Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Back to Square One

Well, what can I say. It's just like playing "Snake & Ladder", one minute you're in square 70, then suddenly after getting swallowed by the giant snake, you're back to square 1.

After having had our hopes dashed in the earlier two episodes, first the 4 Malay chaps, then the famous Sim-card swallowing Indonesian lady, you might have noticed that we didn't get too excited when the Police hauled, remanded and eventually released the latest two "suspects" in relation to the Nurin's abduction cum murder case.

Though we might not be too excited about it publicly but deep inside, I (at least) had this small hope that perhaps, this time around would be a different story, the breakthrough and the end to the painful months of waiting. I thought that this time around, maybe someone had accidentally talked about something that he knew about the case, or even the culprit itself unrealisingly boasted his top rated skills that had made our police force groping in the dark for months, or maybe, the police had been targeting these two guys for months and thought that they had collected enough evidence to nab the culprit and whatever evidences they had were strong and solid enough that could successfully nail the culprit in court. I was also pretty sure that the Police won't let anyone to continue belittling them with the "catch, release, catch, release" melodrama that had become the talk of the town.

But (sigh), the renewed hope was dashed yet again when the suspects were eventually released as the Police were satisfied that the "suspects" were not involved in the case at all. I wonder what kind of information that reached the Police that had led them to believe that they were suspects in the first place.

But I'm no Police and I don't really know how they work but based on the few conversations I had with several policemen at various levels from the No.2 to don't know what number, I am given the impression that until the Nurin's case is resolved, until then their minds would be unsettled as just like anyone else, it is in their greater interest to nab this "super elusive" culprit that had dented their image as an effective force in solving crimes, no matter how "complicated".

And now, when the chase for Nurin's perpetrator is still being "aimlessly" conducted (I hope not!), come along the Nini's abduction case. Oh what a timing?

Just who could Nurin's abductor/murderer be? Is Nini his latest victim? Just who is this "Catman"? Too many questions have remained a mystery. And the mystery is a mystery that no one can live with!

Oh God, please guide us, please protect us, please please please. Show us the light, allow us to live with a peaceful mind. Help us rid all the devilish characters among us in the community. In You we trust, O my dear God. Amin

Jasni AJ


Sabrina said...

Hi Jasni,

I'm from Singapore. I'm a regular visitor to your site and have kept constant updates since Nurin's disappearance. But I've never written in the comments section before until now. This move was prompted by a sudden dream that I had abt Nurin's case last week. Dunno why the sudden dream, maybe cos' it's an omen that Sharlinie is abt to disappear or something. Anyway, in the dream an idea came to me. Why didn't the police work with the telcos in Msia and print the list of calls that was made in the area where Nurin's body was found on that day and around that time? I'm sure the telcos can trace the calls made in that area during that time. I'm not sure if the police have thought abt it before. Maybe they have, maybe they haven't. Just thought of conveying my dream to U. As I, and I'm sure, millions of other Malaysians, would love to see this devil caught.

rone said...

To ALL Muslims out there, today let's do Solat Hajat for Adik Nini after Solat Jumaat. We begging to Allah for give us some clue.
Today is Day 10 Adik Nini disappeared.

danny said...


Elok rasanye minta tolong Yusof Haslam. Maybe Gerak Khas Krew better than our police.

tehsin mukhtar said...
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unicorn said...

i dont now what to say anymore but i know God is with us.

muslimin & muslimat,pls solat hajat individually or jemaah. we must call for muslims to unite now.

these criminals are very dangerous and must be caught ALIVE!

Dont forget what they did to our beloved nurin. Sharlinie must returns home SAFE and ALIVE.

i found a poem ,kind of spiritual.

where do we go.
where do we go
when we go to a place
That simply is no place at all?
When we step out of time to become nothing more
Than a memory few can recall?
How can we be when we no longer are?
Or, earlier, not yet have been?
A bit of eternity sits in our souls
Though we live in the house of the wind.

Consciousness comes like a stranger to call,
Both us and yet something quite more.
Where it may come from and where it may go
Is a wonder behind a locked door.

Somewhere in the night, humanity hides.
Somewhere in the night, reality lives.

Somewhere in the night ...

Where is the light?
Pls God show us the way

fealize_eleanoer said...

where d hell is the killer ?

dear God,

plz punish him ASAP !...

gggrrrr !!!!

Jutawan Internet said...

cadangan itu pernah diajukan melalui blog ini. Harap pihak ada ambil perhatian dan tindakan

Nur Fadzillah said...

blh tny few things on nini and nurin cases tak?
what was nurin's birthdate?
hospital mane yg dia pegi to get follow-up medical check up each month?
ada sape2 tau sharlinie dptkan her medication from which hospital?
and also her birthdate?
plz answer...

Jasni AJ said...

Dear Nur Fadzillah,

Nurin was born on 11-9-1999. She visits HKL for her medications.

I'm not sure about Sharlinie's. Will find out soon.

Thank you.

Jasni AJ

Nur Fadzillah said...

im actually doing some investigations on these 2 cases..
mcm nmpk pattern yg same..
sbb tu sy tny soalan tu..
disagree with me..but we seriously cant depend on our malaysian police..
kalau dua2 kes ni commited by d same person...malaysians xkan boleh dpt hidup aman selagi this serial psycho murder x ditangkap..
so plz..i beg you guys..
plz at least do something..
the least u can do is to check on your jiran2 (kiri and kanan rumah)..juz tgk if ada ape2 yg pelik yg u guys rs suspicious..xsusah pun..
kalau semua rakyat malaysia buat camni..
the probability for us to find sharlinie might be high..
we've made mistakes in dealing with nurin's case...dun let it happen again..plzzzz..i still cant get over with my guiltiness...=(