Thursday, November 22, 2007

First Tell, now Mastika

I went out to the nearest newstand during lunch time just now, just to see whether the latest issue of Tell was on sale there. Not finding it there, I found this other magazine, Mastika instead.

The December issue of Mastika has three interesting articles on the Nurin tragedy.

First there is this article "Ini Bukan kali Pertama!" written by Shamran Sarahan tracking the almost similar modus operandi incidents that took place in Kampung Baru.

Next, there's "Saya Kesal tak dapat selamatkan Nurin" depicting Dr. Sazali Ahmad's experience in finding the then missing Nurin using his mind theraphy method.

And lastly, "Saya tidak boleh lelapkan mata", a personal entry by Jazimin himself.

All three articles are indeed interesting readings, the one written by Jazimen is rather sentimental and though short it is capable of bringing tears to the eyes.

"Ini Bukan kali Pertama" is at long last reveals the Kampung Baru incidents that serve us as a reminder that Nurin's is not an isolated and strange case as it has happened before, not once but at least twice - of that which were reported to the Police. The perpertrator(s) must be caught fast before another report be filed in.

As for Dr. Sazali's article, yes, he did try his best. Thank you Dr. Sazali.

Back to where to get the latest issue of Tell, well I guess you would have to visit the more established book stores in the country as the roadside newstands do not seem be carrying the magazine on their shelves.

Jasni AJ


Shimi Lara said...

Jasni, Tembam here. That is good to know. Not that I read Mastika much but my mum does. Anyway, read what Meesh says here ”We’ve been getting really good publicity for this issue, because of the serious issues covered in efforts to “Save the Next Child: NURIN ALERT.” If you are interested in purchasing a copy or more, please do visit all major bookstores this weekend, they should be stocking it by then.

Alternatively, if you cannot find it, contact:TELL MEDIA SDN BHD, 1, Jalan SS 7/10, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan TEL: 03-7873 7313 FAX: 03-7873 8545 or email:

Trey7707 said...

kes terbaru kehilangan kanak2 perempuan? Pagi ni terima emel kanak perempuan 10 tahun dari bangi hilang. Beserta dgn gambar tetapi tidak dipastikan kebenaran kerana tiada tarikh dan tiada hebahan media. Ada sesiapa dapat emel tsb?

Jasni AJ said...

Trey et all,

I have doubts on the authenticity of this latest of a missing child as I had actually received the same e-mail from someone about more than 2 weeks ago.

Upon receipt of the e-mail, I had immediately called up the Bangi Police Station for verification.

The Police Officer on duty confirmed that there was no such missing girl in their records.

I then replied to the person who sent me the e-mail asking for confirmation on the details furnished. Until today, there is no answer.

Due to this, I did not post the e-mail in the blog as I think that this is a work of some prankster.

True enough, the same e-mail resurfaces more than two weeks later, giving all the telephone numbers of the Police Station and supposedly neighbours but not the parents'.

Sounds fishy right?

Jasni AJ

Trey7707 said...

perkara macam ni pun ada orang nak buat main. banyak perkara lain yang berfaedah boleh buat. orang macam ni yang sepatutnya kena charge. Nurin Alert sepatutnya pertimbangkan perkara tersebut supaya tiada laporan palsu diterima nanti.

Lang said...

Aku dah letih
Kes Nurin masih bertatih

Aku dah frust
Kes autopsy masih belum beres

Aku makin sedih
Si hanjing kat laur tu masih tersengih2

Aku naik geram
Kes ni macam nak kena peram

Aku naik fed up
Pihak keselamatan tak boleh harap

Aku naik takut
Kehidupan sekarang makin mengarut


Aku masih doakan
Semoga kes Nurin dapat diselesaikan

Buat adik Nurin

kenanga said...

Betul ke polis masih menyiasat kes ini?

I will get TELL but I will get Mastika first because easy to get it.

rone said...

Touching bila baca artikel 2 Tahun di bilik mayat-Ustazah Zauyah @ artikel Dr Sazali Ahmad...terasa dada berdebar-debar n sebak

Al-Fatihah untuk mereka

Mdm. Hani said...

err..what happen now with Nurin's case? Can't wait to hear any update from the Police.

LiaCatrina said...

aku sependapat dengan lang...aku memang letih..cuma masih terus mengharap dan terus berdoa...

syed_aiman15 said...

I went to MPH One Utama... n there is no TELL magazine...

do anyone know when is the official date launch ??? or something ??

left_wings said...

Kalau kita baca mastika, ada kes serupa dgn arwah Nurin, modus operandi pun nak dekat2 sama...tapi sadis nya kena dgn batang kayu lagi...sampai sekarang polis tak dapat selesaikan kes tu..persoalannya adakah kes adik nurin ini dapat di selesaikan cepat???

syed_aiman15 said...

Sorry, i have finally got it. The magazine TELL. It is a good magazine and very informative. Thanx a lot to TELL n MASTIKA. I have no comment about the book, you all have to read it to know about it.

fatin hannani zulkafli said...

sampai bila pembunuh tu nak bebas di luar sana??
betoi ker pihak polis tu masih menyiasat???
sampai la ni pun x jumpa pembunuh2..
sampai hari ini kes nurin senyap camtu je.....harap2 pihak yang tertentu dapat jumpa lah pembunuh nurin tu yer..