Monday, October 1, 2007

When Evil Acts Have No Face

October 01, 2007 10:34 AM

By Jeswan Kaur

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 1 (Bernama) -- Does the perpetrator of evil acts have a `face'? This is perhaps what the public wants to know after the Sept 17 incident where little Nurin Jazlin Jazimin's naked body was found stuffed inside a sports bag.

Nurin, 8, who was sexually assaulted died after her intestine ruptured as a result of cucumber and brinjal shoved up her anus. She also had injuries indicating she was strangled.

This is not the first time such brutality has been inflicted upon children.

One prays that it is the last of such cruel acts. Twenty years ago nine-year-old Ang May Hong was raped and strangled barely 70m from her house in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur. Then there was teenage student Audrey Melissa Batinathan who was raped and murdered one morning when she was walking to school in the city. Not long after, the country was shocked by the rape and murder of 10-year-old Nurul Huda Gani in 2004.

The latest case has drawn a host of reaction as to who would execute such a cowardly crime. All said and done, the issue at hand is that evil acts such as these have no face, leaving the bereaved family very frustrated.

To psychiatrists, such cruel acts reflect the work of a mentally ill or sexually disturbed person.

What makes it tough in nabbing such perverts is the absence of a detailed profile, one which could put a `face' to the criminals involved. The perpetrators of the heinous crime against Ang May Hong and Audrey Melissa Batinathan are still out there, having escaped the wrath of the law.


Chartered psychologist Professor Dr Low Wah Yun of University Malaya's Faculty of Medicine told Bernama those involved in brutal and sexual assault cases suffer from psychological problems, especially a personality disorder.

"It is a myth to believe that the perpetrator is sexually unfulfilled. His motivation is not sex but more of pent-up excessive anger and rage that is expressed sexually.

"It is an act of anger and power and has this anti-social behaviour that motivates him to commit such heinous sexual crime. They gain sexual gratification from such act," she said.

Prof Dr Low said such aggressive men might have a problem dealing with their emotions and feelings and are more vulnerable to stress, i.e. coping with a rejection or a revenge.

"They are not concerned over the consequences of their actions. The bottomline is no matter what problem he may be having, it is not an excuse for him to commit the crime. It is still a crime and the perpetrator has to be punished."


Prof Dr Low said it was impossible to single out the perpetrator based on his looks.

"He can be anyone, cutting across all social status, religion, race, age and from different communities. The helpless and vulnerable children and women are their target as these very acts give them a sense of power and control. "These sadistic men may have a very different meaning or concept of masculinity or what it means to be a man, basically one who is in control. And most important to them is getting access to their victims, regardless of whether they are children or adult," she added.


Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta director and senior consultant psychiatrist (forensic) Datuk Dr Suarn Singh told Bernama that it is difficult to speculate what prompts a perpetrator to act in a brutal manner and at the same time profile them.

"In profiling the methodology is important. The Wikipedia defines offender profiling as a method of identifying the perpetrator of a crime based on an analysis of the nature of the offence and the manner in which it was committed.

"Various aspects of the criminal's personality make up are determined from his or her choices before, during and after the crime. This information is combined with other relevant details and physical evidence and then compared with the characteristics of known personality types and mental abnormalities to develop a practical working description of the offender."


Dr Suarn said sexual murders were very unusual compared to other forms of homicide.

"Some of the personality types that appeared on literature describing 'sexual murderers' especially of children are as follows, shy, passive individuals with hostility towards girls and preoccupied with extremely sadistic fantasies.

"The family background of these individuals commonly revealed alcohol and drug abuse, family isolation and instability, inconsistent discipline and at times physical and or sexual abuse too. Sexual murderers tend to be loners with poor academic and occupational background," he explained.

He said the sexual murderer is not limited to persons having a particular psychological or psychiatric diagnosis, though anti-social personality appears among these individuals. The other diagnosis is that of sexual sadism.

"However, there are many who qualify for the diagnosis of sexual sadism but who never physically injure anyone. There is no evidence in literature or in my practice that show that perpetrators have a 'fondness' for children or prey on them because of their being 'small in size'.

"I believe it is always more comfortable to give an accurate report on individuals once they are caught and sent in for a detailed assessment. Each case differs as there are many factors that come into play for these offences," he said.


Prior to the Nurin Jazlin's case, two girls were kidnapped and similarly sexually assaulted.

The growing crimes against children has incensed Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. She vowed that no such tragedy would befall another child and drew up several measures to ensure the nation is child-safe.

Among others the public can call the 999 emergency phone line to report cases of sexual abuse. Tracking bracelets will be implemented on sex offenders to monitor their post-release activities. The upgrading of Teledera lines would also be done.

Shahrizat said in the past her Ministry was reluctant to act against errant parents as it was deemed sensitive to get involved in family affairs. However, in view of the recent incidents of missing children and sex crimes committed against children, Shahrizat vowed to be more firm on such issues including taking action against parents who were negligent towards their children.

It is learnt that this worrying development has prompted women's groups to plan programmes to raise awareness among the public on the increasing crimes against children and women.



Tembam said...

The reporter left something out, a Nurin Alert based on the Amber Alert system.

Join us in calling for the Nurin Alert for Malaysia. Find out more at:

sue said...

frust jugak baca online hari nie..asik2 berita indon telan sim card tuh...berita pasal telan simcard tu dalam metro hari sabtu dah ada....selain dari tu takde perkembangan lain ker...esp from those 4 guys....

sue said...

byk jugak blog pasal nurin...bukti betapa ramainya rakyat malaysia yang turut sayangkan nurin....

but myself prefer to stay at this nurin's uncle blog only...

Tembam said...

Sue, cuba tgk blog2 tu. Ini bukan pasal suka atau tak suka. Kami nak minta kerajaan pertimbangkan supaya ujudkan Nurin Alert. Bukan nak popularkan blog. Pandangan Sue amat dihargai!

Tembam said...

Kalau Sue rajin baca blog ini, Sue pasti thau Uncle Nurin, Jasni turut menyokong Nurin Alert. Jom kita buat suatu kebaikan untuk mengenang adik Nurin. Sistem ini dapat mengelak daripada berlakunya tragedi saperti Nurin.

shahray said...

setuju dengan cadangan tembam untuk wujudkan Nurin's Alert tu...

alert said...

dear mr. jasni,
did anyone of your family or friends setup this site?

i fear that someone might want to steal email address by using nurin jazlin news.

Whois Record

inetnum: -
descr: Telekom Malaysia Berhad
descr: Network Strategy
descr: Wisma Telekom
descr: Jalan Pantai Baru
descr: 50672 Kuala Lumpur
country: MY

syahila said...


Saya dah baca lama sebelum ni lagi mengenai amber alert.

Tapi saya tak faham...boleh terangkan detail lagi tak?

Dari segi perlaksanaan undang2 tu macamana pula?


Tembam said...

Syahila, cuba visit, kat situ I ada post satu link (Let's Have a Nurin Alert) yg ad YouTube video. Amber Alert ni macam siren yg di tyg kat TV dan radioa sebaik saja ada laporan sah kanak2 hilang. Sistem ni bawah jagaan polis. Bila kita dgr alert tu, semua akan lebih berjaga2, polis, JPJ dan semua pihak berkuasa akan jalankan rondaan dan pemeriksaan dgn lebih hati2. Kalau dikendalikan dgn betul, pasti dapat selamatkan kanak2. Perlu ada peruntukan undang2 utk ujudkan. Kalau org buat laporan palsu boleh didakwa. Dah diuji dan berkesan di USA sejak tahun 1996. Sekarang dah diguna di banyak negara. Malaysia belum ada lagi. Sejarahnya, sistem ujud selepas bernama Amber yg berumur 9tahun mati sama keadaan saperti Nurin. Sila sokong cadangan ini. Kita namakan Nurin Alert utk kenang arwah Nurin.

syahila said...


ok nanti kita cuba tengok kat youtube.

sebenarnya tak faham lagi...

siren berbunyi? tv ada keluarkan bunyi siren ke?

nanti kita baca sekali lagi..kalau kita ada soalan kita tanya lagi...

Tembam said...

Ya, TV keluarkan bunyi siren bila Amber Alert. Polis yg bagi arahan. Tujuannya supaya org ambil perhatian. Kalau surf YouTube, cari Amber Alert. Ada contoh diupload oleh org dari berbagai negara. Malaysia bila lagi?

shahray said...

cerita pasal orang sakit mental dan gila seks ni dah terlampau banyak...pemakaian alat pengesan kepada bekas pesalah seksual adalah baik tetapi mereka ini tidak wajar dibebaskan sebenarnya...macam pesakit kusta di Sg. Buloh...mereka diasingkan...bukan kerana mereka jahat tetapi kerana penyakit berjangkit mereka...sama juga dengan pesalah seks atau orang gila seks...mereka ni sakit...nampak normal tapi sakit...mereka perlu diasingkan dari orang ramai...kalau tak merbahayakan orang ramai...tidak cukup dengan orang gila seks yang bertambah ramai, kemasukan warga asing yang tidak terkawal juga menjadi punca kejadian-kejadian jenayah yang semakin hari semakin meruntun jiwa dan perasaan. Yang mengaibkan lagi, pendatang indonesia yang di tangkap di dalam kes nurin ini dilaporkan tiada dokumen perjalanan yang sah....inilah masalahnya...mereka ini di pergunakan pula oleh rakyat kita yang juga tidak bertanggungjawab , akibatnya kita sendiri hidup dalam ketakutan...dulu ramai penjenayah tanpa izin dihantar pulang..kemudian senyap kembali...kini bagaimana? saya cadangkan mereka (PATI) dihantar balik ketempat asal mereka...kawalan ketat harus dibuat. Indonesia ni cerdik , sebab bila hantar balik, mereka akan buat passport tukar nama mereka dan identiti mereka...jadi kita juga perlu meningkatkan kecerdikan kita untuk mengawal kemasukan mereka...ini bukan pasal isu mengutuk bangsa atau kerakyatan seseorang tapi sudah terlalu banyak...kita akui ada yang baik ada yang jahat tapi kalau dah penjara semua penuh dengan mereka...bagaimana? fikirkanlah...

syahila said...

kepada 'tembam'

saya dah tengok...tapi bukan di youtube

di sini...

saya cuba search amber alert.

Bagus juga caranya.

tapi sistem yang terperinci dan sistematik tembam ada ke? boleh bagi link saya ke?

Tembam said...

Waah! Suka tgk Syahila ingin tahu. Link ni ada tiga jenis video YouTibe. Satu Amber Alert di France, tgk gambar dan maklumat kanak2 yg disiarkan jelas. Lagi satu guna Amber sstick untuk simpan maklumat anak mcm gambar, warna kulit, tinggi etc. Satu lagi berita TV yg tjk rakaman CCTV supaya semua berjaga2 utk kesan penjenayah. Link ni ada diblog Tembam. Bukan nak popularkan blog tapi nak maklumkan. Jom kita buat kebaikkan utk kenang Nurin.

Anonymous said...

apa berita terbaru?

POLIS selesaikanlah kes ini secepat mungkin..kalau boleh sebelum hari raya..

Tak dapat dibayangkan kesedihan keluarga arwah menyambut raya ni..

-Al Fatihah-

syahila said...

Terima kasih tembam for sharing with us.

Anyway have you read this?

it seems that pedophilia ada group terancang mereka sendiri. Sedih bila baca ni :(

Ryna said...

In view of making Malaysia a safe place, especially for children, why isn't there any rigorous move on the implementation of Hudud law? We bersaksi of Allah, yet we do not accept His law? Excuse me, do we actually have the option of selecting whichever provisions from His law?

Tackling the root of the problem is the way to go. Why isn't any Kementerian putting this matter forward?

Tembam said...

Terima kasih kembali Syahila. Sila sebarkan maklumat ni pada sesiapa, kawan2 ke, wakil rakyat ke, PTA ke, ya! Kalau ada blog sila ceritakan pasal Nurin Alert ni ya. InsyAllah, apa saja usaha kita utk kebaikan, biarlah kita niat kerana Allah. Selamat berbuka puasa.

Fara Zahri said...

Thank you, tembam, I have read and and digest of how the system work and posted some comments on Nuraina's blog. Its a positive move. It should be named Nurin as a tribute to her. In a way, she has becomes our hero.

Nik Ahmad Farez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nik Ahmad Farez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nik Ahmad Farez said...

100% agreed with Tembam suggestion.
Let's propose to government to name it Nurin Alert.
In Malaysia, these similar alert is exist. What I know is, these similar system is implemented and being use in Police force, Military and All airport in Malaysia. That's why not all walkie-talkie permitted to be use in KLIA. Only special walkie-talkie with EMERGENCY ALERT button supplied to the Duty Managers and Duty Officers at airports. It will overide all channel when one push the EMERGENCY ALERT button.

In many Car Radio Receiver even in Malaysia have an Emergency/Info Traffic Alert channel but the system not availbale here. This channel also could be use similar to Amber Alert over the radio.

May family and I 100% vote for Nurin Alert.

Tembam said...

Fara dan Nik Ahmad, terima kasih atas sokongan. Jom kita gerak gempur Nurin Alert ni. Mual I tak tahu, lepas I buat kajian dan jumpa banyak contoh, baru I faham. Ya jugak kata Sdr Nik tu. Kalau dah ada similar system, pihak berkenaan boleh implement dgn lebih berkesan bila digabungkan dgn media dan masyarakat. I tahu ramai pelawat blog ni terdiri dari golongan muda dan belum berkeluarga. Mudahan2 Nurin Alert sistem ini akan terlaksana dan dapat dimanfaat hingga keanakcucu. Jgn hiraukan anasir subservie dalam blog ni. Kekalkan niat suci kita dan kenang Nurin dgn melakukan kebaikan. Selamat ber buka puasa semua.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @5:13 is a very sick person . He or she must be related to the murderer ! YOU ARE A SICK PERSON .

Anonymous said...

al-faatihah ila allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin ... doakan kami agar syaitan pembunuhmu ditangkap


aku sarankan kita belah perut indon tu macam kita belah tikus dan katak kat makmal masa sekolah dulu, tapi jangan dibius, pastu suruh dicari sendiri SIM tu sampai dapat dalam perut dia tu...

kalau dah jumpa suruh dia jahit sendiri luka pembedahan tu guna tali rafia atau bemban...

pastu bawak jumpa aku, aku nak suruh dia telah PDA aku pulak ...

- joesniper -

Anonymous said...

Anonymous October 1, 2007 5:13 PM, aku rasa ko baru baca kes ni la.. tak skolah tol..
baca dari mula la..

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (message posted October 1, 2007 5:13 PM)
From KAA.

I've just been quiet, silently digesting the comments. I have also taken to listening to comments from those who have had contact with the family, and to those who live there.

My question to you is whether you have been to the neighbourhood, and understand the environment. Have you been to the actual pasar malam? Have you seen how the kids play at the area? If you have, then you certainly have differing opinion.

But if you have not, just come straight down from your high horse. Where do you get off by your high-and-mighty attitude, and become judgmental on the parents?

The pasar malam is as good as just beyond their home's bounderies. It's their area. It is just very unfortunate that someone is opportunistic enough to prey on the little girl walking by herself, but to put into context, amidst a sea of people whom should at least notice something is amiss. Yes, she is not well, but she is certainly active - not bed-ridden!

This site should be as a reminder for us still living, to make this world into a better place, not to criticise negatively on pure individual biasness. You have just tainted the memory of an innocent and sweet child.

Anonymous said...

telan* bukan telah

Anonymous said...

"We must think from different angles in solving crime"?

Dear Anonymous at 5:13. What made you an expert in crime-solving? What prompted you to throw around allegations and baseless accusations like that? I am interested to know, because I am curious about the idiot that made up these speculations. Clap clap clap. A round of applause for you. Congratulations. If it is publicity you seek, there you have it. You've well earned yourself contempt. You must be very proud of yourself.

So you said that you want us to "think from different angles". Have you taken everything into consideration? Motive? Opportunity? Time and location? Anything else to back your opinion? None? Aw, that's too bad. I guess your angle is all lopsided, then. You genius you. Your momma must be proud of you.

Have you ever heard of Locard's Principle? If you honestly think that the parents are responsible, some evidence should have popped up by now that linked the parents with the murder. Unless, of course, you can produce a sound theory. Or perhaps your own credible evidence? Which, I can safely assume, you have none?

Insensitivity is so prominent, coming out from the woodwork. You and all the others whose heads are up their arses. How typical. Bravo. You've made your point. That you are indeed the jackass of the century.

Someone with an actual degree in criminology

Anonymous said...

October 1, 2007 5:13 PM

dia ni mungkin iri hati dengan keperihatinan masyarakat tentang kes ini. mungkin juga dia ni bermasalah atau pun mungkin dia ni salah seorang suspek (yang masih sedang dikesan oleh polis). ye, memang betul polis kena tengok pelbagai aspek.. kalau begitu polis juga kena tengok dia ni sebab dari kenyataan dia ni, amat meragukan.. bukan susah nak trace ip dia ni..tak susah pun..tak lama mana pun kalau guna internet sebgai topeng. sikit lebih kurang macam guna prepaid sim card juga.
so, hati hati la nak bagi komen. apalagi komen yang menyakitkan hati macam dia ni. dia ni ada anak ke?.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @5.13 you are a heartless person...........heartless sympathy , no empathy!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous@513pm,

For God sake! You've been watching too much tv, man...

Or are you involved in Nurin's case??

1) Do you have children of your own? If no, SHUT UP !!
2) If you have your own children, are you very sure they're perfectly safe? If not certain, SHUT UP!!
3) Are you a caring Malaysian who shares the grief with En. Jazimin & Pn Norazian and Nurin's sisters? If no, GET LOST !!

Anonymous said...

En. Jasni,

I've visited Tembam's weblog about Amber Alert...

I strongly suggest for NURIN ALERT to be implemented...your thoughts?

Tembam, good suggestion!

sakun said...

get a life anonymous@513pm ! Man, Hope god guides you through. and btw, stop speculating!! we have pros to investigate kay... cheers!!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous@513pm,

sorry to say..but seriously, u r heartless person in the is true,we have to look in different angles,different sides..but it is too much to say that their parents involved in the death of their own beloved daughter..think before u want to write something,because ur statement can hurts en jazimin n puan norazian feelings.
by the way,sorry again to say this,the way u r looking into this case seems like u r uneducated person..if u're smart enough,u won't make a statement like that.

last but not least,u must follow this case from the very beggining and then u will know.stop making stupid accusations against late adik nurin parents.

M. Mustaffa said...

The Amber Alert would be a great implementation.

edflix said...

sy sokong idea amber alert.. and yang pandai2 herdik, caci, indon n PATI, nak pijak dgn gajah kasi kuar sim card la.. bedah la apa la.. tolongla.. belum tentu dia yg buat.. innocent until proven guilty.. kita sama2 manusia.. anak Adam s.a.
media pun sama.. perbesarkan benda yg tak sahih pun.. skang 4 suspek dah lepas.. suma takder bukti kukuh lagi..
cuma tunggu gamba cctv yg dah clear jer.. yg di hantar ke U.S.. thats all we have..

Iyan said...

takutla tu kot sampai telan sim kad..
sape yg sanggup telan sim kad kalau x besalah..

one more thing
iyan baru2 nie pegi soping complex
ade budak girl tu nangis2 ilang emak dia..
then, emak iyan antar terus budaj tu pegi customer servis
nampaknye.. masih ade yg x mengambil iktibar dr kisah nurin

bg iyan.. kisah nurin (arwah) menyentuh benar perasaan iyan
sebab tu iyan terus bawa budak girl tu drpd org yg btanggungjawab ambik dia..

Community have to act!! Jangan hanya melihat...

Jasni AJ said...

alert asked...
"dear mr. jasni,
did anyone of your family or friends setup this site?

i fear that someone might want to steal email address by using nurin jazlin news."

Well, I have checked among the closest family members and none of them are aware of this condolence page.

Though it seem quite harmless and was probably created with genuine intentions, bloggers are advised to use their own discretion whether or not to participate in registering their condolence messages that would also mean disclosing their respective e-mail addresses.

If the creater of the website is reading this, perhaps it would be better for you to disclose your identity in the website in order to erase any doubts of your intention in setting up the website.

Thank you.