Saturday, December 8, 2007

Of Talking Crimes and Morphing Mechanism

While it is usual to see a packed auditorium for arts performances and their likes, for as long as I can remember it is not really normal to see the same size of audience for a forum event.

But last night was something else and indeed an extra-ordinary night. UIAM's main auditorium was packed to the brim, and the audience were there to follow a forum on usually considered dull subject like "Kita Semakin Kejam. Kenapa?". "Kita Semakin Kejam. Kenapa" is the name of the forum jointly organised by Mastika and NTV7.

The event was officiated by the Deputy IGP,Datuk Ismail Omar who was very amazed with the turn-out. He had even remarked that he hoped that the large turn-out would not be interpreted as the society's restlessness of a perceived dangerous surroundings.

In his opening speech, he acknowledged the fact that crime rates are on the increase. However, he emphasised that the increase is not confined only to Malaysia but rather it is a global phenomenon. He attributed the trend to the ever increasing population. He analogised that human beings are just like seeds, where there is bound to be a barren seed in every ten or so. Applied to humans, the criminal-minded persons minds are the barren seeds.

Malaysia, according the Deputy IGP is still relatively safer than most other countries, whether those around us or those located some distant away. There are countries where snatch theft happens once in every minute and a rape case happening at every couple of minutes.

Also and unlike some other countries, people in Malaysia can still safely roam about anywhere and anytime without having to have fears for their safety.

However, eventhough the country is relatively safer than others, in view of the increasing crime rate, the public would have to be a little bit more diligent in ensuring that they do not provide opportunities for crime to occur.

This according to him, would be made possible by having the public rendering more co-operation and adopting a "work together approach" with the Police.

While the Police Force will be beefed up both in numbers as well as facilities, the public participation as members to Voluntary Police Force is also on the chart which will be introduced very soon.

He also invited the mostly students of UIAM audience to join the police force upon their graduation. According to him, as the crimes are getting sophisticated by the days, the force would need to have sophisticated and multiple disciplined personnel as well.

On the forum itself, participating as panelists were Dato’ Zaman Khan, the former CID Director; Asst. Prof. Dr. Noor Azlan Md Noor of UIAM and Jazimin Abdul Jalil, each of whom participating on distinct and different perspectives. Dato' Zaman Khan as a former law enforcer and was involved in crime investigations, Dr. Noor Azlan as an academician and Jazimin as a parent to a child who had fallen victim to a heinous crime.

While the audience were generally attentive to the whole event, there were pin drop silence whenever it was Jazimin's turn to respond to a question. I guess everyone in the Auditorium were really eager to hear direct from Jazimin himself on issues posed to him. And the issues posed to him were not easy to answer issues.

He was asked on his feelings over the tragedy, his satisfaction on the on-going police investigations, the "revenge-linked" insinuations, negligence of the parents, the public support and lastly his hopes.

Though Jazimin was no orator, he responded every questions rather coolly, carefully and thoughtfully. And for this, he received thunderous applause for each and every comments he made.

As for the professionals, i.e Dato' Zaman and Prof. Noor Azlan, as expected out of them, eloquently conveyed and shared their respective experience and insights with the audience. To reciprocate, the audience too posed a few questions which were exclusively and confidently taken by the professionals.

While I don't see any resolution of this forum, the forum had at least managed to grab the attention of the mostly undergraduates audience to participate in issues relating to safety.

Jazimin took that opportunity to promote Nurin Alert when he asked everyone in the auditorium to render their support to the initiative towards the hope that would be no other child enduring the tragic sufferings as Nurin has had.

On the sideline, the CFNA Exco Members who were there supporting the event took opportunity to approach the Deputy IGP briefing him on the progress of the Nurin Alert initiative and sought an open channel with the Police in moving forward.

Pledging his support on the initiative, he assured CFNA that the would welcome any ideas that would benefit the public at large. The Police support on the implementation of SJ Alert by the Subang Jaya community was cited as an example.

It is again another milestone for CFNA. While the idea on Nurin Alert Centre is slowly taking shape, a working contact with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development established, the new contact with the Police would be key in ensuring Nurin Alert to go live soon.

Jasni AJ

For another version of the event, please visit Tembam's weblog here


kenanga said...

Thank you Encik Jasni for the update on the forum.

And also thank you Tembam for your inspiring write up at your blog which I neer fail to visit, at least it make me feel Malaysian is still a caring society, caring peoples.....

And the police is still after Nurin Jazlin killer.....

Thank you.....

Shimi Lara said...

Hi Kenanga, Tembam here. So good of you to say that. Terkejut juga tapi suka, sangat suka!!!!

We live in hope kan Kenanga? Without hope where would we be ya tak? InsyaAllah, seeing how Jasni, Kamal, Nuraina, Rocky and others are working hard for the Nurin Alert, the work will continue.

Kenanga, walau kemana pun pembunuh tu nak lari, dia tak boleh lari daripada hukum Allah. His or their conscience will never be at rest. They are already burning in a private hell here on earth. That is my comfort.

Take care.

Tehsin Mukhtar said...

Tembam, Jasni et al... such great progress you's good to know that the deputy police chief was there...and that they know the peoples' concerns about the crime situation.

I'm sure the murderer is finding ways to strike again...he had three or four so far that we know of kan? A sick person like that has to satisfy his desire again...I hope he wil be caught before he gets someone else's kid...did the police talk about the progress on the investigations? About Presheena and the others, the Chinese girl found in Perak?

Wish I could have been there, i lupa Tembam, masa I sms you... I had my neighbour's tahlil that night...she died of stomach cancer a month ago...leaving a 5 year old girl they took 11 years to conceive...Allah's plans...we never know what's in store for us.

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...

Dear Jasni,

I just wanted to inform you that the Nurin Alert was mention in a very lengthy article in the New Sunday Times (8 Dec) by Datuk Malek Munip.Since the article was more an explication on the nature of crime and its relationship with societal values,model of developments, divorce rates and the detoriation of family life, its referance to the Nurin alert was cursory rather than deep.

Nonetheless , since the upper echelons of the NST has a history with certain bloggers and blogs associated with the nurin alert, the fact that the NST didnt censor the part containing the Nurn alert just goes to show that u guys are making a differance.

Keep up the good work.

PS- to my mind the article was an eye opener on the general issue of crime.It would be nice if u could cut and paste it on the blog.

Jasni AJ said...

Thanks Mat Rempit for the lead. I have posted the Article earlier today.

Jasni AJ