Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ambrose Sabastian speaks his mind once again

He has spoken out once through his open letter to the Prime Minister and now he has issued another open letter, this time to the Inspector General of Police.

On his request, I am posting the open letter of his in full for your reading pleasure.

By posting the open letter, the moderator disclaims any responsibility for the comments or statements he made as the views expressed are solely his.

Jasni AJ


(Om Jey Sakthi)

Ambrose Sabastian
( address deleted)
11950 Penang.

February 3, 2008.

Attention: Inspector-General of Police
C/o The Chief Police Officer, Penang.

Dear sir,

Re: Missing child Sharlinie.

Regarding the above subject, even fifty bomohs assistant were sought but still can’t find her What a pity? Even you Police guys are baffling to find her. Why not I help you to find her in few days? But my assistant comes with condition.

Before I was beginning to search the missing child, my last unlawful detention in Pulau Jerjak case must be investigated. Because I am innocent and the real criminal was outside after bribing the police. I was switched to the known criminal for the crimes he committed. If I work together with investigation officer within three days the investigation can be completed because I am the only one knows the truth. Recently I came to know two police special branch guys and I believe I can work with them. I am forwarding this letter through them.

Once the Police find out the truth should compensate for last twenty-five years of my suffering and public apology in press and media. All my black record should be deleted from police data. For my carrier I need two permits to continue my life peacefully. The corrupted policemen and the criminal should be charged in court.

Then I go for search the missing child Sharlinie case. I need two policemen to work with me. If she is nearby I can lead the police direct to the place. If she is far, I can’t travel. So I will direct the police to Sharlinie place with computer internet video / voice chat. The method I can inform in details to the police officer working with me.

Once the missing Child found and I need two more condition to be fulfilled. I need police permit to hold large gathering in Merdeka Square in KL. The gathering is for asking MIC Samy Velu to step down. As a gathering organizer, I can do more discipline manner without any trouble.

I need two lawyers have to be released unconditionally from ISA detention. I will give you the two names later. All the above condition accepted then I would help two other high profile murder cases – Nurin and Presheena.

Finally! I do no want any single / tiny publicity for solving the above-mentioned cases. Police and the policemen working with me alone should take all the publicity credit for solving the cases and not any politician or elected government but I am interested only in money. That’s all.

Looking forward your cooperation.

Thank you.


Ambrose Sabastian


Izleen said...

En. Jasni,

How would you like me to hand over the Child Abuse & Neglect publications to you?


Munira Mustaffa said...

What an unimaginable, deluded a-hole. Well if he thinks he's so great, he's also welcomed to the Madeleine McCaan and Shannon Matthews cases.

That was sarcasm, in case he's too thick to get that.

*snorts with laughter*

Get a real job, brother!

Shimi Lara said...

Ambrose, so good to know your sojourn in wherever has helped clean up your prose. You are becoming a regular poet now, requests instead of demands. My, is so refreshing to know there are still people who are only interested in the money. And I thought you don't need cash out there in outer space with other space cadets? Let's make a deal. You find Sharlinie and I'll introduce you to that famous space cadet, Chad Vader? Deal?

Munira Mustaffa said...

Ambrose Sebastian is like our "official" resident Terminator" - he keeps coming back even when nobody wants him. I wonder if he's planning to blast whatever he's hunting down with a Franchi SPAS-12, Terminator-style as well?

Here's a useful advice: Stay away from the machine press! And don't let the door hit your a*se on your way out.

unicorn said...

i am amazed with this guy...i think i've started to fall in love with him...;]

Zulkifli said...

make an agreement ...offer and Acceptance...baru betul tak akan dia punya offer jer nak layan...

e.g .."kalau tak jumpa dalam masa yang tertentu...kepala kau kena sekeh" ker apa ker....

tehsin mukhtar said...

Open letter to PM:

I, Tehsin Begum, will:

1. end world hunger and suffering
2. end the Iraq/Afghan wars
3. end the Darfur crisis
4. rehabilitate the drunk on power Umnocrats ( guarantee no relapse like Britney or Lindsay Lohan)
5. rehabilitate the Bahasa and morals of the MCA and MIC
6. get Samy a better wig
7. end corruption
8. turn back time and bring Nurin back ie Presheena etc
9. send KJ to the moon
10. reverse the Big Bang

For all this,

all I humbly for my be put on the grant to an Aston Martin DB9...

That's all I ask. Less than Ambrose....

MaryKate said...

tehsin...such a short list only, am sure you can do better than that,kakakakakakaka

tehsin mukhtar said...

Never mind la Mary Kate..I'm very humble la...hahahaha..tak boleh la action lebih2....nanti Ambrose jeles....

unicorn said...
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unicorn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
unicorn said...

Has anybody read about foiled abduction on weekend mail march 1-2 ,2008(pg6)??

10 yr old boy was walking home from school abt 2.30pm when three people in a WHITE van tried to abduct him in Taman Melati,WNgsa Maju on feb 21.

Tolonglah pak polisi,dulu masa bulan raya 2007( selepas mayat nurin dijumpai) ada budak lelaki 11tahun diekori dan cuba dipujuk masuk van putih oleh dua org (wangsa maju)tetapi tak menjadi sebab budak itu lari dan mak budak tu menjerit kuat TAPI polis yg bagi press statement kata kes itu TAK ADA kena mengena dengan nurin..???betulkah begitu? cepat sggh bagi kesimpulan hanya sehari dua selepas kejadian.Adakah penyiasatan rapi dijalankan?

berbulan telah berlalu sudah berapa banyak kes yg melibatkan van cuba menculik kanak2 perempuan & lelaki tetapi alih2 keluar paper 'saksi diminta hubungi polis untuk sebarang maklumat' Tak cukup lagi kah saksi yg ada? ada memang tak ada kecekapan yang memberangsangkan diantara anggota2(polis) yg menyiasat?

Cara penjenayah2 ini mmg kena pd phrase ' catch me if u can' .Tepat sekali ditujukan pd pihak berkuasa!

sepatutnya pihak polis merasa tercabar selain merasa bertanggungjawab .kalau tak ada saksi atau maklumat yg dtg maka mereka harus keluar dan mencarinya!.

Tiap2 kali keluar tv atau paper statement spt
' setakat ini tiada maklumat yg kami dpt, tetapi kita masih menyiasat..' phrase tu dah jadi wajib kalau ditanya reporter.

sekarng ni kes2 penculikkan dan penganiayaan serta pembunuhan kanak2 rasanya semua akan di KIV. nurin -KIV,Presheena-KIV dan adakah ninie juga KIV ?

crime does not pay but for criminals they dont care as long as they got their satisfaction.

Kes2 begini kena selalu di bangkitkan dr masa ke semasa kerana kalau tidak di tanya maka jawabnya almarhum lah kerana manusia mudah lupa termasuklah pak2polisi dan pak2 menteri.

tehsin mukhtar said...

eh, BN punya mesej kempen seems to be that "vote for us, we wil ensure security"...byk betui rakyat yang speaking on their (paid for by our money) ads on TV and radio that they FEEL SAFE under polis around every corner..also BN going to spend * billion on beefing up polis force (eh,beefing up BN barua pockets)...wah, 8 billion...I must join Umno or any other BN party if I want my Aston...

I think the people who claim they feel safe in this country are part of the PENGUNDI HANTU...