Monday, December 17, 2007

Let's talk about something else

I posted the following article on my other new blog today :-

For those who have been visiting my other blog "In Memory of Nurin Jazlin" must have known by now how restless I'm getting with the slow pace of the so-called police investigations on first, the Nurin's Abduction and Murder Case, and second; the unlawful distribution of Nurin's autopsy pictures.

While I can understand the Police's difficulty in wrapping up their investigation on the Abduction and Murder Part, I just can't simply understand what is taking the DPP's office more than a month to charge the so-called identified culprit who leaked and unlawfully distributed Nurin's autopsy pictures. (Why DPP? Well the Police have actually told the public that they have wrapped up the investigation on 3rd November 2007 and had submitted their investigation papers to the DPP's office accordingly since then, see here)

I was at Jazimin's place earlier this afternoon and he put on a CD being a compilation of news footage and pictures of Nurin for us to watch. I can sense that Jazimin too was getting pretty restless especially when he kept on asking what's next for him to do.

My, my, come on, why the silence on the autopsy case? Anyone care to explain?

So, in order not to let my mind too engrossed, too frustrated and just would not know what else to write, I've created this new blog.

This new blog would provide me the channel to talk on anything else that matters to me and my family members. I have actually invited all of them to be members to this blog and I really hope that we can turn this new blog as the family's blog, each one with their own stories to tell.

And talking about stories, stories other than Nurin's that is, perhaps I would just like to share my admiration today.

Interested to continue reading, well, you may just hop on here.

Jasni AJ


.. said...

Hi Jasni, I see you've caught on the blog-fever, and good for you. I believe blogging is actually good for the soul and so far, it has been a great journey for me. Blogging exposed me to so many new things that I was not aware of in the past, forged new blog friends, and gave new cause to pursue, new hobbies, new interest and a whole bunch of other goodies.

As for the post mortem photos, I was already convinced that this case will be covered up. Whatever that was reported on the papers, that they found the culprit, it's just for show to calm angry people down. As usual, when the dust has settled, it's "time to go back to your life citizens" - citing a quote from the movie Toys Story. The most the culprit will get is a warning, maybe a transfer or demotion (if it ever happens), and that's the BEST anyone can hope for. To be charged in court? Highly unlikely, I've pretty much given up hope on this issue, unfortunately, and I do hope I am wrong in this case.

Zulkifli said...

hmm covering up is nothing new, cuma harap pihak pihak berkenaan perlu membuktikan mereka telus dengan mengemukakan pesalah yang mengedar gambar post mortem...dalam hal ni Jazimin ada hak untuk mengambil apa-apa tindakan undang-undang atas kecuaian pihak pihak...itu pandangan saya dalam hal ini...

kes Nurin ada dua isu satu ialah (1) mencari pembunuh 2) mencari pengedar atau pihak yang cuai menyebabkan gambar itu disebarkan..

Inilah masalahnya bila orang dia mereka buat tak tau...bila berlaku demonstrasi mereka tangkap...walhal masa isu itu ditimbulkan secara baik tidak ada yang mendengar ..saya jenis orang tak suka berdemostrasi sebab menganggu orang awam yang lain tetapi dalam masa yang sama kena fikir kenapa ianya berlaku betul tak? apa pun dalam hal ini biarlah kita bertindak ikut saluran yang betul...

Lang said...

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera..

Wahai rakan-rakan..
Kita ni semua sedang dipertontonkan dengan lakunan sibadut2. Kisahnya kisah benar tetapi diolah supaya sipenonton menjadi seronok (sihanjing2 tu), ada penonton menjadi sedih dan marah (kita semua), dan ada penonton yang dah jadi perasan bagus (yang top2 la).

Tak tahulah bila episod ini akan di akhirkan.

Zulkifli said...

hmm lang...selagi kita tak ada gelaran Dato ker dato seri ker...apa pun kita cakap cam ni la...masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri...

nangis nangis