Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Promoting Nurin Alert

Not that as if I'm doing a marketing job for it or that as if I'm beneficiary to any commission over its sales, but the latest issue of Tell Magazine is simply a must have "booklet" for anyone interested to learn more about what Nurin Alert is all about.

Dedicating 24 pages (or 17.7%) out of the total content of the magazine (after minusing all the advertisement pages) to Nurin Alert and its related stories, the latest issue of Tell Magazine is practically and as if the mouthpiece of the initiators of Nurin Alert in disseminating the whole idea of Nurin Alert to the masses.

Starting from the cover page with a collage of Nurin made of pictures of missing children around the world, which is to me very creative indeed, Nurin Jazlin and Nurin Alert are the main theme of the magazine right from the editorial page.

An article by Nuraina follows next giving glimpses of how Amber Alert is being implemented in the States, what Nurin parents' had to go through in finding their then missing child, other previous similar incidents, the formation of "Citizens for Nurin Alert", the roundtable discussion with Datuk Seri Shahrizat, the proposed Nurin Alert initiative, similar Alert mechanisms elsewhere and comments of Raja Zarith Sofia.

Next we have a page focusing on the unending tragedies after Nurin i.e. Preesheena's and Kha Man's.

And article on the life of the family after Nurin, complete with a family portrait is also there.

And almost as a centrepage, there is this "verbatim minutes" of the roundtable discussion with the Minister - letting everyone know what had transpired.

Other articles that also touches on Nurin Jazlin and Nurin Alert subject matters are Waht's Up by Wahti and Rocky's Bru by Rocky of course.

Try getting hold of a copy today, I'm pretty sure you won't be regretting it.

By the way, there are lots of other interesting articles and nice pictures too in the magazine, get one and find out more.

Before signing off - I have to repeat that the suggestion for you to get a copy of the magazine is not about marketing or promoting the magazine - it's all about informing you that there is this magazine which has done Nurin Alert a big favour by promoting it thus helping the CFNA (Citizens for Nurin Alert)grouping in their effort of pushing the idea on Nurin Alert through untirelessly.

Thank you Tell.

Thank you All.

Good Night & Assalamulaikum.

Jasni AJ


Shimi Lara said...

Jasni, you can download the front cover from Rocky's and my blog. Let's market this as the Nurin Alert bumper issue.


berangin said...

Well done Mr Jasni. it's glad to know that some things about Nurin are still moving on..

TaxConsultant said...

where can we get it?

joesniper said...

dokek mano nak dapek an bondo ni ??

Zaharah Jane said...

Where can I get it, im from Singapore, perhaps in the Johor area?

Unknown said...

Tak nampak pun jual di kedai buku tempat kerja.

Shimi Lara said...

Hi semua. Tembam here.

Majalah TELL issue NURIN Alert ada jual kat kedia buku besar macam MPH, Kinokuniya, Times, dan the bigger bookshops and magazine vendors. Masalahnya kedai mamak tu lambat sampai. Mungkin target market tak sampai kat kedai tu.

Kalau yang kat Singapore tu, I rasa you can write to TELL magazine office:

1, Jalan SS7/22
Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya
Fax: 603 78730172

rone said...

Liputan kepada Nurin Alert semakin meluas

Abdul Halim Mohd Rashid
Thu | Nov 22, 07 | 2:47:45 am MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Nov (Hrkh) - Usaha menyedarkan masyarakat tentang Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network (Nurin) Alert semakin meluas apabila sebuah majalah yang dijangka mendapat sambutan hangat, Tell, menyiarkan beberapa pendedahan mengenai inisiatif terpuji itu.

Sila layari www.englishsection.com untuk Laman Utama English Section atau www.harakahdaily.net/wap/ untuk melayari HarakahDaily.Net menggunakan telefon bimbit GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) anda.

Nurin Alert ialah inisiatif yang digerakkan oleh beberapa insan prihatin sejak tragedi menyedihkan menimpa Allahyarham Nurin Jazlin Jazimin yang telah diculik, dikatakan diperkosa dan dibunuh dengan kejam.

Sehingga ke hari ini, penjenayah ganas yang bertanggungjawab ke atas kekejaman itu masih belum dapat diberkas walaupun pihak polis berusaha mendapatkan kerjasama Biro Penyiasatan Persekutuan Amerika Syarikat (FBI).

Orang yang pertama yang mencadangkan badan seperti Amber Alert (America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response) di Amerika itu ialah Pengarang Kumpulan Tell sendiri, Nuraina Abdul Samad. Bekas editor politik New Straits Times (NST) itu juga adalah salah seorang blogger yang berpengaruh di negara ini.

Nurin Alert ialah sistem hebahan awal untuk menyedarkan masyarakat bersama-sama membantu mencari kanak-kanak yang diculik melalui kerjasama pihak polis, media dan orang ramai.

Untuk memastikan kejayaannya, Nuraina malah menulis email kepada Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga Dan Masyarakat, Datuk Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil mengenai inisiatif itu.

Kemudian, bekas editor eksekutif The Malay Mail, Ahirudin Attan tampil dengan ideanya mengenai Amber Alert versi Malaysia, Nurin Alert. Ahirudin kini adalah kolumnis dan strategis media yang juga mengendalikan blognya sendiri, Rocky's Bru, yang pernah diiktiraf sebagai salah satu dari 50 blog yang paling popular di negara ini.

Oktober lalu, Nurin Alert mendapat liputan dalam rancangan Wanita Hari Ini terbitan TV3 di mana Nuraina bersama-sama bapa saudara Nurin, Jasni Abdul Jalil dan perunding keselamatan Kamal Effendi Hashim memberikan gambaran sebenar tentang Nurin Alert.

Klik untuk Sumbangan Dana Pembaca HarakahDaily.Net.

.. said...

Dear Jasni
This is great news and I cant wait to get a copy of TELL !!

The Pisces Man said...

I'm not aware there was a mag called Tell before, I presume it's available at all newstands. Anyway, will promote whatever possible about Nurin's Alert in my blog, Insha' Allah..

tehsin mukhtar said...

The murderer must be so gleefully happy and pleased with himself...being caught spot on by the CCTV and yet we can't identify him...solat hajat ramai2, make him come out weeping and crawling on his knees in public...selagi undang2 tak digubal/diubah to make these perps pay setimpal dengan their crimes, selagi tu they won't be afraid to repeat their crimes...not to mention the fact that no one is able to catch them in the first place...

meesh said...

Hey guys,

Michelle Gunaselan here, writer at TELL. Work with Wahti and Kak Ena, if you cant find a copy please do call us as tembam pointed out, or write to us. Or come to the office and buy it.

My email: michelle@tell.com.my

Phone: 03-7873-7313

Please do your best and arm yourself with knowledge on this issue, we have to save the next child.

RIP Nurin.

Thanks all.

unicorn said...
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unicorn said...

i thought i can go on with my life as normal again but after reading mastika latest edition i become broken hearted once more.

why? cant help myself once more to ask why they did such a heinous crime to an innocent child?

before this, i admit i never read dr sazali hypnosis report because i dont want to. even when my relatives talk abt nurin's autopsy pic, i went away fr the crowd.it's too much ,it's too much to endure.
i just cannot take it the way she was tortured and finally died.

the police should go a little deeper on the 4 suspects taken earlier.maybe the motocycle guy is one of them.

maybe the strand of hairs found with nurin not theirs but belong to other occupants of the house.

im frustated & broken hearted.

To mr jazimin & family, nanti pergi umrah,berdoalah sepenuh jiwa untuk penamat episod teramat sedih ini...
pn norazian, kuatkan lah semangat mu.

November 22, 2007 1:01 PM