Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hmmm, here I go again!

It has been a while since I last wrote or posted an original posting in this blog. Thanks to the news media, there have been stories after stories that I can always cut and paste as entries to the blog almost on a daily basis (except today of course!).

By having those articles pasted over, it has allowed fellow bloggers to give their piece of mind as well as their respective insights on the posted articles. Through the comments posted, we can see that the Nurin tragedy had not only affected the grieving family but everyone else as well and now everyone are determined to ensure and pursue for a safer environment, not only for the kids but for adults alike. Events after events, perhaps it would more politically correct to say, tragedies after tragedies, have proven that our surrounding has changed from what we used to have - safe and predictable, easy going surrounding to a surrounding that is extremely dangerous with monsters roaming and lurking everywhere and all over - waiting for opportunities to strike!

It was for this reason, I got attracted to go along with fellow bloggers to initiate the floating of the Nurin Alert idea - to create a safer environment via an effective search & rescue mechanism that acts as a deterrent to any eventualities of the like.

The Nurin Alert initiative went of with a bang. With a handful of novices (at least me), we met and agreed to work on this idea and have since then secured quite a number of mini achivements.

We invited bloggers to join in our Nurin Alert community, more than a hundred signed up. We prepared and submitted a draft concept paper on Nurin Alert to Shahrizat's Ministry, we were given assurance that the scheme would be incorporated into the proposed the Child Protection Plan. We appeared on a live TV show, with a few more air time in the pipeline. We got coverage in the local dailies, though not as much as we hoped for. We got invited to talk about Nurin Alert at talks, happening and starting next week, insyaAllah. We would be featured in a magazine, coming out very soon I was told. We got calls from various parties who wanted to help, from helping on creating contents for Nurin Alert's website, to information on how to incorporate telco facilities with Nurin Alert, and just recently to help in the formation of a Nurin Alert Centre.

Yes, all these developments are indeed overwhelming, and we are indeed very grateful and indebted.

The Committee for Nurin Alert, consisting of novices and part-timers, has to take things step by step. We need to have a very clear agenda and a path-line on where we are heading. Are we just to prepare a paper and wait for the authorities to execute it, or are we going to act as the pressure group to ensure the authorities execute the plan, or are we going to actually implement Nurin Alert on our own? And all these need proper planning and determination - and this is what we are doing. So eventhough Nurin Alert is still yet to be born, the Committee is very much alive, actively so.

There have been various public perceptions on the initiative. Some thought that Nurin Alert is already alive and kicking. Some thought we have already "cool down" (or "sejuk atas kertas"). Some thought we are too very slow. And of course, there are some who thought that we are doing a marvelous job.

Especially for all those who have signed up to be part of Citizen for Nurin Alert, please have a little bit of patience, we will indeed be furnishing you with the plan to move forward very soon now (I hope!).

With that note, I bid good night! See you tomorrow.

Jasni AJ


shireen said...

Let me share with you what I hoped to have been published. Let me commend you(and all who are involved) for your effort. May Allah bestow on you His mercies and grant you His blessings.

To The Editorials – I thank you for reading and publishing this.

Ref. The heinous crime ever
A Mother’s Prayer
Inna lillahi wa-inna ilayhi raji’oon – “To God we belong and to Him is our return”

To the Child
I am so sorry you were punished and brutally killed. You did not deserved to be treated the way you did. I am so sorry you did not get to live and grow to be the beautiful child you are. I am sorry you were not loved the last days of your life. I am so sorry you were not showered with love and care you so deserved. I am so sorry you did not get the chance to grow to find your dreams. Most importantly, I am so sorry we, the society, were not there and did not protect you, you so deserved and rightfully yours!
I can only now offer my Al-Fatihah to you my dear.

To the Person/s who committed the crime
You do not know how hard it is for me to hold my tongue to say how much I hate you! But it is not for me to say that to you. It is not for me to judge you. It is not for me to label you with all the rightful names you so deserved to identify you for your actions! It is not for me to punish you.
My prayer is that you are able to read and read this message. Your punishment for the pain you inflicted on this child it is already done on you! Today, you are walking now knowing what you did. Today, you are walking now knowing all eyes and face looking at you. Today, you are walking now knowing that you are hunted. Today, you are walking now knowing that you will not ever live, eat , sleep peacefully. Today, you are walking now knowing that your ULTIMATE punishment is awaiting for you!

To the Child
Rest in peace now – you know you are much loved now at a place you are showered by His Peace, Blessings and Mercy and you are most envious by all. May the One who Created us continue to shower His Peace, Blessings and Mercy upon you, and may the Most merciful grant us awareness of and gratitude for these favors.


Tehsin Mukhtar said...

Thanks Jasni, for the are right. For this to be a success, it needs proper planning and execution..very well said.

Zulkifli said...

Lama tak dengar berita dari Jasni,

harap harap Nurin Alert akan mecapai matlamatnya mewujudkan persekitaran yang selamat untuk anak anak kita...syabas Bro

detective conan said...

assalamualikum/salam sejahtera na nak joun nurun alert.tq

Zulkifli said...

waalaikumsalam, Detective conan, try

bro jasni ..nama saya dah masuk kan dalam nurinalert punya geng kan?

MaryKate said...

Dear Jasni,think you and others have done a great job on NURIN ALERT. I am still sad over Nurin's death, but what started as an interest into a safer environment, spurred me towards many other things that I firmly believe is so important. Unfortunately, it had to be Nurin, but I like to think that she's the angel who will save hundreds others via NurinAlert. There are so many other things that we can do in connectin to Nurin Alert and despite the evilness that lurks among us, there are also so many goodness in the people, people who come forward to help, and I am ever willing.

Justice to Nurin
I support NURIN ALERT !!

joesniper said...

al faatihah wa du'a ila arwahi bintuuna Nurin ...

masyaallah, terima kasih atas berita yang terkini ini JAJ ...

insyaallah, harap selepas ini ada berita yang lebih baik lagi ...

biiznillah, aku doa semoga makhluk perosak tu akan masuk perangkap ciptaanya sendiri...

naser said...

semoga pembunuh nurin dapat segera diberkas.setiap kejahatan pasti akan mendapat pembalasan

Trey7707 said...

support nurin alert.

Zulkifli said...

ramai ramai support Nurin alert...bila ramai support suara kita ...tulisan kita akan di dengari...di parliment, antarabangsa dan seantero dunia..

jadikan Malaysia negara yang AMAN

Trey7707 said...

lagi ramai akan sokong bila pelancaran rasmi dibuat. Public perlu diberi penerangan ttg bagaimana nurin alert berfungsi. Kerjasama dgn telco, tv, radio etc adalah perkara paling penting. E.g telco hantar sms/mms kepada semua pelanggan utk alert ttg missing children beserta dgn description

kenanga said...

Letih menanti....harap-harap ada sinar dihujung jalan.......

Zulkifli said...

Detective Conan, ko dah join kerr?

ajaklah orang kampung sekali...Unikong? mu kawang rasa awa sekali joing kot?

izsahani said...

aku dah register nurin alert. sekarang dok tunggu notice general meeting...bila ye, En. Jasni?

Missher said...

Still waiting for the much awaited news like everyone else... but not as much as the sad longing I feel whenever I think of Nurin. She is gone now, I pray for her everyday, and I pray that I get to see her "again".

To Nurin's parents, I pray that I can witness the beautiful day when you will be united with your Nurin.

Lots of love from me and wassalam.

To all Malaysians, never forget Nurin whenever you come across any helpless child in the street.