Monday, January 21, 2008

Pranksters not welcomed

Dear Editor, READING reports about unscrupulous individuals feeding police with false inform ation on the kidnapping of Sharlinie Mohd Nashar makes me sick.

How is it some people find pleasure in such acts?

Are they not aware of the trauma they are causing the family and that police will be wasting valuable time chasing false leads?

I’m glad police have arrested such people. It’s about time we came down hard on them.

Every time there’s a kidnap ping or murder which makes the news, we have some strange people who find pleasure in putting obstacles in the path of the police.

What’s worse is when such people contact the distraught family members to make de mands, threaten them or scold them for being bad parents.

The parents of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin faced the same problem as did the parents of Mohd Nazrin Shamsul or Yin, who went missing at a department store.

We need people who keep their eyes and ears alert to any sign of the missing children. Instead, we have pranksters and those who are downright malicious.

It saddens me that there are such people in Malaysia. Aren’t we supposed to be a caring society?

If only we could put ourselves in the shoes of the parents who have lost a child, we would never do such mind less acts.

Every time a kidnapping occurs, society has to play a role, not just in ensuring that the child is found and returned to his or her family, but in making sure that such events do not take place.

Rita Kandiah
Petaling Jaya

- The Malay Mail

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