Thursday, January 31, 2008

Family holds ‘doa selamat’


THE home of Sharlinie Mohd Nashar was filled with relatives, neighbours and well-wishers who attended the kenduri doa selamat yesterday.

The ceremony after Isyak prayers saw the guests reciting the Yaasin and other prayers.

Also present was Batang Kali State assemblyman Datuk Zainal Abidin Sakom. Amidst the sombre mood, numerous theories were bandied about her disappearance.

A neighbour, who only wished to be known as Che Ani, believed that black magic could be involved.

“Just look at the case of Nurin Jazlin. Until today, police still can’t find the identity of the man carrying the bag in the CCTV footage. I believe the man who kidnapped Nurin is the same culprit who has Sharlinie now.

“He’s practising some sort of black magic and that’s why Sharlinie can’t be found.”

Another neighbour, Saiton Bidin, 53, said that before the child was reported missing, the girl always came to her house to buy ice-cream.

“Sharlinie and her sister always came over to buy ice-cream. But on the day she went missing, she didn’t show up at all. I miss her. She is just a little child, she doesn’t know anything.

“It’s hard to believe that she has been gone for 22 days,” she said.

- The Malay Mail


azryna said...

What is the development on the attempted kidnapping case? Have the 2 said ladies own up and testify? Have the police broadcasted for the 2 ladies to come up to the police if they haven't?
Please tell me they have the van registration number. Don't tell me that the ladies can't read or something. Please tell me they have something on the case.
OMG, this is driving me nuts!

azryna said...

Have they installed new CCTVs (that work) at the potential kidnapping spots all over Klang Valley?

Zulkifli said...

hope the police do something as the lead is clearer...dont tell the clue to the media...

the development yes ...not the clue...

I'm sure the two ladies can read if not then the government have to give free education to everybody after this...

azryna said...

"Sunday, January 27, 2008
Stray Thoughts : It’s my daughter!
... The Star ran a story pointing out that she was just one among 17 children under the age of nine on the police’s list of missing persons who had vanished between January and July last year.."

I read this article in the newspaper. How could the officer asked on the "purpose of his report"??!! Hello..!! Is the statistic above not alarming ah? Even 1 missing child still counts!!
It is a crazy world!

VICKY said...

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unicorn said...

Doa,ikhtiar,doa ,ikhtiar,doa,doa,doa...terus solat,solat,solat,yassin.

playground nearby our housing area become a modern art.

truly sad ..what has become of our neighbourhood,our country?

zul,cth foreigners yg migrate kat m'sia ni..indonesia,population abt 220 millions dan kita 22 mil, kalau 5% rakyatnya dtg m'sia,nisbah 2:1 ,kalau 10% dtg maknya 1: 1, rakyat kita 1 ,rakyat indon pon sorang.belum masuk bangla, pakis,myammar dll.

bukan nak berprangsangka sgt tapi dia punya culture a bit violence. maybe surrounding & how they were brought ex -maid dulu citer,kalau mlm takut nak keluar sebab ada group potong kepala..! tapi masuk waktu sembahyang pulak.

Zulkifli said...

unicorn, itulah masalah kita ni, penjenayah dalam malaysia pun dah sakit nak handle ...bawak segala macam orang luar masuk ....bukan sahaja bawak masuk segala jenis pun masuk....

berapa ramai perempuan kita kena tipu dengan lelaki asing? berapa banyak jenayah dibuat oleh orang luar...?

salah satu cara ialah mengurangkan kemasukan warga luar...buat satu system "gaji" untuk orang tempatan yang lebih menarik sudah tentu masalah ini boleh diatasi...

pemberian gaji yang tak logik dengan taraf hidup kat malaysia ni sudah tentu rakyat kita tak mahu kerja buruh...dia mesti ada tahap yang logik dan munasabah...ini tenaga buruh kita pulak lari ke Singapura, Jepun, arab etc sebab tawaran yang bagus ...kita pulak bawak masuk segala macam apa ntah...bayangkan fresh graduate kerja start gaji RM1,200-00 ada lower than that..tahun 2008 ker apa ni ...nak duduk KL?...kat Kedah kerja supermarket gaji RM400-00..come on kalau barang murah okeyh la...

what azryna higlighted is true...the statistic is apa yang kita patut buat...17 budak yang hilang tu apa jadi pada mereka...?

I feel sad because no news about the 17 missing children till now...if there is any, let us know...

Sabrina said...

I read this news in The New Paper, Singapore :

I know Candy Uncle isn't good

A FEISTY 12-year-old girl foiled a kidnap attempt in Selangor, Malaysia, last week.

The 12-year-old showing how the 'Candy Uncle' tried to pull her cousin into the van. Picture: GUANG MING DAILY
She rescued her 5-year-old cousin from a man who had tried to lure the pre-schooler into a van by holding out a piece of candy.

Yesterday, 38-year-old housewife Madam Zhen Wu Mei held a press conference describing the incident, hoping that parents would be on the alert for suspicious characters, especially over the busy Chinese New Year period.

Last Monday, Madam Zhen took her 12-year-old niece and two daughters, aged 5 and 7, out for dinner at 8pm.

According to her, her 5-year-old and niece were playing on the pavement outside the restaurant at 9pm while waiting for their food.

She told her niece to keep an eye on her daughter.

According to the niece, a black van pulled up in front of a shop on the opposite side of the street.

A shabbily-dressed man wearing a tattered pair of jeans got out and waved to the girls, holding out a piece of candy.

Said the 12-year-old: 'My cousin couldn't resist the temptation, so she walked over. The door of the van was open and she was about to enter, so I rushed over and grabbed her right hand.

'But the man held on to her left hand and didn't want to let go.'

It was in the middle of the tug-of-war that she saw a boy sitting in the back - gagged, hands tied behind his back, and quietly sobbing.

The boy was clad in a pair of blue pyjamas printed with pictures of lions.

'The boy seemed to be crying out to us for help,' said the teenager. 'I knew then that the Candy Uncle wasn't a good person.'

The girl screamed for help and the man shouted at her: 'Do you want this little girl?'

When she replied 'Yes!', the man said: 'I'm going to kill her.'

'I got a big shock,' the girl said. 'Luckily, a woman walked past us just then. She didn't see us struggling but the man got nervous and let go of my cousin's hand.'

As the girls turned to run off, the man suddenly reached out for the teenager, covering her mouth with his hands as if he was about to drag her into the van.

But another woman who was retrieving her car nearby heard the commotion and rushed over to intervene.

'The women grabbed my shoulders while the man grabbed by feet,' said the teenager.

'Then, I think the man got nervous, let go and quickly drove away.

'The woman copied down the number plate of the van and drove off, as if she was chasing the man.'

After the incident, the two girls returned to the restaurant without telling anyone about the incident.

It was only later on the way home that the teenager mentioned to her aunt what happened.

The next day, Madam Zhen took them to the police station where they spent several hours recording their statement.

She asked the police if anyone had made a report about a missing boy but the police replied there had been none so far.

Madam Zhen said her family wasn't rich, and the kidnapper couldn't have been after money.

That was why, she said, she organised a press conference to tell her story, so parents will be alert.

My Opinion :

1. I think, chances are, it's the same kidnapper as Sharlinie/Nurin. White van (in Nurin's case) can be painted black. And Selangor is not that far from KL. The way he wanted to pull the kid into the van is the same as Nurin's case. What are the odds of 2 maniacal kidnapper/killer with the same modus operandi roaming the streets of M'sia at one time?

2. The "boy" that the older cousin saw might be Sharlinie for all U know. Her hair could be cut like a boy and made to wear boy's clothes. The older cousin could not have seen clearly in a struggle and at night.

3. The lady should have come forward by now. Who, in their right mind, would not come forward after bearing witness to such an event. Although it is weird that she immediately drove off without ensuring the kids R OK.

Police should pay more attention to this case. This might be the break that they are looking for all this while.

Munira Mustaffa said...

Omg Sabrina... you could be right about that "boy" being Nini. Not jumping the gun here, but I did mention previously that there's a high possibility that Nini's abductor could be mobile, which would explain why our police are having such difficulty in tracking him down.

Munira Mustaffa said...

Ada tak korang baca this article:

South Americans may be involved in thefts, break-ins

Ini cukup merunsingkan. Sudahlah polis kita tidak berupaya mengawal jenayah yang dilakukan oleh orang dalaman, inikan pula orang luar yang semakin ramai bermaharajalela.

MaryKate said...

With Nurin dead, Ninie missing and more attempted kidnapping, why on earth didnt the POLICE launch a safety campaign? Why wasnt this in all the front pages of all medias so that every single person is fully aware of serious this problem is. Our Star ran a small article on the attempted abduction of this 5 years old girl. Is the police on the lookout for this van/black or white, or pink since it could be repainted? So, it could be mobile killing machine and that's whey house search is no use. Make full use of the police force and get them moving scouting all areas for a van and do a more thorough search. How many houses CAN be searched before we even find this poor child? Why dont the Police do a prevention campaign, give safely talks to schools, kindi, and more importantly to the parent themselves too.

This kidnapping is coming to a very serious level and while all attempt is given to rescue Ninie, not enough is done on prevention. Why still it's not full warning on the front pages, oh how silly of me, election fever is round the corner, we dont want to set off an alarm to the public !

torrent said...

pada sesiapa blum tgk filem 'gone baby gone' tahun 2007 ni, aku suggest cube tgk..psl kes budak perempuan hilang, Ben affleck ngarah, adik dia berlakon.dpt 12 award.
tkde copy mana2 cite cm yu$of ha$lam.

lepas aku tgk citer ni, teringat aku kisah budak hilang kt malaysia.

Gone baby gone

Kihampau said...

salam semua...
satu artikel untuk dikongsi bersama..

KUALA TERENGGANU: Kewujudan van berwarna kuning susu seperti yang digambarkan seorang budak lelaki selepas mendakwa dihampiri sekumpulan individu yang mempunyai niat jahat terhadapnya tidak harus dipandang sinis.

Munira Mustaffa said...


Your URL terpotong. Boleh tak kongsi semula URL tersebut? Cuba turuti langkah berikut:

(a href="isi url di sini di antara tanda quotation")Tajuk(/a)

*Perhatian: Pastikan tanda bracket ( ) itu digantikan dengan < >

Zulkifli said...

marykate,your comment really make sense ...ya it could be a mobile to house search will help but at the same time road blocks etc...god please...and the prevention campaign ...talks etc will definitely help....

M.KATE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zulkifli said...

kes macam ni menyebabkan kita semua stress...harap kerajaan ada idea yang bagus untuk menghapuskan jenayah seperti ini...tak guna cakap pasal peruntukkan pembangunan kalau anak anak nak main depan rumah pun tak selamat...

yang penting pastikan Malaysia selamat...bila selamat , pelabur asing akan datang ke sini...tapi kalau dah tak selamat..susahlah..jangan kata pelabur nak datang rakyat kat dalam pun cabut keluar....

macam saya kata dalam komen terdahulu buruh binaan tempatan cari kerja kat luar kita kena import buruh luar yang tak tau rekod jenayah dia cam na

rone said...

For the Police-Let's trace the caller & remand them in lock-up, sue them in court!!

Harian Metro-4 Feb 2008: Maklumat mengenai Sharlinie gemparkan polis

PETALING JAYA: Polis gempar seketika apabila menerima maklumat dari seorang individu yang memberitahu kanak-kanak perempuan, Sharlinie Mohd Nashar, 5, yang dilaporkan hilang sejak 9 Januari lalu berada di Terowong Smart di ibu negara.
Bagaimanapun, polis yang bergegas ke lokasi tidak menemui kanak-kanak itu dan menganggapnya sebagai maklumat palsu.

unicorn said...

it has been 26 days since ninie dissapearance...

masih memikirkan ttg berita
'budak lelaki'yg dilihat menangis yg diikat dlm van spt diceritakan saksi2 tersebut...apkah nasibnya sekarng ini? oh tuhan...anak siapa kah itu?

according to police,no missing child reported..betul kah atau cover up? (takut kena kutuk sbb kes ninie entah kemana..)it's ok jika nak penyiasatan lebih berkesan tapi kalau saja2 mmg tak patut!almaklum enjin pilihanraya tgh panas la ni

risau dan sedih..anak2 ini tak boleh berkurung dlm rumah,ibu bapa pula kena cari nafkah..kdg2 rasa hopeless sgt..

aku berharap agar semua orang membantu dgn bersolat hajat/yassin etc krn mungkin salah satu doa plg ikhlas & kyusuk dimakbulkan Allah akhirnya...

ummi said...


I've read the article that Sabrina quoted. The same thought came to mind that the "little boy" could be Sharlinie. She got short hair and at that age, she can always pass a boy.

Since no one has come forward to give the plate number, I have a strong feeling that the woman is part of the gang. Maybe, she "helped" because she feel that its not worth getting caught as the girls are putting up a fight. And thus its safer leave immediately. Anyway, she just drove off and left the girls without making sure that they return to their family safely. With reference to Nurin's case, remember, there is a possibility of a woman involved.

Is there any cctv installed in the area that could have captured the incident? If there is, the police should really study it and pick up simililarities (if any) to the enhanced footage in nurin's case.

Lastly, with all the doas and solat hajats that many have been doing, its good and should keep it up. But at the same time, maybe the attempted kidnaps, etc. are actually signs from Allah. He will answer our prayers in many ways and maybe this one of it. Police really got to look at these cases as the same thing and who knows there is common in them. And that will help us to save Sharlinie and capture the beasts.


Ummi in S'pore

Sabrina said...

Or another thought that I have is that, maybe the kids might have made up or exaggerated some facts of the story. Cos' it really doesn't make sense that the woman just went off like that without coming forward to the police. If she don't wanna help, then she wouldn't rescue them in the 1st place. Kids can sometimes have an over-imaginative mind. Remember how Sharlinie's sister mentioned abt the "women" kidnapping Sharlinie when she never existed in the 1st place?

And the fact that M'sian police didn't thoroughly investigate or give a lot of exposure to this case makes me think that they didn't really take this case seriously. The police themselves might have realised some inconsistencies and thus dismissed the case. Of cos' if it really does happen like what the kids described, esp abt the "boy" in the van, then the police should totally pay attention to this case.

Munira Mustaffa said...

I don't think Sharliena made up that woman. As a matter of fact, in a traumatic event, it is quite normal that a child can get confused with her memories. I, myself, am quite curious about her statement about that strange woman. I think she must have seen something prior to the abduction, but the trauma and the shock has caused her to be uncertain and confused with relevant facts and irrelevant incidents. I wonder how our police are treating this situation.

The trouble is, Malaysians are not confrontational or aggressive enough in dealing with crime and missing children. Yes, I am aware that there is a public outcry - we are obviously angry and disturbed at what seems to be a lack of proactive reaction, but are we doing enough? I think just going around distributing posters is not enough an action if the media themselves are not interested enough to pursue the story. Look at us - Sharlinie's disappearance is no longer made a news priority, barely even two weeks since she disappeared. Yes, I am aware that our news people barely have enough to go on with, but this basically sums up our attitude towards the issue. It's not just the police, I think we are all to be blamed for this. I think we should push for a heavier exposure to make everyone realise the intensity of the danger. Take the Western press like in the UK, for example. Madeleine McCann disappeared in Portugal, but the news media in UK is relentless in pursuing the story. How many months since Maddy disappeared? I go to the local Tesco here and I still see her on newspapers and tabloids. Why aren't we doing the same for Nini, or any other missing/abused children in Malaysia? The only thing we seem to be interested in focusing on is only sensationalised news. It's quite sad when you think about it. Is it any wonder why we seem to suffer from short-term memory? We forget so easily because our attitude dictates as such. That's why Malaysians hardly ever care to take important matters seriously.

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