Friday, January 18, 2008

Case Solved : Gerak Khas

It's the work of his closest friend. The victim's father doesn't know as the culprit has a split personality, normal when in public but a sex maniac when left alone.

Not only he kidnaps little girls from the Pasar Malam but he sodomise little boys too.

The victim is a lovely girl, staying in a flat at Setapak. The father operates a Nasi Lemak stall and are heavily in debts, with Ah Long included.

One fine day, his daughter went missing after visiting the Pasar Malam. Searches were made everywhere but without avail.

Then a gunny sack with a body of a girl was found near a construction site. The body was said to the missing girl "Natasha".

The parents were asked to identify the body but despite DNA results, the father denied that the dead body was his child.

The Police then made several theories on why the father refuses to accept that the body was of his daughter's. He must be hiding something, exclaimed one of the Police officer.

After much coaxing and after the mother had a dream at 3.00 a.m., the father relented and agreed to claim the body for burial.

At the cemetery, a reporter asked whether he was convinced that the girl they just buried was his. He told the reporter that he was just doing everyone a favour by burying the child as everyone thinks that the child was his. As far as he's concerned, his child was still missing and expects the Police to continue with the searching operations.

Back tracking a bit, the post-mortem results showed that the child was dead due to infections resulting from injuries at her private parts. It was discovered that the child was sexually abused using foreign objects, and the foreign objects were cucumber and brinjal.

Fast forward, the Police came to know that the Ah Long (whom the father was heavily in debt with) issued a threat to the child's father saying that he would be facing the same consequence as his daughter's if he failed to pay up his dues.

The Ah Long was hauled in and questioned but they (the Police) could not find any evidence that could relate the Ah Long with the abduction cum murder of "Natasha". He was then released.

In the meantime, "Natasha's" abductor cum murderer went prowling again. The public became panicky!

Then a video clip was discovered showing someone carrying a gunny sack at the place where the child's body was found.

The Police reviewed the video clip and detected a van captured in the video clip.

The van (with its registration number clearly visible) was traced to - guess who -the child's father!

Immediately the father became the suspect and brought for questioning. He denied any involvement but when shown a picture with his van captured, he told the police that besides him, his close friend also uses his van from time to time.

The police showed a photofit, and he immediately recognised the photofit to be his close friend.

The Police and the father straight away ambushed the friends house - only to discover that he has several pictures of naked "Natasha" and other kids together with the drees Natasha last worn.

Case solved .

After reading the above story, whose story would you relate it to?

Nobody would have to think real hard but to recognise it to be a story which resembles the Nurin (and Jazimin) story!

And that's tonight's episode of Gerak Khas aired over RTM2 at 9.00 p.m. today!

Just what is Yusof Haslam and RTM trying to do here? Adding more speculation, the "no-no" that the Police had been advising the public from doing!

The only thing missing from tonight's episode is the distribution of "Natasha's" autopsy pictures. Maybe it's next week's episode, and I wonder whose the culprit this time.

Though the ending part does not incriminate the parents, but the parents were pictured as heavily in debt and at a certain stage, was in a state of denial. And this suggestion would have a great impact to the parents of Nurin Jazlin. (As if they haven't had enough!)

What should we do then? Let them make money and more money on the sufferings of other people and the same time taint the reputation of the victim's family?

I think both Yusof Haslam and RTM is just inviting suits to come their way. While we have not proceeded with any legal action on the slandering news reports and the distribution of autopsy pictures, this latest straw is making my blood boiling urging us to see our lawyer on the best action to take on all the now "three" matters. Are we wrong? Let us know!

Jasni AJ


Jutawan Internet said...

pada pendapat saya, tuan boleh teruskan niat tersebut, tapi perlu pendapat peguam terlebih dahulu.. sebab biasanya cerita macam tu akan keluar disclaimer.. cerita ini adalah rekaan semata-mata dan tiada kaitan antara hidup dan mati...

Munira Mustaffa said...

Despite the "liberal changes", you cannot deny the strong correlations between the episode plotlines and its related real-life event.

Natasha vs Nurin. As if it cannot get anymore obvious, the nerve!

Recalling the tragedy of the 9-11 when movies and televisions removed any images of the famous Twin Towers in the background or the networks held back episodes or movies with strong hints of terrorist attacks in New York or airplane hijackings, out fear of causing distress and insensitivity. I didn't understand back then why the sudden restriction, but with some maturity since then, I do now. It's very emotionally distressing.

En. Jasni, it's your call. You should consult your attorney about this.

And it's barely even a year, just 3 months since. The dust barely settled. Where's their common sense? Oh right. It's all in due interest to garner more viewership for a cheap show. How low can you get?

tehsin mukhtar said...

jasni...SUE THE BLARDY BUGGERS! DAMN IT! It is too obvious, without permission lagi and slanderous!!! Do it NOW while the sympathy levels are high and people are still mad!!!!! On all three counts!!!!! JUST DO IT!

Jutawan, in this case, disclaimer dia tak leh IS about Nurin!!!! Get Karpal ka sapa2 yang can really teach them a lesson.

Jangan tunggu lagi!! Real parasite this Yusof Haslam.

Munira Mustaffa said...

It's a crappy show, anyway.

Mustaffa said...

It is sad but sometimes thru episodes like this we can understand why Malays are such a backward race. They produce TV shows totally lacking in original thought and intellectual creativity. They have the nerve to call themselves Muslims and followers of the one true religion when they don't even realise, nor do they have the capacity to realise, that taking advantage of the misfortunes of others and spreading slanderous views and comments are the biggest riba there is.

pendita_alam said...

Saya tidak sempat mengikuti sambungan Gerak Khas malam tadi kerana menyertai pasukan PDRM mengedarkan poster mencari Sharlini sekitar Keramat.

Tetapi saya sempat menonton sebahagian episod pertama minggu lalu.

Setahu saya drama Gerak Khas biasanya mendapat nasihat dari pihak PDRM (berdasar kredit yang disiar diakhir drama). Jika benar begitu, pihak polis juga terlibat dalam penyiaran drama tersebut.

Bagi saya drama tersebut tidak sepatutnya ditayangkan dalam keadaan kes belum dapat diselesaikan, lebih2 lagi dalam keadaan kanak2 yang hilang belum ditemui. Bimbang jika penjenayah kan bertindak lebih kejam kepada mangsa...

Tanyalah produksi, rtm & polis..apakah rasionalnya drama tersebut patut ditayang kepada umum? Lepas tu ambillah tindakan sewajarnya. Sikap tidak menghirau sensitiviti masih masih menebal nampaknya.

Saya terus berdoa agar penjenayah segera ditangkap dan mangsa pulang dengan selamat.

izsahani said...

Saya setuju dengan Pendita Alam, confront PDRM dan RTM dan tanya kenapa depa siarkan episode sedemikian. Tengok apa jawapan depa. Preferably, bawak lawyer sekali. Jika jawapan mereka tidak munasabah, proceed dengan legal action.

(kurang ajar punya yusof haslam)

MaryKate said...

Real sickening, profiting out of other's misery and RTM actually allowed it? Should sue them until their pants dropped.

tehsin mukhtar said...

ah long ke mak long ke pak long ke...the blardy point is that a child was murdered horrifically!!!! does it mean kalau kita hutang kat ah long ka ceti ka, our kids deserve to be murdered in revenge???? nak berjaya macam hollywood...even they got the decency to go talk to the families, get permission, etc..Mona Fandey nye citer pun kene budak tak berdosa, disiarkan lagi siksa dan mengulang berkali2 pasal timun dan terung tu..tak ke sah2 pasal Nurin? Jasni..I don;t understand..what are you guys waiting for...dari gambar autopsy tu pun dah patut u all sue...while i am upset the parents were a bit me even kakak nurin too young to escort them to pasar malam...tapi we have to understand...the exposure and fears of parents are different..maybe parents Nurin tak terpikir there are people like this out there...macam kita dulu2..bebas pi kedai dekat umah...can't fault them fully gak...educating people on the dangers out there is the cops can't simply turn around and bleat negligence on their side...HOW SO INSENSITIVE AND UNETHICAL...can we imagine anyone doing a movie on the downfall of Chua Soi Lek or the child rapist ex Chief Minister of a certain state????

Where is the justice in this world. Semua berani nak pikul title LEADER tapi no one realises the beban and the responsibilities to those who put their hopes on them. Semua tak takut MATI and nak jumpa Allah SWT and jawab..kita manusia biasa pun terkial2 ketakutan..banyak sgt dosa..apa lagi yang pegang amanah rakyat...

jasni ...take it up with Shahrizat...she must publicize and warn those responsible...

steph said...

How insensitive RTM was! Its like rubbing salt into the wound again. Don't we have enough emotional stress-up lately?

I think we should all sign up to launch a complaint to RTM and the authority. We should highlight the plight of the family of Nurin and all those who cares when they watched this and forced to re-lived the terrible situation again.

torrent said...

aku tk prnah tgk abis cite gerak khas..lebih suke tgk csi.

saman sahaja en. yu$of ha$lam ni, adeke patut, bender ni dibuatnya drama dlm slot tv, pastu hampir 95% jalan cerita gerak khas ikut kejadian yg menimpa adik nurin.

dasar kurang hajar sgt ni, tapi rasanya bukan yu$of ha$lam saje terlibat, tapi pihak RTM (pihak yg tapis) n pihak polis selaku penasihat gerak khas..

insya-Allah ramai blogger yg akan sokong tindakan saman ni en. jasni.

torrent said...

dari temubual dgn pihak LPF (Lembaga Penapisan Filem) 2001

LPF terbahagi kepada beberapa unit seperti Unit Panggung dan Unit Pita, manakala unit di peringkat TV, kita letakkan beberapa ahli di stesen TV khusus untuk menapis filem atau program yang akan disiarkan RTM, TV3 dan ntv7. LPF dibantu dari segi khidmat logistik oleh sesebuah urusetia yang diketuai seorang setiausaha dan dibantu beberapa pegawai serta anggota sokongan. Jika ada pengeluar filem tidak puas hati, mereka boleh membuat rayuan.

sumber :

- stupid lpf, staff derang duduk bwh tempurung ke aper, kalau tak cukup staff/atau malas nk tapis, amikla orang lain, berlambak mahasiswa/siswi yg nganggur n yg nak kejer.

unicorn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
unicorn said...

THis is a total& blatant ignorance to victim's family feeling & dignity!

Aku tak minat pun gerak khas tapi bila dengar cerita macam ni...sedih betul,apa lah dia orang nak sampaikan mesej? jazimin is the killer? tolonglah,kasihanilah bapa malang ini!

jayen75 said...

sue aje org2 cam ni. diorang ni... selagi dia tak kena, dia tak rasa. saya pun pernah rasa anak hilang kat shopping complex. salah saya sebab cuai. walaupun tak sampai 10 minit, rasa cam nak mati,nak pengsan.. semua ada..
dalam kepala otak saya ni, asik teringat si jazimin cakap, spot-check setiap rumah utk cari Ninie. saya tau itu tak possible, tapi sth of that sort perlu dilakukan.
cuba fikirkan.. "catman" berlegar kat Kg Baru n maybe PJ. si Fatihah hilang kat PJ, jumpa kat Setapak. Arwah Nurin hilang kat Wangsa Maju, jumpa kat PJ. Saya pikir org gila ni mesti kat area2 ni jugak... melainkan suspect nya org yg berlainan. tak boleh ke kita buat some kind of checking kat area ni.. sesiapa yg tak bersalah, mesti tak kesah kalau polis check rumah dia... yang ada sth to hide, mesti keberatan... then, bolehla polis riki that person atau dapatkan waran untuk masuk rumah tu...
ishh! entahla.. cakap memang senang.. tapi mesti buat sesuatula kan..
saya takleh bayang camanala mak bapak si nurin... dan jugak ninie. "kesian" is an understatement la.. tak sanggup even nak tengok muka2 hamba Allah ni.. sedih betul saya. apapun, Allah lebih mengetahui. setiap kejadian, ada hikmahnya. kita terlalu kerdil.. ituje yang boleh saya concludekan sekarang..

minahspring said...

Amat-amat menyedihkan apabila Jutawan Yusuf Haslam sanggup membuat keuntungan dari penderitaan orang lain. Very-very insensitive. Perkara seperti ini boleh terjadi kepada sesiapa.

Saya cadangkan kita ramai-ramai menulis surat atau membuat petition kepada RTM, untuk menyuarakan bantahan kita.

Witty Angel said...

sick!!!they r really sick!!!and insensitivee..teruk gile..patutnye org melayu tolong la org melayu ringankan beban family nurin tapi diorg ni siap amik kesempatan lagi..jahat gileee..pasni confirm la x tengok any movies or drama by yusof haslam..teruk!

non said...

This would not happen during Tok Mat's time. RTM has betrayed people.

rone said...

I saw the Gerak Khas Part 2 last night(actually by accident when my kid turn to TV2 RTM)...then I noticed it's about the similarity in Arwah Nurin's case here and there.

What I can say...IT'S SUCK!!!

Come'on Yusof Haslam n the gang and RTM...where is your BRAIN.
You all did the WRONG job at the wrong time.

I'm agreed with Tehsin...sue them in the court, teach them the lesson!

loony moony said...

To the people behind that particular Gerak Khas episode: Oh come on.
Capitalising on/exploiting other people's misery & grief?
And the worst part is, Nurin's case isn't even solved yet.
The episode may be misleading people, dropping hints and suggestions to where Nurin's case may lead to.
Like munira mustaffa commented "The dust barely settled."
To the producers/director, after all the years in the business, couldn't you have used better judgement?
Oh. Come. On.

zalwani said...

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua,

sesetengah manusia nie kalau dah berjaya, kaya raya mmemang perangai dan otaknya macam tu. dia tak dapat rasa pun macam mana perasaan org lain menanggung derita. tak sensitif. saya rasa drama nie pun hasil usahasama anak beranak yg tak pakai akal yg waras. memangla dia boleh tulis di akhir cerita bahawasnya cerita ni rekaan semata2. tapi dato' tu seharusnya pakai otak kes nie masih baru, ibubapa dan rakyat malaysia yg perihatin masih lagi merasai kedukaannya. lagipun kes nie masih dlm siasatan polis. kok ya pun kalau dah abis idea nak buat cerita polis, tungulah kes nie selesai.cerita pasal polis makan rasuah tak de pulak. walaubagaimanapun kita berdoa agar adik shalini selamat dan sama2 kita membantu polis dlm kes ni.dan lagi satu En Jasni, saya amat menyokong agar si yusof haslam tu di "saman"

adline said...

I don't watch Gerak Khas, but if that was what they did, I am disgusted! If they claim to want to 'educate' the public.. then come up with another story on child abduction. They should be more sensitive. I think you should tell them off!

izsahani said...

kalau kita kutuk yusof haslam dan mangkuk2 yang terlibat dlm episode gerak khas tu dalam blog ni, tak semua orang akan baca. entah2 pak usop tu sendiri tak baca. so apa kata kalau En. Jasni buat press conference, biar 22 juta rakyat malaysia tau betapa lahabau taik kerbau-nyer mereka2 ini dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

fir_fluffy said...
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fir_fluffy said...
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fir_fluffy said...
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fir_fluffy said...
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Den said...

Manusia merancang, Allah jua merancang. Siri Gerak Khas merancang bahawa yang kena culik ialah kanak-kanak yang pergi pasar malam. Tetapi dengan takdir Allah, adik Sharlinie diculik semasa tengahari buta, di padang permainan, tengah-tengah taman perumahan. Bukankah itu satu tamparan kepada siri Gerak Khas ? Nilai kejiranan, nilai kemasyarakatan di Malaysia semakin rapuh. Puas sudah pemimpin, alim ulamak memberi nasihat, namun kita tak sedar. Dengan takdir Allah jua, hanya seorang manusia yang berhati binatang yang dapat memberikan sedikit kesedaran kepada kita. Itupun masih ramai lagi yang tidak sedar, mementingkan diri sendiri, tidak mengambil berat kejiranan mereka. Berserah sajalah kepada Allah, biarlah Allah membalas mereka yang berniat buruk. Tapi kalau ingin mengambil tindakan undang-undang, terpulang, itu hak kita masing-masing.


Zulkifli said...

padangan saya ialah....saman sahaja...apabila ada pihak cuba mengambil keuntungan atas penderitaan orang lain maka jalan untuk menghentikan budaya buruk ini adalah saman...tiada kebenaran di minta dan sebagainya...

tindakan harus di ambil sebagai pengajaran ..seriously more nonsense ...

Saddiq said...

Pada pendapat saya, perkara seperti ini tidak perlu digembar-gemburkan. Tidak perlu saman-menyaman mahupun menunding jari menentukan siapa yang salah. Episod "Syaitan Bertopeng" dalam siri Gerak Khas sebenarnya berjaya membuka minda dan memberi kesedaran pada orang ramai. Orang diluar sana sedar bahawa kejadian yang menimpa arwahyarhammah Nurin mungkin boleh berlaku kepada sesiapa sahaja. Episod tempoh hari memberi kesan yang mendalam kepada mereka yang menonton dan jutaan peminat siri ini. Sebenarnya impak visual menerusi televisyen adalah seribu kali lebih berkesan berbanding medium yang lain terutamanya dari segi penyampaian mesej dan iktibar. Jangan terlalu sensitif sehingga lupa kepada perkara-perkara positif yang berjaya dipaparkan didalam siri Gerak Khas. Semoga anda semua dapat menerima kenyataan ini dengan hati yang lebih terbuka.

-zaza:o:binxz- said...

i dun mean to bash, but sorry to say saudara Yusoff n GK clan has always been insensitive.

I'm not a fan so I didn't know about this particular episode until I read this.

AM not sure about this suing En Jazni, but what I sure know is he needs to apologize to your family for being insensitive!

Zulkifli said...

Sadiq....nak buat apa apa cerita especially berkaitan dengan orang lain kena ada kebenaran...kalau jujur itu yang sepatut dilakukan...

melakukan sesuatu tanpa kebenaran dan diolah sedemikian rupa memberikan imej dan gambaran buruk pada keluarga Jazimin..

saya tak setuju...banyak cara lain lagi

Saddiq said...

En. Zulkifli,
Setiap minggu berjuta orang menonton rancangan Gerak Khas. Ia tetap medan terbaik bagi menyampai mesej kepada awam. 9 tahun rancangan ini ke udara adalah satu bukti pencapaian En. Zul. Rancangan ini tetap dihati peminatnya.