Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Telcos should get involved in Nurin Alert

Wednesday January 16, 2008

WE are now looking at the introduction of an alert system known as Nurin (Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network) Alert to combat kidnapping and assist in locating missing children.

I would like to suggest telcos get more actively involved in this system by sending out images of kidnap victims or even photofits of perpetrators via MMS. If all the telcos are part of the system, the alert will go out to potentially 20 million Malaysians; which may also include the perpetrators and their cohorts.

There are several advantages to using mobile phones, as they are now so personal that no one leaves home without it. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost telcos much, and it definitely is cheaper than printing posters.

The other obvious advantage is speed, as we all are aware that the faster we act, the better the chances of recovery.

It would be a refreshing change for subscribers to receive something of value from their telcos instead of the messages they are sending out now!

Kuala Lumpur.

- The Star


unicorn said...

Telcos should get involved in nurin alert...Yes,the soonest the better!

as far as i know, celcom ada buat sms on sharlinie's dissapearance.aku harap DiGi,Maxis pon buat lah kerja2 sosial begini ,jgn dok fikir buat sms duit jer.

have u all know? The two suspects were released today..!what's next?another body count? im sorry but im too sad.

dah masuk 8 hari! what's her last meal she had?will her kidnapper feed her? no to nurin.
dont want to say more abt the rest.
cuma aku mula rasa menggigil teringat kembali how the bastards did to our sweet nurin.

how the hypnosis going? adakah polis co-op with dr sazali?

ya Allah,tolonglah..

unicorn said...

Time is critical.Searching for nini should have been intensified in the viccinity area.

pelaku2 ini adalah org2 yg sama.when that 2 suspects apprehended (& there was no sign of nini anywhere),i think they(the bastards) were laughing and clapping gleefully and making fun to the authority.

i have no doubt nini is crying day & night for her parents & sisters.

i hope the parents will give stern message/warning to her abductors if anything bad done to their child!

say it on TV! aku dah bosan dengar "akan maafkan penculik", "tidak berdendam" like wise. kalau boleh sumpah seranah sekali ! Tuhan kabulkan 'doa' org2 teraniaya begini.

maafkan jika aku tersalah sebab aku geram!