Friday, November 23, 2007

March On Nurin Alert! March ON!

Earlier this week we had our Citizens for Nurin Alert ("CFNA") Committee Meeting. As just like other Committee Meetings, ours had several agendas tabled and deliberated as well.

While I don't plan to disclose the whole minutes of the proceedings to the public at this juncture, I would think furnishing the gist of the meeting would be informative especially to all those who have registered as CFNA friends.

First, the composition of the Committee. After working for slightly more than a month "designationless", the Committee Members have now been given suitably designations each. We now have a Chair, a Deputy Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer and various exco members. Soon, the Committee would also be expanded to include representatives from the Chinese and Indian communities as well as for the Sabah/Sarawak/Labuan region.

The Committee's full list would be disclosed upon it being finalised by the Committee in their next sitting.

We have also decided to encourage communication from among CFNA members and with the Committee via a forum like network. Due to logistical constraints, the idea to hold a "general meeting" to host all CFNA members has been shelved.

The will be brought to life soon. Its basic contents have been agreed upon and it is now just a matter of time for the "construction" of the website to be completed.

Reviews of the achivements made so far were also made, most of them are already in public knowledge, i.e. the submission of the draft paper on Nurin Alert, the coverage it got from the mass media, including TV, talk sessions etc.

Coming up next will be meetings after meetings with the various parties to push for the adoption of Nurin Alert, including meetings planned with an organisation who has stated its interest to help set up a pilot Nurin Alert Centre. More publicity campaigns are in store as well.

Publicity after publicity, CFNA now has no alternative other than continually working towards the adoption of Nurin Alert mechanism without further ado.

March on Nurin Alert! March On!

Jasni AJ


wan said...

That's good new. Im with you all the way.

unicorn said...

jasni aj,

bila agaknya website rasmi nurin alert akan di siapkan?

sy dah tgk website amber alert.mungkin boleh ambil sedikit guideline.kalau dah rasmi nanti senang je ,click kat 'sign in' ke..

mungkin ramai yg dah jadi nurin alert member tapi tak tahu macam i ni mmg dinosour IT tapi bila belajar,skrg dah ok banget.

Jasni AJ said...

Sdr. Unicorn,

Laman Web Nurin Alert akan "go live" sedikit masa lagi. Asas kandungan sudahpun dipersetujui dan akan disahkan dalam mesyuarat Exco yang akan datang.

Selain dari laman web rasmi, semua ahli-ahli CFNA akan dihubungi untuk menyertai laman forum yang akan dikaitkan dengan laman web bagi membolehkan komunikasi dua hala sesama ahli serta exco.

Terima kasih.

Jasni AJ