Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lack of security at shopping mall

SHOPPING malls can play their part to curb kidnap cases with their high level of security.

However, there are some which are neglecting this duty.

Recently, when my mother and I were at a shopping mall, we came across a little girl not more than the age of five, crying and looking for her father.

My mother and I went to offer our help.

Being strangers, we dared not go far but stayed at that spot and tried looking for a security guard in the hope that he would take the girl to the service counter to make an announcement that she was lost.

Subsequently, we saw a security guard and approached him. My mother told him about the girl and asked him to take her to the service counter.

Both of us got very angry when he told us to take her there ourselves.

Fortunately the girl's father returned after a while.

Is this what security guards in shopping malls are for?

What if my mother and I are kidnappers?

Wouldn’t it be easy for us to kidnap that little girl under such a situation?

Security levels like this are really unforgivable as it could lead to a tragedy similar to the Nurin case. (The body of eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, who had been sexually assaulted and murdered, was found in a bag abandoned at a shop.)

I would also like to comment on the public’s behaviour.

I was very shocked to see that people just looked at the little girl and did not offer a helping hand.

A worker at a nearby shop just watched the “drama.”

I urge the authorities to take immediate action to improve the security level in public places.

A concerned society will help prevent unwanted incidents.

Rawang, Selangor.

- Published in The Star on 4th December 2007

1 comment:

unicorn said...

THIs is what we call APATHY.
the attitude spread like nobody biz in our society.

the securiguards job?-JAGA PINTU ,takut2 pintu tak function nanti hujan tempias pulak!

my advice to those who feel obligated to help in this kind of situation: GO ahead,bring the lost child to service counter(for announcement).DONT have to burden yourselves with unnecessary question like 'what if....?'
the welfare of the child is the priority NOT what if people say this and that.

i did the same thing a few time and i also resent how public reacted when they see crying child haywire-ly running while looking for their parents.they just look,look and whispering without go and try to comfort the child.
Soon after one incident, my child age 3 yrs old was lost in pasar malam( my husband and i had some miscommunication because he thought my son was with was a nerve wrecking 30 mts!)

i was close to hysterical when he was found near our car alone that was parked abt 100 mtrs away and stairs to climb to reach the parking! i still dont know who brought my son &left him there but i thank GOD a lot!.it must be an angel...

when nobody care,then opportunitist will take over. DONT be afraid because kindness will be pay back with kindness.JUst follow your heart