Saturday, January 5, 2008

People Still Care, People Still Remember

Pic : The visits and page views chart for the week as at 12.30 a.m. 5th January 2008.

Though there are getting less and less materials to share with its readers, Nurin Jazlin weblog continues attracting visitors to its site.

Though comments posted by visitors are getting less and less, silent visitors are still in the hundreds every day.

Though visitors to the weblog are no longer as many as at the height of public outcry on the Nurin's tragedy, the public at large are still hungry for news on Nurin.

Who can really blame the visitors for not posting their comments as much as they had previously, what else are there to say? They can't be "repeat and repeat" posting their disgust over and over again like mantra reciting, can they?

But the fact that they are still visiting, some on a daily basis is proof enough that people wants answers, people wants actions and people wants to know that every efforts are being taken to bring the perpetrators to face the consequence of their inhuman act on poor little Nurin.

Pray for justice and pray for our children's safety, we shall remain always.

Jasni AJ


Anonymous said...


I think that a great many people all over the world do still care and remember Nurin. We want justice for her. It seems to me that a crime as brutal as what was perpetrated on Nurin could only have been committed by a serial killer----someone who will not stop at just one girl or woman. I believe s/he (or they) will strike again. Have the police in Malaysia looked for any patterns, any past crimes with similar M.O.s? Please know that a lot of people still do care.

X. (writing from the USA)

unicorn said...

ppl do care but must keep posting in order to have this memorial weblog alive.

IGP show us that you r doing yr job,show us (at least!)the culprits behind arwah's post mortem pics!

why the silence after promising the public?

Pls do live up to the PDRM's motto 'betul,cepat,mesra' ..(do they?)

Zulkifli said...

ya please keep posting...

forget about Chua Soi Lek case...tumpukan pada kes ini...kes ni lagi penting...

jasni and friend , I will be outstation and dont have acces to computer ...but will always give strong support to this blog..adios

MaryKate said...

jasni, i have to agree, there's so much a person can write about the feelings, hatred, love, concern and disgusts about Nurin's case. However, this blog is still an inspiration for me and to me, it all started here. It took me to another platform and while my interest will always be on Nurin and N.Alert, it's also about the children and how we can help them, there are still many unfortunate ones and hopefully, united we can make a difference. Every little effort makes a difference, and every big leap start will a small step.

LiaCatrina said...

Bukan dah lupa pada blog ni..cuma kalau aku nak kasi komen je..mesti ada komen yang sama dengan aku.. walau begitu boleh dikatakan tiap hari aku bukak blog ni..Nurin tetap di hati..dan harapan agar IBLIS itu tertangkap dan menerima hukumannya tak pernah padam..sama2 kita berdoa..dan terus berdoa tanpa jemu..walau perkembangan skrg ni amat mengecewakan..walau aku dah bosan dan kecewa dengan polis yang masih lagi kasi skrip yang sama..walaupun hati ni sakit sebab kes video menteri (yang dah 2 tahun dirakam plak tu) lebih diambil perhatian oleh pihak polis..kadang2 aku terpikir..apalah masa depan Malaysia buat jenayah dah macam makan nasi..pihak polis plak pi mai pi mai tang tu juga..adakah kita kekurangan anggota polis..atau kekurangan anggota polis yang betul2 polis???? Kalau aku kata yang aku dah tak percaya dengan polis..salah ke aku?

nazura said...

Assalamualaikum JJ,

Dah lama tak masuk sini. Kerja tak mengizinkan..But that doesn't mean that I no longer care. Watching about Nurin in the 2007 recap..tears just can't stop falling.
HOw can we forget?? That ******* ******* is still at large. Thanks to Ketua Pemuda ..mana ntah sorry Datuk..tak ingat nama. Police should have acted with or without cooperation from the public.It's their job ..they should know better. Letih lah nak cakap pun.
But I would like you to know still have our support, our care and our love for Nurin and everybody around her.

dianahaznida said...

aku setuju sesangat ngan pendapat LiaCatrina.aku pun heran kenape kes video bekas menteri tu yang dapat liputan meluas dan cepat plak dapat tangkap suspeknya.kes nurin macam diketepikan.takde pun lapuran perkembangan mengenainya.kita sebagai rakyat malaysia,tentulah kita lebih prihatin tentang nurin, bukan video lucah tu.aku pun heran ngan sikap sesetengah polis ni.kepada keluarga arwah nurin,banyakkan bersabar dalam menempuh cabaran.kepada keluarga sharlinie,kita sama2 berdoa agar dia selamat pulang.