Monday, December 10, 2007

The blame game that serves no purpose


By Abdul Malek Munip

Nurin Jazlin Jazimin (right) with sister Nurin Jazshira. Following Nurin Jazlin’s killing and that of other girls, it would be better to focus on solutions rather than pointing fingers for what went wrong.

LYING dormant within many tragic social phenomena are lessons necessary for their own reduction. Unfortunately, without the requisite wisdom and patience to glean the proper lessons, every tragedy has the potential to breed more tragedies. In this regard, the tragedy that befell eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin more than two months ago is no different.

In the aftermath of the incident, there was an outpouring of rage, anguish and guilt. This collective bereavement understandably requires an outlet and manifested itself in our tendency to focus on recriminations rather than solutions. Our anger and guilt, it seems, compelled us to search for someone to blame, regardless of whether it was fair, useful or otherwise. After all, the need to blame may also have been motivated to assuage our sense of inadequacy.

Thus began the blame game for what happened to Nurin and the targets were first the police and other relevant agencies, and later the parents. The former was blamed for not treating the incident with the requisite respect and the latter, for being negligent. Under the circumstances, the need for recrimination is a very natural reaction.

It is almost innate.

Unfortunately, though blaming others is understandable, it is not very useful. To thwart complex social problems, we must first try to understand it. In this regard, blaming, unless it is part of the solution, simply doesn’t help. To my mind, within the context of finding solutions, it is more useful that they receive our support (morally and in terms of concrete suggestion), rather than our indignation.

Since Nurin, the crime statistics have added another child, Preeshena Varshiny, 9, to its growing list. And before Nurin, there was the tragedy of Ooi Ying Ying. Due to the extensive media coverage that they received, these are tragedies that we readily remember and know of. They are seared into our collective memory.

And yet, there could very well be others that have escaped our notice.

As such, it would be far more prudent to focus on solutions rather than recriminations. Blame will not prevent another Nurin or Preeshena from happening; only solutions will.

Fortunately, not all of us are contented to blame.

At both the level of private citizens and government, suggestions on how to create a safer environment for our children are being forwarded. The impending Child Protection Policy (CPP) that the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development is proposing appears, by all reports, comprehensive and realistic in its approach to child safety. The early signs are good: it doesn’t try to substitute the role of parents in bringing up their children but, rather, reinforces it.

By advocating the role played by parents, community and all children-related organisations (government institutions, schools, hospitals, NGOs) in creating a safe environment for children, it attempts to curb the problem of crimes against children, before it happens.

But it also makes recommendations on how to improve the problem of child abuse after it happens: the witness service programmes are to be made more child-friendly and the procedure of waiting 24 hours before lodging a police report for missing children and, subsequently, commencing investigations is reduced.

Furthermore, a database for perpetrators of child sexual abuse is also in the pipeline. And, according to a Berita Harian report, the CPP will incorporate the early warning and detection mechanism called the Nurin (Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network) Alert. The Nurin Alert was initiated by a group of concerned citizens and is modelled after the Amber Alert in the US.

What the CPP and Nurin Alert demonstrate is that efforts to find solutions can be done both ways: not only top down by government policies but also bottom up by private initiative. As such, they deserve not only our commendation but also our reciprocation.

Thus, without suggesting any inherent shortcoming in the CPP, is there anything more that we can do? Should we look at the issue of child safety in isolation or within the larger framework of reducing crime generally?

To my mind, one way of looking at it is to have the longer-term objective of creating an environment that is safe for all — man, woman and child. After all, if the environment is not safe for adults, including physically well-trained adult males such as our angkasawan candidate Mej Dr Faiz Khaleed, who was attacked outside his own house, then it is fair to assume that it is not safe for children.

This begs the question: In terms of personal safety, what threatens us? Answer: Crime, or rather criminals.

Thus, loosely speaking, we can envision a safe environment that is either protected from criminals (criminal-proof), or one where society’s supply of criminals is reduced or eliminated (criminal-free). The former assumes that criminal elements are a given and may be on the rise, while the latter assumes that it is not and can be reduced.

We have to protect ourselves in the here and now. But, in the long run, we have to create a safe environment, not by insulating ourselves from the underworld of society but, rather, by reducing its size.

In short, we must cut society’s supply line of criminals.

This will lead us to ask some fundamental questions: What is the root cause of crime and why is our society producing so many individuals who are willing to commit crime?

For a start, do we have a database recording the psychological profile and history of rapists in our country? If it does exist, how reliable is the quality of the facts and interpretations of them? Are reports on rape on the rise? And if they are, is it really because rape is happening more frequently or due to better reporting procedures?

To me, gleaning the proper lessons from such a database may help efforts to reduce and minimise the occurrence of rape. Preventing rape is, of course, the priority but, additionally, such a database may also serve to inform us better in designing more effective punishment. An effective punishment may also serve as an effective deterrent for potential rapists.

If such a database exists, maybe somebody could compile the common characteristics that such individuals have. It might indicate the general and particular factors that contribute to the rise of such individuals.

For instance, is it the social environment, break-up of the family unit, availability of porn (which was cited by serial killer Ted Bundy as contributing towards his sadistic nature) or the erosion of traditional sources of authority that leads to an increase in rape? Or could it be the fact that talking about sex so glibly nowadays has broken a taboo, a form of social control that previously had played a part in keeping it in check?

Perhaps it’s due to our changing values which can either take the form of useful traditional values that have been cast aside or the acquisition of new ones that have sinister repercussions that were not apparent at first glance? Or, maybe, an insidious combination of both?

Could it be possible that some people are simply born evil — giving weight to the infamous “criminal gene” theory? Of course, it is very reasonable to consider any rapist as emotionally and mentally ill, but why does the defect express itself in such a repugnant form? Thus, even if they are simply evil or mentally and emotionally defective, are such individuals increasing with the pace of development or decreasing? Perhaps, the intense pressure being exerted by the demands of modern life has triggered such a trait which, under more relaxed circumstances, may otherwise remain dormant?

Additionally, if there is an increase in rape cases absolutely and as a percentage, should we look at it in isolation? Or is it another symptom, albeit an extreme one along with the increase in crime and divorce rates, violence, corruption, etc, that the moral fabric of our society is tearing up? If it is true that the moral underpinning of our society is unravelling, then what does it say about the religious department’s attempts to inculcate religious values?

In more general terms, perhaps our model of development is flawed? Could it be possible that our development as it is currently interpreted and implemented dehumanises us?

If it does, is there an alternative model to adopt, one that strengthens our sense of community and brotherhood rather than undermining it?

The different reactions towards hardship and crisis of the people of Kobe and New Orleans do seem to suggest the importance of having the right model of development, including a proper sense of community and esprit de corps.

In 1995, after being crippled by an earthquake, instead of the looting and rampant crime that sometimes accompany such catastrophe, the people of Kobe were even more united in co-operating with each other to, firstly, deal with the disaster and, later, rebuilding their lives.

According to a 1997 paper by Kathleen Tierney and James D. Goltz titled “Emergency Response: Lessons Learned from the Kobe Earth-quake", the Kobe disaster produced a reaction that was “without precedence in Japanese history” whereby “most search and rescue was undertaken by community residents".

Yet, when New Orleans was hit by hurricane Katrina in 2005, all hell broke loose. Eddie Compass, the then New Orleans police chief was quotedby The Guardian as saying “We have individuals who are getting raped, we have individuals who are getting beaten".

Of course, in terms of ethnic composition, Kobe’s society is far less plural than New Orleans, but the violence and crime committed in New Orleans were not limited to individuals and groups from different races.

Thus, at a cursory glance, could it be that the model of development used in Malaysia has, inadvertently, been promoting too much market values, such as selfishness and predatory behaviour, rather than human ones, such as compassion and selflessness, and, inadvertently, started a process that stifled the development of altruistic tendencies?

To some, many of the questions I raise may seem unrelated to the incidence of rape. Maybe they are right. Maybe all the questions that I am asking are, indeed, sheer gibberish.

But, to my mind, nothing happens overnight or, as Alfred Marshall succinctly puts it: “Nature makes no sudden leaps". In short, every scenario, however extreme, comes into existence gradually and is usually the prolonged accumulation of small changes that appear unrelated.

The capacity to rape is an extremely evil act and if it is indeed occurring more often, then, in my opinion, this increasing trend must have its forerunner in more insignificant examples of moral unravelling.

Offhand, I do not have any statistics to back me up, but statistics are merely one reflection of the quality of our society while our concrete daily interactions with them are another.

On far too many occasions I have been witness to one form of social breakdown or another. I have seen snatch thieves in action, and I have lost count of how many times I have witnessed the wanton arrogance of Mat Rempit to intimidate and bully other road users and break the law.

For the last 15 years, divorce is no longer a rarity, and neither have stories of people under 30 getting married for the third time. In fact, instances where a mother is willing to leave her child and husband and press for divorce so she can marry somebody rich are also not unheard of (an extreme form of commercial joint-venture, so to speak).

On YouTube, judging by their school uniforms, there is even a clip showing Malaysian schoolgirls beating up one of their own. And all of us are familiar with the phenomena of buang bayi (abandoning babies).

All these examples, and many more, show that there exist too many individuals in our society who do not understand the meaning of responsibility and are devoid of compassion, mercy and love. When an individual does not have compassion and mercy, or its presence is below a minimal amount, then, in a sense, that person is emotionally retarded and defective.

There is a high possibility that these individuals are unable to differentiate between appetite and ambition, between lust and love, or between justice and revenge. Under the circumstances, he or she will be open to all kinds of evil temptations, from petty offences, like pickpocketing and vandalism, to more serious ones, like gangsterism, murder and rape.

As a Muslim, I am taught that all of us have the potential for greatness as befitting our preordained role as God’s vicegerent on Earth.

But potential is not the same as reality. In reality, men can be the most wretched of creatures as the murderers and rapists among us have shown time and again.

After all, our behaviour is determined not only by our minds but also by our emotions, both the good and the bad. If we use our minds in conjunction with the feelings of compassion, mercy and love, then we are indeed capable of great things as was proven by the lives of Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Bangladesh’s Muhammad Yunus.

On the other hand, if our intellect is used in the service of negative emotions such as anger or hate, then we are capable of being the most despicable of God’s creatures as was made evident by the Hitlers, the Stalins and the Ted Bundys.

It is good to remember that nobody is born with a full array of emotions, good or bad.

As such, parents play a fundamental role in nurturing not only individuals who are mentally able but also those who are emotionally balanced. When spoken in such terms it sounds so commonsensical and easy to achieve.

Yet, in actuality, the values that parents teach their young can and often do diverge from such axiomatic wisdom.

In reality, the values that parents promote will often be greatly influenced by not only their perception of what is required to be successful in life but also their conception of what constitutes success.

If they perceive that in order to be successful and respected one has to be greedy and self-centred, then they will promote such values to their children.

If they perceive that success in this life and the next requires living a virtuous life, then they will try to inculcate in their progeny values that correspond with such beliefs.

As such, though the task of inculcating moral values is primarily the responsibilities of parents, the government can facilitate the process by creating a social milieu that prods parents in the right direction.

If we can nip the chain reaction of moral unravelling in the bud (family), hopefully that, by itself, will have a positive affect in reducing the more extreme manifestations of social breakdown (of which rape, child abuse and other serious crimes are examples).


Datuk Abdul Malek Munip is attached to the Department of Special Functions (Jasa), Ministry of Information. He is a former member of parliament

- New Straits Times


Azcona Nur Azleah LMF said...

i wonder, why nurin case is so quiet?

Jasni AJ said...

Dear Conn Azleah lmf,

All of us are wondering too.

When I bumped into the the Deputy IGP last Friday, he told me not to worry about it. The case is difficult indeed but the police would not rest until they get the case resolved.


Unknown said...

Apa-apa pun tak kira, nak 'blame' siapa-siapa pun tak guna, itu semua teori sahaja, yang rasa tetap dirasa....
Yang paling penting jika si pembunuh dapat ditangkap terubatlah hati semua!
Saya hrap pihak polis akan sentiasa memburu si pembunuh hingga mereka tertangkap dan dihukum......

Zulkifli said...

case terlampau sunyi sepi..ini bukanlah pasal salahkan mana-mana pihak tetapi yang penting ialah tahap siasatan...kalau tidak ada kemajuan sudah tentulah orang ramai tertanya tanya...

adakah satu hari kalau rumah kita di masukki pencuri kita akan disalahkan kerana tiada dirumah? habis tu macam mana hendak bercuti atau kena kerja outstation...

ini ternyata tidak masuk akal...tidak lama lagi mungkin akan kendengaran cerita " awak di dapati bersalah kerana membiarkan kereta awak di curi..."

pening pening

Anonymous said...

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Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...

Kepada Kenaga dan zulkifli,

This issue is just not about Nurin's family or making our heats better.Maybe Jazimin will feel better if the killers are caught.Maybe... But do you think he will feel better knowing that prasheena's killers are still out there?Do you think,that he, me or anyone else will feel better if these kind of killings happen again?

Ofcourse for the sake of justice, Nurin's killer has to be caught.Tetapi, wajib di ingat, keutamaanya bukan untuk mengubati hati tapi demi keadillan. But for us to reduce the possibility of another Nurin from happening then we must find way's and means to make sure that our society's production of crime and criminals are reduced.

Crime merupakan satu masalah yang kompleks dan mengikut the latest developments of the criminology departments of America it has alot to do with deteriotion of family life, changes in values and divorce rates yg semakin meningkat.Saya bole bagi all relevant reading materials but nanti ada orang tuduh itu semua teori sahaja kerana mereka tak faham maksud teori.

After all for us to solve a problem or minimize its occurance, we must first understand it.Sama macam pembangunan dan menaikkan taraf hidup, sebelum kita bole mengecapnya, kita kena faham dulu teori ekonomi baru kita bole aplikasinya.Sama juga dengan jenayah.

I will only feel better if we can come up with a solution to reduce the production of crime and criminals.In this regard i think the article is a good start because it made me understand that crime is a complicated phenomena that has many causes, both obvious and subtle.But you have to read it in totality to understand that.

The article is far more useful then just repeating a million times macam satu mantra, 'kita kena tangkap pembunuh!kita kena tangkap pembunuh!'Itu semua orang tahu.

Jgn salah faham.Nak cakap bole, bukan tak bole.

Tapi kenalah juga diiringi dengan usaha untuk memahami dengan sedalam- dalamnya phenomena peningkatan jenayah ini.Dah faham barulah bole megesyorkan penyelesaian.Since this is what the article attempts to do, i think it deserves to be commended.

Jasni AJ said...

Dalam orang dok cerita pasal kes yang semakin senyap dan "the blame game", tup-tup Disouza cerita pasal global warming. Apa cerita ni?

sufiahyusof said...

kdg2 kesian juga pd pihak polis, kalau ada apa2 kes semestinya polis org pertma kta akn tnya. tggjwb diorg smmgnya berat, tapi besar ganjaran diakhirat, harapnya semua kebenaran tu tersingkap.

sufiahyusof said...

en. jasni, mybe nk dia nk promote ttg global warming (tapi takut juga lepas tgk an inconvenient truth)... hehehe..
tapi dia salah tempat kot, sbb blog en. jasni ni antara top 10 blog paling banyak hits di Malaysia.

Jasni AJ said...


You said,"blog en. jasni ni antara top 10 blog paling banyak hits di Malaysia". Saja nak tanya, how do you verify that?

Jasni AJ

Zulkifli said...

jasni aj,

mungkin disouza cuba mengaitkan globle warming dengan kejadian jenayah yang semakin menjadi jadi...

mat rempit,

saya setuju dengan pendapat awak untuk mengatasi jenayah kita kena memahami mengapa ianya terjadi...

masalahnya sebab sebab yang berlaku tu dah terlalu banyak dan banyak pula kes kes yang terus diam...kes Nurin dan Presheena adalah dua kes pada pendapat saya adalah terlalu BESAR untuk di SENYAPkan...ianya melibatkan aspek keselamatan kanak kanak dan sebelum mereka ini dah ramai kanak-kanak jadi mangsa....dan ada antara nya pembunuh masih bebas...kita semua wajar merasa bimbang...

keadaan ekonomi yang semakin meruncing, peningkatan kadar penceraian dan kurangnya penekanan agama dan moral dalam pendidikan adalah "antara" punca kepada masalah ini....ini antara perkara yang perlu difikirkan oleh gomen...

Modernisasi dan globalisasi adalah antara punca kepada keadaan ini... akses kepada kejahatan amat mudah di perolehi ...sebab itu asas agama dan moral adalah penting untuk kita memilih yang baik dan yang jahat...

apapun dalam apa juga keadaan kes ini tidak "boleh" sejuk...pembunuhan seperti ini wajar di cari pembunuhnya...bila kita dapat pembunuh pembunuh ni barulah kita dapat tahu mengapa mereka membunuh dan mengapa perlakuan kejam itu mereka buat...barulah kita dapat penyelesaiannya...

azryna said...

Upon reading all the very carefully chosen words on finding solutions to reduce the production of crime and criminals, and all... funny how we have actually forgotten the fundamentals. The solution is staring stark at our faces and we do not see it. Allah swt has created us and given us the guidance for life, has given us the capacity to get through life.

We solve issues from the root of the problem. And the root of the problem is that very few of us follow the path set by Allah swt. Why do we have to think very hard to find the cause of the chaos happening around us?

I am writing this as a reminder to us all, especially to myself. All religion promotes the good qualities in life. It may seem very trivial, yet can we answer ourselves honestly that we have been following or really strive for the right path, ALL the while? It is in fact, the most vital thing in life.

So, whilst the specifics of the action plans is in the process, what we can do (we should do anyway) is to look upon ourselves and the paths that we have chosen. It is time to act, to right our wrongs, not to ponder on what went wrong anymore. After all, it is individuals who make up a nation.

azryna said...

Dear mat rempit,
To share with you on your remark " .. keutamaanya bukan untuk mengubati hati tapi demi keadillan." Hukum Allah very maha adil. In fact, they ARE designed for keadilan DAN mengubat hati.
Allah created us and such, He knows what hukum that can appease our human nature.
To illustrate you further, I might not be able to deliver accurately. I strongly recommend a reading on a handy book from SABA Islamic Media titled "20 Most Common Questions About Islam".

Zulkifli said...

buku 20 Most Common Questions About Islam cadangan Azyrina amat baik untuk dibaca...

ianya menjelas pelbagai isu mengenai hukum Islam termasuklah hudud...

agree bahawa kita kena kembali kepadanya sebab Islam tu ad-din.. Ia protect semua orang di dalamnya termasuk non-muslim....

hukum hudud adalah untuk menakutkan penjahat dan melindungi orang yang baik....

dalam apa juga keadaan pun still kes Nurin, Presheena dan kanak-kanak lain tidak boleh senyap yang mana saya harap file kes ini sentiasa di buka...

kita takut kalau kita diam sahaja penjahat ni makin naik tocang...

mengenai isu moral, remaja ponteng sekolah ni pernah dibincangkan oleh Prof. Khoo Kay Kim...beliau memberikan pandangan yang amat bernas mengenai isu ini....

may be kita dah kena ubah sistem pendidikan kita tidak terlalu kepada exam oriented semata mata tetapi mengabaikan aspek aspek lain....maybe kalau dia baca blog ni harap harap dia pun komen sama...

unicorn said...

TOM DISOUZA, mmm global warming..?
topik ni sesuai dibincangkan dalam perahu kat kelantan atau trengganu atau bukit tinggi,pahang yg kena gempabumi 3.5 richter baru2 ni..(m'sia ...earthquake?,why takde headline dimana2 akhbar?)

police has no lead or false lead?

never mind that,kita bersolat hajat ramai2 agar pembunuh2 zalim ni tampil kedpn atau org2 yg berdampingan dgn mereka akan 'pecah mulut'!my mother told me kalau solat hajat 40 mlm berturut2,semua hajat di kabul Allah swt. in this case,para mukmin yg soleh mmg confirm boleh .para mukminah..sendiri tahu ler ,apa2 pun doa & solat mesti ikhlas dan sepenuh jiwa raga.

recently, i rcd an email ,it gives me a huge impact on how small and weak human beings are.


Missher said...

Sangat, sangat, sangat setuju dengan Azryna.

Saya tengok kat Malaysia ni benda2 mungkar berleluasa sangat. Kalau ada yang menegur, macam2 pulak kena tuduh, narrow minded la, moral police etc. Kat TV tu cuba tengok dulu2 mana ada iklan yang macam sekarang ni. I thought KDN ada set certain rules baju kalau dedah a few cm kat mana2 tempat menjolok mata tak boleh lulus utk siaran, now macam tak de masalah je. Anak saya yang kecik2 pun dah tahu tanya "eii mama dia tu pakai baju macam tu tak malu ke?" Mungkin sebab saya sendiri dah ajar, kalau pakai macam tu macam ni, tak boleh, malu. Biar orang nak cakap kolot ke, yang penting anak kita kena ajar dari kecik yang mana boleh yang mana tak. Tapi pening jugak nak explain kat dia kalau dia tanya kenapa orang ni tak pakai itu, atau pakai ini..(??).

Kalau ke tempat2 hiburan toksah cakap le, berduyun2 habis dgn tok nenek pun diangkut sekali, macamana generasi muda tak ikut. Entahlah, tengok sekeliling kita zaman sekarang ni pening kepala. So, orang macam saya ni kira kolot ke ketinggalan zaman?

Ini bukan soal nak salahkan orang lain, memang akhlak anak2 kita (dan yang tua pun sama je zaman ni) dah makin runtuh.

Lang said...

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera rakan teman sekelian…

Mohon maaf kerana lama tidak melawati blog ini kerana kesibukan tugas diluar kawasan. Selepas hampir 3 jam membaca tulisan2 yang terlepas dalam blog ini, nampaknya perkembangan kes ini masih di takuk lama. ”pi mai pi mai dok tang tu jugak la”.

Saya merasakan Malaysia yang kita sayangi semakin GILA jadinya. Apa tidak nya..

Pemimpin mula GILA KUASA... GE dah dekatkan
Penguatkuasa GILA HELAH... asyik cari alasan nak meremehkan kes2 jenayah
Disouza GILA SESAT... salah masuk blog agaknye
Remaja GILA SOSIAL... sana sini suka buat masalah sosial
Ahlong GILA HUTANG... potong sana bunuh sini sebab tak dapat kutip utang
Imigresen GILA PATI... dah tak tau nak campak PATI ni kat kem mana
Nazri GILA CAKAP... main sebut apa saja yang dia nak sebut tanpa berfikir
Orang politik... GILA PILIHANRAYA... buat macam2 perhimpunan
Peguam2, aku tak faham GILA APA... macam gile politik pon ade
Hakim2, tengah GILA BUAT JANJI... macam2 janji dibuat nak betulkan sistem
ADUN2, GILA BUAT DUIT... mungkin tak dicalonkan lagi.. so kaut jgn terlambat
HINDRAF, GILA TAK BERSEBAB... tak tengok sekeliling, tp buat tuntutan merapu
Penjenayah, makin suka buat kerja GILA diorang, sebab die tau... semua orang dah gile... ibaratkan.. bile kucing kena sakit gile, tikus pon jadi menggile2 happy

Bloggers kat sini.... Menunggu bagai nak GILA penyelesaian kes jenayah yang dibincangkan setiap hari.

Bila agaknya kegilaan ni nak habis?....

Izleen said...

Sorang lagi hilang...

"“Kebiasaannya isteri akan menjemput mereka bertiga kira-kira jam 9 malam. Tapi, pada malam itu anak lelaki terpaksa pulang awal dan seperti biasa isteri menjemput Nor Amira Fatihah dengan adiknya untuk pulang.

“Ketika sampai di depan rumah terbabit, hanya adiknya datang menaiki kereta isteri saya manakala Nor Amira tidak muncul menyebabkan isteri saya hairan.

“Selepas beberapa minit, ustazah yang mengajar mereka memaklumkan Nor Amira sudah pulang menaiki kereta dinaiki seorang lelaki bersama wanita yang seakan-akan kereta kami, Proton Iswara Aeoroback putih. "

Adakah ini HANJING-HANJING yang sama menjemput Nor Amira??

Ya Allah, lindungilah kanak2 ini dari cengkaman iblis bertopengkan manusia!

Zulkifli said...

unicorn, kau punya kata kata semangat tu memang memberi perangsang la...harap harap ianya memberi perangsang supaya polis bekerja keras menangkap pembunuh tu..

yes teruskan sembahyang hajat...harap harap kawan kawan pembunuh tu terbocor rahsia ker apa ker...
izsahani ker ada budak hilang lagi alamak ini aku tension ni...jasni aj paste ler berita tu kat sini...baran tul aku ler akibatnya pembunuh bagero tu belum lagi kena tangkap....

Izleen said...

betul, zul...aku jumpa lam MyMetro, ada tampal link kat situ.

En. Jasni, kalau boleh, tampalkan article tu tak boleh jadik ni...

HjMisaiKontot :الدليل السياحي said...

The M'sian police can't even get their friends' killers (Sg Buloh's incident) so how do you expect them to get the normal people's killer?

Zulkifli said...

izsahani, nampaknya kena minta jasni aj paste sekali gambar budak tu kat blog ni...harap harap kempen besar besaran mencari budak ni dibuat segera...nurin nong ne nong...

tension ni....kes macam ni menaikkan paras kolestrol kat dalam darah aku...

unicorn said...

ya zul, aku rasa nak berharap ko polis pun rasa kecewa sgt..namun harapan pada EMPUNYA arasy ini tak pernah pudar.

kalau tak ditangkap polis pun,berkat solat hajat beribu2 penduduk m'sia yg perihatin ,aku rasa lambat laun,timbul juga psychos ini!

sy harap2 budak 12 thn tu mengikut ibubapa kawannya tanpa memberitahu perkara sebenar kpd org tuanya.rasa berdebar2 hati tapi tak bergelodak semasa kejadian arwah nurin dulu..harap2 betul lah rasa hati ku..

Zulkifli said...

betul tu unicorn tiap kali budak hilang kita sentiasa harap dia ikut sedara dia orang atau lain lain kejadian yang elok...frankly speaking aku benar benar risau..kejadian menimpa nurin tu pun masih teringat ingat...risau betul bila budak budak hilang...

Allah Maha Besar, Insya Allah budak tu akan di temui...Insya Allah pembunuh Nurin akan dapat di tangkap...begitu juga pembunuh Presheena dan budak budak lain...

Aku benci betul dengan pembunuh ni aku harap dia orang ni menyerah untuk di hukum...

Lang, semua dah gila kalau macam ni ...kes jenayah yang ada lead ker tak ada lead ker...semua tak kena tangkap...paling hampir dengan kes Nurin yang dikasihi ni minah indon telan kad sim...dah tu lepas...nasib tak mati minah indon tu kena pam...

makin tak faham..

rone said...

I found from

IGP: I can’t catch Nurin’s killer… so better arrest some Bersih parents
Posted on November 14th, 2007 by nat
Infruriating NST front page:

The parents of 18 children detained in Saturday’s (BERSIH) illegal rally will be charged with endangering their children.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said he had ordered his men to act against the parents.

Yeah? Next they should arrest themselves then, for completely failing to apprehend Nurin’s killer.

There’s a serial child rapist and murderer out there. Roaming free, choosing his next victim.

I think the failure of the cops to catch this murderer endangers our kids far more than anything else.

I didn’t see a single shred of proof where kids were used as human shields.

Those, as far as I am concerned, are lies and defamation.

Not everyone is as ridiculously rich as the top cops in this country (oh yes, we know how rich) to afford babysitters and the like.

Throughout the country, people saw no choice but to sacrifice so much to demand in person their most basic, fundamental rights.

They didn’t come to the Bersih rally to endanger their children, they came BECAUSE of their children.

So, Mr. Integrity-less IGP, if your trigger happy self wants to charge someone for failing to protect our kids -

Charge the government for robbing our children of billions upon billions.

Charge BN for making sure that a Chinese kid in the city can grow up his/her whole life without ever having to interact with a Malay person and vice versa.

Charge the judiciary for stand idly by while the government sucks out every last drop of decency and honour from our institutions.

You stay away from parents who had everything to lose by standing up on Saturday, and braved your big sticks and tear gas anyway.

sufiahyusof said...

Jasni AJ said...


You said,"blog en. jasni ni antara top 10 blog paling banyak hits di Malaysia". Saja nak tanya, how do you verify that?

Jasni AJ

December 12, 2007 12:06 AM

salams, en. jasni, sorry sebab lewat.
btw, en. jasni leh pi link ni.

then compare this website with other popular blogger, cam, , so leh tgk hits pd certain month.

mmg hits site ni dh menurun, tapi bukan senang 1 site/blog yg baru utk capai hits tertinggi dlm bulan oktober, hits dari site capai tahap tertinggi dari site lain even site tu dh lamer bertapak.

so, based dr tu, saya leh buat info tsbt.biasanya apabila certain site tu capai hits cmni, so adalah someone berminat dgn site tersebut.

sufiahyusof said...

it should be.

.. said...

I've just got infor someone I know got kidnapped, a young girl - seems like a new trend in Malaysia, kidnap, rape & ransom.

Hanturaya said...

And we continue to wonder . . . wondering whats the latest development. Wondering what happen to the footage taken from the cctv which had been sent to US for the FBI to examine. Wondering will there be more victims from the sadistic murderer-rapist. WOndering whether the demonstration by Hindraf and Bersih is taking the police's time from solving this crime. And we continue to wonder . . .

unicorn said...

...paling hampir dengan kes Nurin yang dikasihi ni minah indon telan kad sim...dah tu lepas...nasib tak mati minah indon tu kena pam...

recap zulkifli ckp semalam.

aku sambung sikit,masa reman minah indon tu,pihak kedutaan indonesia meminta kebenaran nak jumpa indon tu .Pah tu pulak ..(ni berderau balik darah aku..!)IGP yg dikasihi lagi di sayangi(pak lah tu) bagi kebenaran pulak dah! bila org query why kasi? IGP jwp, takpa, sekadar nak jumpa je ,kita ada org jaga(takut2 ada unsur pengaruh atau tlg-menolong la tu).

tak masuk akal & kenapa ditelan kad sim tu dan protes tak mahu brcakap & makan!.mungkin kes nak protec b/friend.sampai mati pong aku rela...

Tak pe,There is GOD,mampuh ler kau,iblis laknatullah!

Zulkifli said...

rone,kalau betul IGP cakap macam tu susah ler...

cadangan seterusnya kanak-kanak perempuan berusia 2 bulan keatas hingga nenek 70 tahun kena pakai cawat besi dah tu ada siren yang kuat supaya apa apa berlaku senang orang ramai nak belasah perogol peculik kanak kanak, perempuan termasuk perempuan tua...perempuan tua pun boleh kena rogol zaman sekarang ni...

cadangan ni kerana dah macam mengaku kalah dengan penyangak ni...

tension ma...

Zulkifli said...

like everybody else I really hope that the police do something about this case...

please imagine that Nurin is your own daughter ..please do that...try to feel what Jazimin feel....

Kena ada feeeeeeeeeeeel please...galii jangan tak galii...

bila kita faham erti duka kita akan cepat bertindak...jadi feeel kena ada

Jasni AJ said...

Nor Amira telah selamat pulang kerumah. Demikian disahkan oleh ibunya yang dihubungi Tembam pagi tadi. Untuk berita lanjut sila layari

Jasni AJ

Jasni AJ said...

Mary Kate posted this info at Tembam's weblog, "... the “person” I said missing is missing no more. She stayed overnight @ someone’s place and didnt called home, causing panic to so many people, not very smart person, but thanks for the concern though. And yes, tembam, I do hope that I am wrong about the “trend” of kidnapping etc. "

Please be infomed accordingly.

Thank you.

Jasni AJ

unicorn said...

thank god, nurul amira is back! mungkin ada follow up news kat paper esok..! itu pun kalu ada reporter akhbar yg sudi nak follow up.

in nurin's case,i think the police yg handle kes ni need to be more analytical dan actively dedicated.

i still remember before kes yg budak2 tadika dikg baru, ada satu kes di kg datuk keramat,she was abt nurin's age.she was'lost' after school,believed to be kidnapped and making her parents panic.after couple of days,returned home but turned quiet and timid.after that, tak de fllw up dlm paper. lepas tu,timbul pulak kes di sekitar kg baru.

i still wonder why the kidnappers & killers ni kurung arwah..?
not like other victims.

semakin di fikir semakin 'sakit' perut aku ...kesian betul arwah!

aku akan selalu berdoa dan tidak akan pernah letih berdoa agar sickos ini ditangkap! it's for all children,everyone's child and mine too!

Jasni AJ said...


Budak-budak Kg. Baru tu pun dikurung jugak. Tapi tak lama, seorang sehari, lagi seorang dua hari. But I'm not so sure on the third one. Untuk cerita lanjut, dapatkan Mastika jilid bulan ini.

Jasni AJ

Zulkifli said...

jasni aj,

maknanya "lead" tu dah ada rite? the only thing adakah polis betul betul pergi kepada lead lead ni?

...sorry i'm not allowed to speculate...sorry pak polisi saya tak buat spekulasi cuma agak agak jer

Izleen said...

"Katanya, wanita itu memberitahu gambar anaknya yang disiar Harian Metro seiras dengan seorang kanak-kanak perempuan yang menetap dengan satu keluarga di Kampung Naga Lilit. Mendengar cerita wanita itu, saya mula resah dan berdebar kerana terlalu merinduinya dan kira-kira jam 7.30 malam tadi (kelmarin) saya serta beberapa ahli keluarga bergegas ke kampung berkenaan dengan menaiki dua kereta.Ketika sampai di rumah berkenaan, saya lihat Nor Amira dan terus menangis, malah adik saya yang turut mengikut saya juga menangis dan terus memeluk Nor Amira......“Dia kini masih trauma dan tidak banyak yang dapat diceritakan apabila ditanya dan kadangkala ceritanya itu bertukar-tukar. Biarlah kes ini diuruskan polis,” katanya."

Jangan macam yang anak mamak yang kat Penang tu dah ler (tak ingat dah nama budak tu)...

unicorn said...

i heard before ada dibuat 'kawad cam' tapi budak2 yg kg baru tu(maklumla kecik lagi) tak boleh nak recognise. tapi sekarang boleh tak buat DNA sebab dah ada DNA ..?

that's why i said, it's up to the task force yg handle this case.kalau analytical dan extra dedicated tentu buleh buat.

jasni aj, i know both victims kt kg baru tu kena kurung tapi di 'lepaskan' after afew days tapi why nurin di kurung dan dibiar kebuluran dan kesakitan begitu sehingga 27 hari..?

aku tak sabar,tak sabar nak ludah kat penjenayah zalim ini! i want know WHY?
ada sapa2 kenal org2 pandai ilmu bungkam penjenayah ,now it's the time!

Zulkifli said...

Unicorn, I think dia orang bole try buat kawad cam lagi sekali since ada keluar article bahawa salah seorang budak tu kata gambar photo fit tu bukan gambar penjenayah tu...tak silap aku aku ada raise issue tu dalam blog ni..

maknanya budak tu masa trauma mana nak ingat...kena try lagi...

lead dah banyak infact lead dalam kes nurin ni banyak dari lead lead case lain...1. ada cctv 2. ada phone conversation 3. ada victim sebelum Nurin...

aku harap polis betul betul cari penjenayah ni...kes post mortem pun masih tergantung gantung...ini amat mengecewakan sama sekali...

azryna said...

Why haven't we learnt? One after another.. children are being kidnapped, and God knows what happened to them. It just breaks your heart! Not to mention the trauma to the whole family!

The $#%$*&*%$*) are not scared! UUhhh...!!! We should stone these &*^^&$()&*&%^ to death, in public! Send a loud and clear message not to mess with the children!!

Nurin Alert is very, very good. But still AFTER the children is kidnapped. PREVENTION! PREVENTION!

Mothers, parents, everyone, pray, pray really hard, everyday, every time you look at your children,any children, that none of the horrible things would ever happen to them..

Government, please do something..change your man made law. We want a bright future, not bleak.