Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jazimin offers support to Sharlinie’s parents

PETALING JAYA: He relived the trauma and grief of losing a child when he read about a missing five-year-old.

Knowing the pain the father was going through, Jazimin Abdul Jalil felt compelled to drive to Taman Medan here to offer emotional support.

He spent nearly four hours with the parents and relatives of Sharlinie Mohd Nashar, believed to have been abducted on Wednesday.

Jazimin lost his eight-year-old daughter Nurin last year.

The girl had gone to buy hair clips from the night market just metres away from her flat in Wangsa Maju. She never returned.

In September, her body was found stuffed in a sports bag. She had been sexually abused and murdered.

“I suffered for 27 days – going around looking for her, the frustration of not knowing, the anxiety of waiting and eventually, the grief of discovering that my child had died.

“It was also difficult having to cope with all kinds of allegations written by some press, for example, that I was in debt with Ah Longs or that my wife and I were negligent parents,” said Jazimin.

He urged the press to be fair to Sharlinie’s parents by reporting accurately as some people might not come forward to help if they assumed that the parents were negligent.

“The important thing is to help find Sharlinie,” said Jazimin, who came alone.

He said he saw some similarities between the photofit of the suspect released by the police in Nurin's case and the photofit of the male suspect in the Taman Medan case.

- The Star

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AzAzura said...

I dont know how they did it... definitely Jazimin and wife are among the strongest person I've ever encountered,My family and I are praying for Nurin and may Allah continue to give strength to Allahyarham's parents.