out. I can feel for the parents as I have children of my own. And I just feel like going out there to take on this beast myself.

To the family, I am sure that God will allow justice through the law of this land to prevail. Be patient and I pray that God's overflowing love will heal your hearts for you to carry on with your lives.

God bless Nurin's soul and God bless all in the family.

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I think the police should check with all the pasar malam trader, it 's seem that the suspect may be one of them. Just imagined this , Nurin always went to the pasar malam togerther with her sister and may be get to know this suspect for some times now. on that day the suspect told Nurin to come back to him by offering her present or what so ever, this is the reason she went back to pasar malam and do not allow her sister to come along? what do you think about this teory?

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takkan la tak de siape yg perasan Nurin keluar ke pasar mlm sorg2 selain family dia? berape rmi org kat pasar mlm tu? any one? tolong la tampil bg info kat pihak berkuasa supaya cepat kita jumpe penjenayah keparat..
tolong la jgn amalkan budaya ' KAU KAU, AKU AKU '.. Jaga sket tepi kain jiran2. atleast utk keselamatn. bukan jaga tepi kain spt kepoh2 hal personal. tu tak elok la..
Cepat2 la selesaikan kes ini.. AL-FATIHAH utk Arwah Nurin....
We Missed u dear.. Damai la di sana..

firazie said...

wahai adik nurin tenanglah kau disana..sesungguhnya perbuatan kejam,akan dibalas juga satu hari nanti hanya menunggu saat pembunuh ditangkap...
bagaimanakah saat kau diseksa,menangis,meronta,dibelasah,diikat serta dibunuh..sesungguhnya kami sendiri tidak sanggup membayangkannya..semoga Allah melindungimu damailah kau disana...

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bodonya.....satu statement yang nak indungkan sesuatu......masa press tanya bapak nurin...hari semalam....masih siang....petang kat hospital...dia ada kata...."polis kata DNA sama macam kami, tapi mayat itu bukan anak saya"....maknanya...memang polis dah bagi tahu jam tu...dan di sahkan oleh pengarah hkl.....siapa nak tipu siapa ni ????
dengar-dengar nurin is a pawn ...... banyak sangat utang........and the parents are the one sedang di siasat.......

kesian nenek dia yang bela nurin.....



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I think there is definitely a conspiracy going on here.Any parent can recognise the body of their own child.Doctors have indicated that when a child is in misery and suffering,her facial features like the cheek and soft tissues might change a bit but a persons bone structure and teeth will never change(Nurin's mother said that the teeth of the body found and that of Nurin is not same).We all saw the body and pics of Nurin.Even the bone structure and the jawline are not the same at all.If the body was that of Nurin,then what happened to her BCG mark and her birthmarks that the parents say that are not there.I read in the papers about the doctor who did the post mortem saying that during decomposition these marks might have dissapeared.As indicated by the police,the body was found 8 hours after death and everyone knows that the body does not decompose so badly in 8 hours.It's just totally unbelievable.Nurin's mother also claimed that she recieved phone calls from a man on the 22nd saying that Nurin is in his care.I think that Nurin is still alive out there somewhere.As for the body in the bag,i think that someone is trying to cover up another girls murder with Nurin.Lets not stop the search for Nurin Jazlin Jazimin and lets pray that she will be reunited to her family safely by raya.

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When corruption and crime is publicised in Malaysian public, there is a reason … it is not to uphold law and justice.

According to the law, the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is not supposed to reveal any information of a corruption investigation until the investigation is complete and it has been proven that the person being investigated is actually corrupt. This is to ensure that the person being investigated is not a victim of malicious rumours or false accusations. Sometimes, corruption allegations are made by enemies of that person being accused merely to get him into trouble. If the investigation proves the allegation unfounded, then no harm is done to that person being accused. If he is guilty, then he would of course be brought to book. But if he is innocent and his name has been bandied about in the media, then even if he is later found innocent the stigma would still remain forever.

That is why reports to the ACA come under the Official Secrets Act (OSA). This is to protect those who are being investigated in the event all allegations are unfounded and the alleged is later cleared of the allegation. But in the case of Commissioner of Police Dato’ Pahlawan Ramli Bin Yusuff, the Director of the Commercial Crime Investigation Division, they made the unprecedented move of announcing that he is being investigated for having assets amounting to RM27 million even before the investigation was launched.

Is there more than meets the eye here? Is this a simple and genuine corruption investigation or is this a case of trying to bring down a senior police officer who has proven to be the thorn in the side of the underworld? Let us review the Ramli episode and see whether we are able to make sense out of it.

Ramli is the man who launched an investigation into the Chinese organised crime syndicate that controls all the prostitution, drugs, illegal gambling and loan sharking business all over Malaysia. What used to be small, private enterprises has now been organised into a nation-wide network. Small, private enterprises that refuse to come under the networking are forced out of business and the nation-wide syndicate has taken over their territories.

What Ramli uncovered was not only the fact that the underworld has been organised into a pan-Malaysian network, but also that it has links with the top echelons of the police force and is powerful enough to determine the transfers and promotions of police personnel. Those police officers who refuse to cooperate and play ball are quickly sent into cold storage and transferred into positions where they can no longer be an obstacle to the crime syndicate.

A few of the underworld bosses were detained under the Emergency Ordinance and some sent into detention or restricted residence. But before you can say “you are free to go”, the detainees were immediately released and investigations were launched against the arresting officers for what the police allege was ‘abuse of power’. Some of these arresting officers were even detained overnight in the police lockup. While the criminals walk free, those police officers who arrested them are locked up. Which police officer would now dare arrest an underworld boss?

The police depend on informers just like the Customs Department, Income Tax Department, and the Anti-Corruption Agency. More than 90% of the cases are solved through information that informers offer. And the law requires that informers receive protection. This was what Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi meant when he said whistle-blowers should be protected. In fact, there is an international agreement that whistle-blowers must receive government protection.

In Ramli’s case though, as much as he tried to protect his informers as required by the law and by international convention, they exposed all his informers and now everyone knows who they are. The informers are now scared shit and they are worried that they may be executed by those whom they snitched on. All the other informers now know that it is dangerous to talk to the police and all have gone underground and disappeared. The Royal Malaysian Police may now be hard-pressed in getting any more information that they greatly need to help solve the epidemic of crimes that is currently plaguing Malaysia. Ever wonder why 130 children have disappeared since the beginning of this year and thus far eight have turned up murdered and the police appear at a loss as to how to solve these crimes? Who would dare come forward to help the police when their names would probably be revealed whereby they will face retaliation?

Ramli is said to have RM27 million to his name. How does the ACA know when they have not even finalised the investigation yet? Does he have RM50 million in assets and RM23 million in debts whereby he would have a net worth of RM27 million? Or does he have RM27 million in assets and no debts at all? The figure of RM27 million is highly suspect and there is no way this can be quantified unless that RM27 million figure was plucked from the air and merely meant to sensationalise the issue.

Ramli has since filed his full statement of accounts stretching over the last 37 years since 1970 and there are no RM27 million in assets. But, until today, information is still being leaked to the media that he is worth RM27 million. Who is behind this leak and why is this RM27 million figure being leaked? Is this a message to Ramli to back off and leave the underworld alone lest he get charged and jailed for owning RM27 million in assets? When a Deputy Prime Minister can be sent to jail for 15 years on trumped-up charges, certainly a mere Commissioner of Police can be sent to jail for RM27 million assets he does not own.

Now, we must be clear about one thing. Ramli is not being investigated for owning RM27 million in assets. There is no harm in owning RM27 million in assets if you procured it legally and not through foul means. If your father was a Felda settler, and after he dies the government acquires his land, you would be worth at least RM3 million or so overnight. You need not go to jail for this. And if you invested the money in land in Langkawi many years ago, that RM3 million land would now be worth RM30 million today. You need not go to jail for that as well. You will only need to go to jail if the RM3 million or RM30 million was procured through bribes.

But Ramli is not being called to explain why he is worth RM27 million. He is being asked why he did not declare that he is worth RM27 million. Now, Ramli was not only able to prove that he is not worth RM27 million, but he has proven that he in fact had declared all this assets as required by law; which is the real issue they are raising against him.

Ramli used to serve as the Commissioner of Police for Sabah. As is customary, after you serve the state and before you retire or get transferred out from the state, the state can sell you a piece of land at nominal value as gratuity for your service. But the land cannot be registered in your personal name. It must be registered in the name of your company. Ramli, therefore, had to register a company to be able to buy that piece of land.

On 31 May 2006, Ramli wrote to the IGP asking for permission to act as a director/shareholder of a company called Kinsajaya Sdn Bhd which was incorporated on 20 April 2006 and which is jointly-owned together with General (Rtd) Datuk Muhamad Yasin bin Yahya. The purpose of the company is to hold the 950-acre piece of land that the Sabah State Government was giving him under the gratuity (kurnia) scheme.

On 29 June 2006, the police headquarters wrote to the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs seeking permission for Ramli to become a director/shareholder of the company. On 7 July 2006, permission was granted.

Ramli’s offence is supposed to be a technical one. His offence is supposedly for not making this declaration. He not only did declare his involvement in the company, he also declared that the company would be a beneficiary to the land. And he did obtain approval from the Ministry.

But why is this issue now being raised? And why are they distorting the issue and quoting a figure of RM27 million, which has now been proven to be a figment of someone’s imagination? Is it a mere coincidence that the timing coincides with the move to clean up the Chinese organised crime syndicate?

There is certainly more to this story but we shall stop here for now and allow you to digest what we have laid out thus far. If you think the above is dynamite, wait until you read part 2 of this story. And if the above and the disappearance and murder of so many children plus the recent shooting in Batu Burok are not enough to erode your confidence in the Malaysian Police Force, then for sure part 2 of this report will convince you once and for all that a major reformation in the police force is not only grossly required but long overdue.

It is not enough we point to the IGP as the cause of this rut and rot. We need to also point to the Deputy Ministers of Internal Security and Home Affairs plus their Minister who is none other than the Prime Minister of Malaysia. All this would not happen and would not be possible unless there is something seriously wrong right at the top. So it is not enough we clean up the police force. We also need to clean out those who walk in the corridors of power who are the managers of the police force and trustees of the people. The trustees have misplaced our trust and they need to pay for this crime. We put them there to safeguard the peoples’ interest. They have violated that trust we placed in them and the lunatics are now running the asylum.

Anonymous said...

2 of the saddest news.

1. Nurin
2. 1/3 of Langkawi Aquarium fishes (600 fishes) dead and poisoned by a Malaysian.

How can there be murderers like that???!!!

1/3 of fishes of the 4000 number - can you imagine? And these are the main display of Langkawi Aquarium. I am so sad. I went to that Aquarium and the fishes swam there for 12 years. The Shark was 12 years old killed by a Malaysian.

We are losing our values.

1. When we get angry, we threaten others and frame one another of wrong doings. The news we read of corruptions are those framed for revealing discrepancies in the govt.

2. When we get threatened, we use C4 bombs from the government storage.

3. When we get angry, we poison fishes that have been brought all over the world.

What has become of us?

Money is our god.
Politics is our god.
We are power crazy.
We think that the short cut way is the way for Malaysians.
We think that we can get what we want, however we want it.

To solve problems, we murder.
To get what we want, we steal even if the baby is a sweetheart of another.
We resort to bribing and covering up.

But Allah S.W.T. knows and sees our heart. Hakim Yang Adil menghakimi semua.

Every action has a consequence.
What we sow, we will reap.
But, it will also cause others pain and misery.

Why? Why do it?

Just live an upright life and be patient.

Rezeki setimpal dengan usaha. Allah S.W.T. akan memberkati segala ketakwaan dan kesabaran kita. Lebih baik menanti nikmat Allah S.W.T. dari merebut dengan gelojoh tanpa memikirkan akibatnya atau hukuman yang menanti.

Marilah kita memilih makanan rohani dari makanan ego.

Kita boleh menggunakan segala peluang untuk menjadi hamba Allah S.W.T. Bersyukurlah nikmat Allah S.W.T. dan menjauhilah dari ego yang tak tentu hala.

Berikut kisah Rasulullah ketika Isra’

Rasulullah S.A.W. mengalami pembedahn dada/perut dilakukan oleh Malaikat Jibril. Hati Baginda S.A.W. dicuci dengan air zamzam, dibuang ketul hitam (’alaqah) iaitu tempat syaitan membisikkan waswasnya. Kemudian dituangkan hikmat, ilmu, dan iman ke dalam dada Rasulullah S.A.W. Selepas pembedahan, didatangkan binatang Buraq untuk ditunggangi oleh Rasulullah dalam perjalanan luar biasa yang dinamakan Isra’

Tiba di masjid al-Aqsha, Rasulullah turun dari buraq. Kemudian masuk ke dalam masjid dan mengimamkan sembahyang dua rakaat dengan segala anbia dan mursalin menjadi ma’mun.

Rasulullah SAW terasa dahaga, lalu dibawa Jibil dua jenis minuman - khamr (bahasa Arab yang bermaksud sesuatu yang memabukkan) dan susu. Lantas, Rasulullah memilih susu.

Jibril berkata,
"Benar, engkau telah memilih air susu adalah lambang kesucian dan seandainya engkau mengambil minuman keras nescaya akan tersesatlah engkau dan umat engkau."

Jika mengikut nafsu dan kebiasaan minuman jahiliah yang menonjolkan sifat kelelakian, mesti dipilih minuman keras. Tetapi, dipilih susu walaupun tidak mencerminkan tindakan agresif dan kelelakian. Memang tidak masuk akal, tapi ini juga pilihan yang akan diberkati Allah S.W.T.

Semoga kita memilih yang betul. Yang sudah memikirkan untuk memberi jawapan kesat atau jalan pintas, biarlah dipenuhi fikiran yang sempurna. Yang sudah mempunyai niat membabi buta, biarlah mengurung diri dan bersembahyang. Sembahyanglah sebelum disembahyangkan - sekarang lepas baca posting pun tidak terlambat. Masa akan menentukan apa yang bakal dianugerahkan kepada mereka yang sabar melaksanakan yang betul.

haszyrra said...

Takziah to Nurin's family.

To the police -1) FINGERPRINT ON THE BAG could have some clue ( besides the DNA test )


Hope these points would help to solve & find the insane murderer.