Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kes Sharlinie: Lapor kepada polis jika jiran berpindah mengejut

30/01/2008 5:16pm

PETALING JAYA 30 Jan. – Lapor kepada polis jika jiran anda berkelakuan mencurigakan atau berpindah dengan tergesa-gesa ketika pihak berkuasa menjalankan pemeriksaan dari rumah ke rumah dalam gerakan mencari Sharlinie Mohd. Nashar.

Itu pesanan Ketua Polis Selangor, Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar yang mengharapkan keprihatinan dan kerjasama orang ramai dalam membantu polis mencari kanak-kanak perempuan berusia lima tahun itu yang hilang sejak tiga minggu lepas.

Beliau berkata, masyarakat perlu mengambil tahu perkembangan jiran masing-masing dan saling mengenalinya.

“Saya mohon masyarakat melaporkan sekiranya ada jiran yang berpindah secara tiba-tiba dalam tempoh dua minggu kebelakangan ini supaya kami boleh menyiasat sama ada ia ada kaitan dengan kes kehilangan Sharlinie,” katanya kepada pemberita di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya hari ini.

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Abdul said...

Not sure how relevant it is but I just read this a while ago while was searching something through goolge..

It seems that another child was about to get kidnapped yesterday...

rone said...

News in The Star today, I think the same news as reported in The Sun yesterday, pls more aware!!

Thursday January 31, 2008

Sisters almost abducted by man offering sweet from van

TWO children were almost abducted by a man sitting inside a van who lured them with candy while they were playing outside a restaurant in Puchong, Sin Chew Daily reported.

He tried to pull the five-year-old girl into the vehicle when the girl came to get the candy but the girl’s sister, 12, who saw the incident, ran to her rescue.

He tried to drag the older sister in as well.

However, when he saw a woman coming by, he abandoned his attempt and drove off.

A police report had been lodged by the girls’ parents, it reported.

unicorn said...
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unicorn said...
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unicorn said...

yes, the report of foiled abduction attempt also in The Sun on january 30,2008.(page 4)

PJ- an alert 12 years old girl foiled an attempt by aman to abduct her 5 yr old sister in puchong jaya last week.

in the botched abduction,the two sisters claimed they saw a young boy tied & gagged.

the girls's mother, a hsewife has lodged a police report. she told police she took her daughters aged 5,7 & 12 to arest. for dnnr at abt 9pm on jan 21.

aftr eating their fair share of the food,her dgters stepped out of the rest. to play on the walkway.

while the leder siblings were playing wth each other, A BLACK VAN pulled up and aman who emerged offered the 5 yr old a sweet.

when the girl took the sweet, thet man tried to bundle her into the van but the eldest sibling rushed up to pull her sister away from the man,resulting in a tug-of-war.

when two women passrs by stopped to check the commotion & questioned the man, he let go of the girls and sped away in the van.

the siblings mother was not aware of the incident until the eldest dghtr related it to her after they retrned home.

the dghtrs also told the mother abt the boy they saw sitting on the floor of the van. they said they boy appeared terrified and in tears.

the hsewife sought the advice of kinrara assblyman dr kow cheong wei who told her to lodge a police report.

kow said although the claims came from two children,their story appeared to be consistent when questioned.the two women who intervened in a tug-of-war between sisters and a man are urge to come forward and help police in their investigation.

The police should seriously investigate the latest attempt.

i'm worried abt what the two sisters saw. they say 'a boy' tied & gagged,in tears sat on the van's floor.could it be ninie?

rone said...

Yup...hopefully the sister age 12 can remember well about incident and help the Police, also the 2 womans who saw the incident-pls lodge the report to Police.

Your cooperation can help the boy inside the black van...yupp maybe that is adik Nini.

It looks the kidnappers got NO FEAR to the public!!

Zulkifli said...

Rone, This people are satan , they dont have any is sickening that the crime rate in Islam Hadari era is increasing worst then before...children being kidnap, brutally rape and murder is increasing...

Plus we even have striptease club in KL...this is a true BOLEH LAND...

And government is lack of idea how to overcome this sick situation...this is not new ...for the past 4 or 5 years it is like a and there children being rape and kill...some or maybe most of them involve immigrants...and why are we still importing 1,000 a day from Bangladesh? come on find a solution...Long term and short term solution...

as a father who have kid , son and daughters...I tell YOU this is not a safe country for children and this is A FACT...

Government, most of us vote for you , pay tax to you , tol, this and that increase every now and then ....and because of that we have the every right to question you give us Approproiate answer...what is your plan for this...? This is getting worst..

hope the women and the children who actually saw the bastard son of the motherless goat can help the police...and the Police please help....please.

azryna said...

The news last night reported very much on the infrastructure development that the citizens are going to enjoy... Millions RM of investment. Bla bla bla
I vaguely remember the place and the details of the development reported.

Do I care anymore? What I want to know is the changes and measures that the government is taking to tackle this crazy world of child kidnapping and molestation.

I don't care on the list of so called development. It is a government's responsibility to do that. Why shout the millions out so much? I am not impressed by the numbers. I want to know what those millions have contributed to the total development of the nation. We are not fools.. your quantity does not speak quality.

This is not a safe country and becoming crazier if no drastic changes are made.
Please la..

Izleen said...

aisey...takkan tak de saper nampak plet nombor van tu kot? The two women, please have a heart to come forward. I am pretty sure the police will cooperate with you if you do not wish your identities to be disclosed.

I hope these women who witnessed the incident won't have the "bukan anak aku" attitude....please please, have a heart.