Tuesday, August 28, 2007

'I'm Willing To Sacrifice Everything' - Nurin Jazlin's Mother

August 27, 2007 23:31 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 27 (Bernama) -- A week after the disappearance of her eight-year-old daughter Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, Norazian Bistaman today broke her silence and poured her heart out.

"I'm willing to sacrifice everything to get my child back," said the 35-year-old mother whose eyes looked swollen due to crying when Bernama met her at her house in Wangsa Maju here today.

"A mother would surely have her heart crushed when her beloved child is not by her side. I cry the moment I think of what has happened. If only I accompanied Nurin to the night market, surely she would not have gone missing," she said.

Nurin Jazlin, a Standard Two student of Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Desa Setapak, went missing after going alone to a night market about 100 metres from her house to buy her favourite snack - burger.

Norazian said that everytime the phone rang, her heart would jump, hoping that it would bring good news that Nurin Jaslin had been found safe.

"Almost all traders at the night market know Nurin, that's why I'm perplexed as to how she could have gone missing. Not that we have enemies," she said.

She also said that since her eldest, Nurin Jasira, nine, knew of Nurin Jazlin's disappearance, she was down with high fever.

Probably because they were very close and had never separated for a long period, she said.

Nurin Jazlin has two younger sisters -- Nurin Jazlina, six, and Nurin Jazlisa, one.



Jai said...

Assalamualaikum..saya sahabat kpd bapa Nurul Jazlin..Kami semua bersimpati dgn apa yg berlaku..tapi kita mesti membantu saudara Amin..mungkin mengedar poster adalah jalan terbaik..edar sebanyak mungkin..mari sama2 bantu membantu.


Anonymous said...

Dear Little Nurin,

I read the Star breakin news..I kept crying since i read about Little girl's murder in tuesday newspapers.. I kept crying since then..i went from Ampang to the spot her body was found. it took me half day to find it as i don't know wher PJ utama was.. i went there to be near her..pray for her i'm so sad.. i'm so so sad...how can a human(s) did to her such things..even an aminal would not do that to their young..
now that it was you...dear child, my prayers are for you....

Little Angel, may you rest in Heaven.. those who did this to you will rot in hell....


Sahul said...

All praises be to God, Lord and Sustainer of the World. May God the Almighty see that justice is done. Everyday, I cry to read this piece of news, its very unbearable.

Anonymous said...

The person who did this, is definitely worse than an animal. How can someone even do that to a child?

gun_damn said...

my deepest condolences to nurin jaslin's family..no one should be in this situation..i just hope that our malaysian crime investigation department would find out the heartless murderer and sentence him the most cruel n maximum penalty n not just live imprisonment or death sentence..
let us all unite and pray for the soul of nurin jaslin..
rest in peace on god's arms..