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THE sale of the book on Sharlinie Mohd Nashar, Di Mana Sharlinie? has incensed the missing five-year-old girl’s father.

Mohd Nashar Mat Hussain, who learnt about the book after reading The Malay Mail yesterday, was particularly angry with one of the book’s chapters suggesting that Sharlinie would suffer the same fate as Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

Nurin, a Year Two pupil of Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Desa Setapak, was reported missing on Aug 20, and her ravaged body was found in a sports bag near a fl ight of stairs at a three-storey building in Petaling Jaya Utama on Sept 17.

“How could the publisher be so insensitive? What is his motive?” asked Mohd Nashar, at his house in Taman Medan yesterday.

He said he saw no other motive behind the book other than the publisher wanting to make a quick buck from the family’s misery.

“We believe our daughter is still alive and that she will come back to us one day. How could the publisher suggest that Sharlinie will suffer the same fate as Nurin?” he said.

Mohd Nashar was referring to the chapter, Adakah Jalan Mati? (Is it a dead end?), with a picture of a dead end road sign with a red palm-print on it next to Sharlinie’s poster and a picture of Jazimin Abdul Jalil during Nurin Jazlin’s burial.

He said no one had approached him for permission to publish any book on his daughter and added that whoever was behind the book should stop distributing it.

He said the only request he received was from individuals and companies to use his daughter’s picture for some campaigns.

“The publisher should empathise with us instead of taking advantage of us,” he said, adding that the book has further aggravated their pain.

“We miss her so much as it is and the book is not helping us either,” he said.

Mohd Nashar said he was shocked when told by his brother-in-law yesterday about The Malay Mail’s front-page report.

He said he would discuss with his family on whether they would take legal action against the publisher.

The 40-page book, written in Bahasa Malaysia, is a compilation of news reports on Sharlinie’s disappearance and is being sold at RM2.50 a copy.

The Malay Mail’s attempt to fi nd the publisher, listed as Penerbitan Karang Media, proved futile as no address or contact numbers were listed, and the only information available was a PO Box number and the name of the printing company on the back cover.

Sharlinie, who turned fi ve on Jan 30, was abducted in Taman Medan on Jan 9, while on her way home together with her sister.

A search was mounted and Interpol was notifi ed.

Two men were arrested by police but were later released due to lack of evidence.

It was reported that three days before Sharlinie’s abduction, a six-year-old girl was abducted by a man wearing a black helmet and riding a black motorcycle.

She was, however, found unharmed in Wangsa Maju two hours later.

The description of her abductor was reported to be similar to that of the Kampung Baru molester, dubbed the ‘Catman’.

- The Malay Mail


lucid frog said...

More proof of how insane people can be! How could they! Trying to make a profit at a time like this! Allah help us...

Izleen said...

En. Jasni,

I have a bunch of books titled "Child Abuse & Neglect, The International Journal", published by the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, with Editor-In-Chief and Founding Editor from the University of Colorado.

I would really love to give these publications to you, would you like to have them? I believe they are of good use for the Nurin Alert.


Jasni AJ said...

Dear Izleen,

Any materials you deemed beneficial for the movement would be much appreciated.

Kecil tapak tangan, nyiru kami tadahkan.

Jasni AJ

tehsin mukhtar said...

jasni, sharlinie's dad,

selagi tiada legal action/suits on behalf of victim's families, selagi tu these people will continue to profit..nothing stopping them..police wont stop them maybe a civil suit will..and maybe one against the cops too for failing to protect the deceased privacy by allowing their people to publish Nurin on the autopsy table.

With all due respect, please do at least stop more victims'/families rights from being abused and tak terbela. There has to be a precedent to scare these buggers from repeating their folly.

Izleen said...

You are most welcome, En. Jasni.

How and when can we meet so I could hand over to you the mags?


unicorn said...

salam.... skarang dah jarang2 komen dr visitors...
mungkin sibuk berkempen agaknyer.

now what? pembunuh kejam nurin blm dibawak ke pengadilan dan ninie blm ditemui w/p sudah 50 hari. apa kah ninie masih spt dulu,atau pernah berselisih dgn ibubapa dan kakak2 nya tapi tidak dikenali..?atau ninie sendiri sudah terlalu lemah ingatannya dan tidak mengetahui diri sendiri lagi..?


kat m'sia ni, geng mamak,geng berong ntah apa2 geng lagi tumpas kat pihak berkuasa termasuk geng vcd,dvd tapi geng culik kanak-kanak sejak dulu takde terjentik pun..apakah keprihatinan pihak berkuasa kurang dlm hal kebajikkan dan keselamatan kanak2 kita?

dulu gempar budak lelaki ting seung seng 7 thun diculik smpai sekarang tak tahu hidup mati.sudah berbelas thn jika seoung seng dah jadi peminta sedekah kat pasar mlm dgn kaki cacat,tgn cacat ,o/rmai malah ibubapa sendiri tidak akan menghiraukannya krn segala2nya berubah. Care to do DNA? keje siapa tu?

Tidak pernah nampak dek o/ramai kumpulan sindiket yg menggunakan van menghantar peminta2 sedekah ke pasar2 mlm di siasat/serbu/intip oleh yg bertanggungjawab. Mungkin sindiket beginilah ada jawapan kpd penculikkan & pembunuhan nurin,kehilangan ninie dll yg tidak dihebohkan media.

seriously, pernahkah diintip sindiket itu sehingga ke sarang mrk?