Thursday, December 6, 2007


CENSERVE Team under the Community Service Unit, Student Development Division of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in collaboration with MASTIKA and NTV7 is organising a forum entitled ‘Kita Semakin Kejam. Kenapa?” as detailed below:

Date/Day : 7 December 2007 (Friday)

Time : 8.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.

Venue : Main Hall, CAC, IIUM

Panelists : Ybhg Dato’ Zaman Khan
(Former CID Director)

Mr. Jazimin Abdul Jalil
(Late Nurin’s father)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Noor Azlan Md Noor

Moderator : Mdm. Roziyatun Jamaluddin (IIUM)

The objective of the forum is to create awareness on crimes that occur in the country.


The above notification is extracted from IIUM's website and I was told that this event is also opened to the public.

What's interesting is this event would be Jazimin's first appearance as a panelist in a Public Forum. As his brother I do admire his willingness to participate in such an event despite his lack of experience. I do hope that he would be able to put his message across and make the audience to really appreciate what they have and hence support any effort to create a safer environment for their and our children. And this support should also include the Nurin Alert initiative.

Talking about the Nurin Alert initiative, the CFNA had also conducted its first face-to-face public talk on the subject matter about 2 weeks ago. Courtesy of Ummiku Sayang, CFNA was given a platform to address the public directly by slotting a "complimentary" session for Nurin Alert. "Complimentary" session? What's that? Well, while the participants attending the whole event which is on SCHOOL : IS YOUR CHILD READY FOR IT would have to pay a very nominal seminar fee, the session on NURIN ALERT was opened to the public for free.

The first such programme was conducted quite successfully as judging from the attentiveness of the audience, I would think all of them had "enjoyed" following the session. Though the subject matter is not something to be "enjoyed", but the "enjoyment" I am referring too is the satisfaction of the participants spending their weekend time to learn more about Nurin Alert, understand it and hence therefore exactly knowing how they can contribute in making this initiative a reality.

The session which was originally allotted with only 20 minutes, went on for almost an hour, eating into their lunch break. Nobody complained, instead with their active participation, it gave us more encouragement to see the project through.

A crew from TV3 was also there covering the event. However, I am not sure whether the footings were ever aired.

I do hope that CFNA would be given more opportunities to reach out and for what have been done by Ummiku Sayang, I say thank you.

Jasni AJ

p.s. The poster above is therefore not a mistake, in contrary, it is intentional. I hope more such posters will be around until we get the initiative launched.


tehsin mukhtar said...

Women warned of rape gang on the prowl
By : Fay Angela D'cruz

CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Mazlan Mansor says police had received two reports
CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Mazlan Mansor says police had received two reports

SHAH ALAM: Women have been advised to be extra careful when travelling alone as police believe there is a gang preying on them.
This follows two recent incidents where the victims were abducted, gang-raped and robbed before they were released.

The victims were abducted early in the morning while travelling alone.

Selangor CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Mazlan Mansor said police had received two reports and believe both cases were linked.

"We believe both cases were committed by the same gang," he said.
The victims were forced to withdraw money through automated teller machines before they were released.

Mazlan said the culprits had used a Toyota Vios and a Toyota Camry in both cases.

Both cars were fitted with false number plates.

The first incident was reported on Wednesday when a woman in her 20s, was abducted from a car park at an undisclosed location in the Klang Valley about 9am.

The suspects were in a Toyota Camry when they stopped beside the victim and bundled her into the car.

The victim was held overnight in a house, raped and forced to withdraw RM3,000 before being released on Thursday morning.

In the second incident, a 20-year-old woman working for a newspaper was abducted near her home at USJ 6, Subang Jaya at 4am on Sunday.

The victim had parked her car when four men in a Toyota Vios confronted her and her sister.

She was also raped and the suspects demanded RM4,000 from her.

She withdrew RM2,000 from her bank account and was released at noon on the same day.

In both cases, there were four assailants.

Police have set up a task force and are working on several leads.

tehsin mukhtar said...

jasni et al...just look at the details of this attemted rape, how he bashed the girl with a rock and how he got away with only three years in juvenile...binatang macam ni lah yang patut kita start dari awal...from NST today..."he did not intend to hurt the girl" says the stupid welfare officer..., I guess Nurin's killers also didn't "intend" to shove vegetables into her...kalau dah menjerit, melolong kesakitan tu APA DIA???? KALAU DAH BASH KEPALA STUDENT TU DGN BATU BERKALI2... BUKAN HURT??? DAMN WEAK PROSECUTING OFFICERS AND MAGISTRATES!!!!!...:

Teen guard pins blame for rape bid on 'sudden feeling'

KUALA LUMPUR: He blamed his violence on a "sudden feeling which overcame him".
But for this 17-year-old -- who was just a month short of being tried as an adult -- that moment will cost him three years at the Henry Gurney home for juvenile offenders.

The teenager, who was working at Tunku Abdul Rahman College as a security guard, maintained his guilty plea in the Children's Court yesterday to attempted rape, molest and causing hurt to an 18-year-old female student at the college.

Magistrate Nurulizwan Ahmad Zubir also ordered him to be placed under a good behaviour bond for three years after his release from the reform school.

His mother, 37, stood surety for him after the court set bail at RM5,000 in one surety.
The youth from Gombak Setia was charged with:

- causing hurt to the first-year business studies student at the TARC Lecture Hall B;

- attempting to rape her at Lecture Hall 2; and

- molesting her at the same place.

The three offences were committed between 5.30pm and 5.50pm on April 21.

He admitted bashing the girl on her head with a rock in front of Lecture Hall B before dragging her to Lecture Hall 2 and sexually assaulting her.

She received eight stitches on the back of her head and now suffers from blurred vision in the right eye.

The accused, who is the eldest of five children of a production operator, 42, and a housewife, could have been sentenced to a maximum of 23 years' jail and whipping had he committed the offences a month later.

Chief Inspector Afandi Kasiman prosecuted, while welfare officer Othman Ismail read the probation report on the accused.

Othman said the boy regretted his actions as they were a result of a "sudden feeling which overcame him".

"He did not intend to hurt the student," Othman said.

According to facts, the victim was walking along a pedestrian lane in the college when the teenage security guard threw a rock at her from behind, causing her to fall to the ground.

He then dragged her into a nearby storeroom, undressed her and began to molest her. When she screamed, he repeatedly hit her on the head with the rock.

He tried to rape her, but when he failed to do so, he rolled his clothes to form a rope and tried to strangle her.

After begging him to stop, he set her free and she sought help from a male college mate who took her to a clinic.

She later lodged a police report at the Sentul police headquarters.

unicorn said...

tehsin, u r so 'strong' with ur words..ha ha.

memang betul stupid prosecuting offrs tu dan polis pun dah tak boleh bagi strong evidence /back up lagi ke to lock up this going to be sex maniac,phaedophiles ,serial killer etc?!

org2 gila macam ni mmg ada silap cara dibesarkan ,exposure masa kecil, confused surroundings,abused atau mmg 'fius' dah rusak tapi didnt get help.

.. said...

I do understand Tehsin's stand and anger on this. We are both parents, what happen if the person or child is our family, our sister, our daughter - someone we love dearly. It is a BIG SIN for someone to do what they did to Nurin and all the other girls, its even a BIGGER SIN to allow this low scum sub-human to be free, breath the same air like us and live on the same land with us. Reports show that such perverts are almost always "repeated offenders" - means they do not just commit crime once and call it stop. As long as they are free, it is a matter of time before they strike again. Every SECOND is precious to a missing child, every SECOND is critical to the Police when a body is found as it has lots of important clues or DNA available, every SECOND is vital for the investigating officer trying to nab the killer. You can now imagine how many seconds gone, now coming to months and there is NO NEWS on Nurin's killer. It does not project positively on our Police force efficiency.