Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Batu Caves Story

So tomorrow is Thaipusam. Happy Thaipusam to all Hindu visitors here at this blog. And for the very first time, KLites and Putrajayans can be with their brethrens in Selangor and several other states taking the day's off.

Talking about Thaipusam, Batu Caves would certainly be the focal point for its celebration in the Central region. And talking about Batu Caves, I have my own story to tell about it.

Not really a story about Batu Caves, but rather a story that has Batu Caves in it.

Well, here the story goes.

How many of you have climbed the stairs of Batu Caves? I for one have never done that and I'm pretty sure not many of you have done that either.

But out of love to his child, Jazimin had on one night before last Ramadan climbed the 272 stairs of Batu Caves in the middle of the night.

No, he's not there to fulfill a vow or anything like that but simply in responding to a call he received saying that his then missing child was there!

We were at his home that night when he got that call. He asked me to follow him along but I refused and told him that the call was probably a prank just like a number of other prank calls he had been receiving before.

But I guess he just could not take any chances, he was just desperate to find his little sweet child, so off he went to Batu Caves (with someone else) climbing all the 272 stairs all the way to the top.

But it was a prank call indeed. The child was not there, no one was there except for the guards guarding the place. I guess the caller must be jumping up and down in joy seeing this desperate father looking for his child high and low without knowing the meaning of the word "tired".

How cruel man can be. And the same specie is having fun with Nini's father now, giving him with all the false information on Nini.

That's why when the Indonesian lady was caught, Jazimin's first reaction was "Serves her right!" as he had endured the pain of being fallen victim to all these prankters.

Prank calls were abundant. Besides the call tipping Jazimin that his child was at Batu Caves, there were also other calls tipping some other locations like at some unused mine (lombong terbiar) etc etc.

Therefore, lets make it a standing procedure not to publish the personal number(s) of the victim's parents from now on any longer. Let the Toll Free No. or the Police's 999 do the job. The "monkeys" would be extra careful when dealing with the police, I think.

In the meantime, let's pray for Nini's safe return.

Jasni AJ


Munira Mustaffa said...

Some people can be utterly cruel indeed, taking pleasure out of other people's misery, not knowing what it is like to be in their shoes. But sometimes, Fate has a way with life's lessons, and even if we may not be aware of it - their time for pain and misery always come. Life is a continuous cycle of joy and pain, hardship and luxury.

Tbh I have been wondering about the open publications on personal mobile numbers when cases such as these occur. I don't think it is wise to broadcast personal numbers - there are always creeps out there looking for an opportunity to take advantage of people just for a gag. I'm behind you with this - in the future they should just channel all calls through a special call-line. Well, they've finally done it with Toll Free Lini, but only after a number of crankers a little too late, innit?

steph said...

No one loves the child so much other than his/own parents. Parents are ready to sacrifice or do anything for their children if the acts of so can save their children's lives,

Therefore, I would say those who sought pleasure at the expense of other's miseries are damn brainless and most selfish person(s) in this world. He or she is/are those who carry out an act without using the better of their senses and brain. They are little people in this world who has no capability to see the greater of others e.g . parents'love towards their children.

Therefore, we don't even need to focus on these little craps, total waste of energy and time. We should channel our energy and time in nucturing our children to be greater and worthy person(s)to make this world a better living place tomorrows.

Jutawan Internet said...

kes nurin juga mendapat perhatian blogger dari portugal.. david santos.. komen di tajuk post prankcall not welcome..

Sabrina said...

There's a lot of similarity between Nurin's and Sharlinie's background.

Nurin :

- Nurin came from a family of sisters

- Nurin has some illness (kidney ailment and high blood pressure)

- Nurin was found dead a few days after her birthday

Sharlinie :

- Sharlinie comes from a family of sisters

- Sharlinie has an illness (asthma)

I hope the 3rd similarity does not come true too since her birthday (30th Jan) is coming.

We can only pray...

Nor Hayati Ariffin said...

I had climbed the stairs of Batu Caves and had even explored the Dark cave(half way to the top) but that was for different purposes. Should I be in Jazimin's position, I'll do the same.Out of love to one's own child,we'll do anything even the impossible.

kasmadi said...

This is something new to me, and I have never heard before (Jazimin climbing up batu caves stairs) and I was like in tears when I realized how much and how far a father's love could take you to. I am a father too, and know how he feels.

I only hope someday that beast will be found, and proven he/she's the one, then we would appeal to the Lawmakers to have a public prosecution and humiliation in the Dataran before we hang or shoot or decapitate him/her in public, as a lesson to the others.

And to the pranksters aka monkeys, please somebody give them more than just light sentence or jail term. Show their face and announce their names and their family names to Malaysian public. They are also criminals. Not just an 'over-active singer' do we asked for him to do public apology; these kind of people also need to do the same, even harsher.

a.a.g said...

Ya Allah.. They were so cruel to do that. To me, they are just as bad as the people who took Nurin. I think if I were in the same position, I would probably climb the stairs 10 times or more to find my child. Saya berharap manusia yang tidak berhati perut ini akan menerima balasan dari Allah S.W.T. My prayers go out to your family Encik Jasni.

Kavitha said...

Nurin's father is great!, because he willing to climb the batu caves stairs just in a hope he can find his sweet daughter. But the prank callers is worst than animal, because they are enjoying playing with people feelings who are already hurt. The same happen in the sharlinie's case also. This prank callers should be punished. I hope sharlinie's family be patient and pray for sharlinie's safety.