Saturday, September 22, 2007

Still on DNA - Part 2 (An Original Article by the Host Blogger)

A number of readers suggested that a second DNA should have been taken to erase all doubts.

This was what our stand initially as well upon being bried on the DNA report by the PJ OCPD at 10.00 p.m., 20th September 2007.

However, as explained in my earlier post, it was the parents who had decided to rely on the DNA coupled with the dental records in their decision to claim the body (of which now has been confirmed as Nurin) along with the acceptance that the body had various other similar features to Nurin indeed in the wee hours of Friday, 21st September 2007.

With that decision, the earlier arrangement made with IPD Petaling Jaya for a second DNA test coupled with veryfing the body against Nurin's medical records, thumb print etc on that Friday morning was called of.

When the parents informed the Police that we are now would be claiming the bosy instead, the body was then prepared accordingly to Islamic rites (mandi mayat).

When we arrived at the mortuary to collect the body, it all clear to everyone, including Jazimin that the body was no other than Nurin.

This might sound like coming from a religious movie script, but that is the fact, the face was now recognisable eventhough just a day before it was not.

There is a "hikmah" in this, the act of the parents agreeing to the DNA results (which was made available to them last), had sort of avoided the body to continue to be in limbo for a few more days.

Therefore, the family is genuinely certain that the body claimed was none other than Nurin, and there is no necessity for a second DNA test.

It is rather unfortunate that there are some parties who are trying to cast doubts to the mother's mind by continuosly asking whether she was certain of the body was Nurin and not someone else.

They had actually "integorated" her at the burial grounds itself, at a time when one was in their lowest point.

They have actually succeeded in getting some "confessions" from the mother that fits their agenda to paint the Police force as an (one) "unreliable" and "despicable" force that works around conspiracy theory.

So readers, if you are to come across any notion of such in any press (or article) reports within the next few days, please take my word, you can actually chuck the whole newspaper into the dustbin as the journalism practice in getting that news scoop was totally deplorable.

No one should be casting any doubt that Nurin has been safely buried at 2.45 pm 21st September 2007 at the Ibu Kota Muslim Burial Grounds, Kuala Lumpur.


PiZzA ' Zeeee said...


Second gone reach a minute
Minute’s gone reach an hour
Hour’s gone reach a day
Day’s gone reach a month

Minute by Minute
Day by Day
Time pass by
Now the news hit the market
Media playing their role

Some making money
Some over covered
But there's still a good one who can share the truth

The Angel is gone
Follow by mourning
And it alarmed the nation
Our nation UNITE
Get the person to JUSTICE

But Justice is not enough
For only 20 years punishment plus whipping??
Is that all for this BEAST??????
Malaysian government WAKE UP!!!!
This is the time to change the outdated rule!!
Death penalty should be given!

Why it's so hard to change the LAW??
Why is Datin Asnimar proposal for those brutal rapists and those who sexually assault children resulting in their gruesome deaths had gone unheeded???
Open your eyes widely...
And please listen to our majority voice we want DEATH PENALTY!!

Although it’s not enough
But that's all we can do in reality world..
Soon the beast will get the next punishment from Malaikat Malik ofcourse in HELL...

Big condolence from me to your family i really hate this kind of news..
It break my heart into pieces..
The pieces can be recover one day..
But the mark will remain forever..

I pray to GOD eventhough the person can escape now but he/she will never escape when the world come to end (Qiamat)..
One day in HELL you'll know how's the tasted to be tortured like what you did and even more!!

To sweet little Angel you may rest in peace now. The pain is gone and heaven is the best place for you to stay forever. Sooner or later the responsible person will be caught... AMIN!!

aisa said...

~ This might sound like coming from a religious movie script, but that is the fact, the face was now recognisable eventhough just a day before it was not. ~

Allah itu Maha Kaya dan Maha Mengetahui.... bersama-sama lah kita berdoa dibulan ramadhan yg mulia ini agar pembunuh kejam itu dapat ditangkap.. Al- Fatihah

Anonymous said...

I cant seem to stop crying ...thinking for one month the crazy man having Nurin..for one month he seksa budak kecil tu..sedihnya....

zuhri said...

Go In Peace, My Girl

go in peace, my girl
meet and sit beside Him
away from the pain and suffering
that i still have to endure

be happy, my girl
know that millions mourned for you
loved you like you could never had
should you're still here with me


puncak alam, 20 sept 2007

dnj, subang jaya said...

I can't imagine the grieves that the family is going through but my heart, mind and prayers are with them at all time.
Sometimes people can be so insensitive, I don't agree with how the journalists conduct their research for the work.. why grilled the mother for more information that could lead to more confusion? If the family says it's her, then it is her as no one else known the sweet angel better than her family. We should pray for her family to be strong to go through the dark moments in their life. Not torturing them with all these insensitive questions as well as pointing fingers on who to blame. As a muslim we have to believe in qada' and qadar. Instead of pointing fingers to the parents, why dont we all work together and pray together so that the authority will find the brainless animal.
And I have to say that I don't agree with the IGP by annoucing to the media that they would investigate the parents on negligence and if they are found guilty, they will be brought forward to the court. Why add more salt to the injury? Can we all be more sensitive to the family at this moment? The hard times that they are going through is hard to even imagine. Put yourself in their shoes, please before saying anything hurtful to the family. I read the comments and the things that some of us wrote and comments on this case, makes me feel more sensitive. And if you have anything hurtful to say, just keep your 2-cents to yourself. Now, let us all focus on helping the authority to find the brainless heartless animal.
To the late Nurin's family, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Be strong. Allah maha adil. Allah lebih menyayangi adik Nurin. Banyak banyak kan bersabar dan sentiasa doa kepada Allah supaya diberi kekuatan untuk menuruskan perjalanan hidup ini. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Adik Nurin Jazlin dan ditempatkan dengan orang orang soleh. Al-fatihah.

Noelle said...

My condolences to you and Nurin's family. I hope that jerk gets caught and has his deed returned a thousand fold. >:@
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Pembunuh itu perlu disiksa di khalayak ramai supaya orang yang yang bersifat kejam lebih daripada haiwan boleh pupus di muka bumi ini..

Manusia begini membahayakan manusia yang lain dan tidak boleh dibiarkan hidup...

Semoga kes begini tidak berulang lagi...

Kepada al marhumah nurin...

Kejadian ini menjadi pengajaran dan peringatan kepada kami..

Semoga langkah pencegahan diperkukuhkan di setiap segi merangkumi semua pihak

Kepada ibubapa dan keluarganya...
Allah menyayanginya...tabahkan hati

Pembunuh yang hina..
Semua makhluk melaknatimu....

Anonymous said...

condolences on the passing of your little girl. can't imagine ppl can be so heartless and psycho. hope you and your family will continue to be strong.

the world is no longer safe for our children...

ps: sy bkn muslim

Iron Butterfly said...

Maha Besar Kuasa Allah,

Her soul is at peace once the family acknowledge it's her, barangkali kerana itu Allah memperlihatkan wajahnya dengan lebih jelas ketika Arwah dituntut.

Our prayers are with her and your family.

ennyuarar said...

i can't stop heart goes to you and your family... semoga Allah makbulkan doa kita semua di bulan Ramadhan ini agar pembunuh yang hina dapat ditangkap dan dihukum...

Anonymous said...

Salam , I was about make a comment in this blog . but someone have said exactly what I was about to say . DNJ OF SUBANG JAYA I couldnt agree with u more . In hard times like these I cant believe there are so many people "tak berhati perut" to make such hurtfull commnets towards parents of Nurin , including the IGP, which I feel is is insensitive . And espcially in the month of Ramadan like this if u have nothing nice to say pls dont say anything at all.

To the parents n family of Nurin , taksiah. Arwah Jazlin dah aman di sana .


Anonymous said...


semoga roh adik nurin dicucuri rahmat.. Allah Maha Adil.. takkan terlepas binatang jahanam itu.. semoga keluarga nurin tabah menghadapi dugaan ini, & sama2lah kite berdoa semoga penjenayah tersebut mendapat balasan yg setimpal atas perbuatan kejam tersebut.

undang2 islam sepatutnya dijalankan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nurin,

Maaf kan kami keatas kecuaian kami dan kekejaman dunia.

Syurga Firdaussi tempat mu jua.

Kepada keluarga mu harap tabah dan kuatkan iman.

Dr Ruslan

caffe_latte said...

I feel like sending something to the parents of Jazlin even before the results are out
But words could not convey how I feel.
So I'll just say this,
I'm really, really sad that the body is identified as being Nurin's.
Even more sad when I think about what she had to endure for about a month.
I couldn't even discuss the case, when everyone else did.
Grief haunt me, like I knew her.
When I read about how Jazimin paid the zakat fitrah for Nurin too, tears that contains what I felt this few days came pouring out.
I hope the beast, whoever it is, can be caught as soon as possible so that no more kids are abducted and tortured in this manner.
And I hope it is punished as severely as possible, both in this world and the next, to justify the brutal killings of Nurin.

To Her family and friends that knew her,
I, we, understand how you feel.
Malaysians feel sorry for the loss of your precious daughter.
May you get pass your grief by the knowledge that She is in a better place.
I would give you guys a hug if hugs can be transmitted online.

Take care,
Mei Yen.

Anonymous said...

May God Bless Her Soul.

And please, to those with all kinds of conspiracy theories, just STOP IT.

If you have so much energy and time, HELP keep Malaysia safe. Small ways, big ways.

Too many rude people around. Selfish people. Just look at those driving around you. Those around in the supermarket queue. And everywhere. Malaysians have become a selfish and materialistic lot.

Anonymous said...

my condolences to the family, may Allah bless her soul, may she rest in peace, and may her parents continue being strong to face the future with the rest of her siblings and relatives

god bless..alfatihah

Anonymous said...

shes now with the Almighty..
the thought ease the pain away..

farah said...

I was watching the news yesterday and i just couldnt believe on how misbehaved the reporters were. Yes... this is news but please respect the family in their time of grief. I remember quite a while ago, reporters from the same well known station who arrived late for the funeral, actually asked the family to repeat the whole burial process, even tho the 'liang lahad' has not been filled with soil, it just shows how insensitive and plain stupid these reporters are.

I feel no interviews should be conducted during any funeral, as we should give the family time and space to grieve their loss. Even Mawi was interviewed right after the funeral of his beloved father. Correct me if I'm wrong, he was even asked questions not relevant to the demise of his father....

To see how the reporters kept on asking Arwah Nurin Jazlin's sister over and over if she thinks it is her sister, made me sick to my stomach. How low have we become???? Enough is enough.

I understand why the parents refused to accept it was her initially. It is quite common that a body looks different until proper rituals, like mandi jenazah, is done. And being a parent myself, i know it is not easy to accept your child's death. Your child should outlive you. For your child to go before you and in that manner is just heartwrenching. Yes I know it is Allah's will. I dont blame them and I am glad and thankful that Allah has given them guidance in which they accepted her and give her the proper burial that she deserves.

I cant help thinking that even if it was not Arwah, she is still somebody's daughter. A family is still missing her. But Alhamdulillah, her ordeal is over and she is safe in the hands of Allah.

To your family Encik Jazimin, my prayers are with you and I am sure Allah will give you the strength that you and your family needs and in this blessed month of Ramadhan and the curses of the whole nation, I pray the perpetrator will be brought to justice soon. and I agree that he should be beheaded, but not before he is caned and tortured.

Our dear Adik Nurin is safe and sound with her Creator and she awaits her family in Heaven.


Fariz said...

I am deeply saddened by this. How could anyone do that to another person, to put that person in so much pain and torture?

What is this world coming to...

I wonder, did the police do any DNA and/or fingerprints search on the brinjal, cucumber and the bag?

Anonymous said...

Al-Fatihah to Nurin Jazlin.

" farah said...
September 22, 2007 10:27 PM
I was watching the news yesterday and i just couldnt believe on how misbehaved the reporters were. Yes... this is news but please respect the family in their time of grief. I remember quite a while ago, reporters from the same well known station who arrived late for the funeral, actually asked the family to repeat the whole burial process, even tho the 'liang lahad' has not been filled with soil, it just shows how insensitive and plain stupid these reporters are. "

Could not agree more with you Farah.

In the line of duty, the journalist will ask questions that needs to satisfy the people needs and sell their newspaper, TV News, radios etc. Rating is important to them. Trying to be the hero!

Well this is journalism. There is a yellow journalism, black journalism, red journalism , white journalism etc. Whatever you call them!

Those who are from cheap journalism school of thoughts or never attended school of journalism to learn about ethics , do`s and dont`s - will do the unthinkable - non morally correct!

Disgusting and unprofessional behaviour surface hiding something called ... " in the line of duty or just doing my job ".

Just like disgusting Melodi Program - Terjah. Its more KURANG AJAR rather then broadcast journalism to me!

Don`t be surprise " The Real Nurin Story " will be written in a fictitious story by some cheap monthly magazine, weekly yellow tabloid or some stupid horror documentary.

Stories featuring some people saw Nurin seeking revenge for the killer/s. Or her parents dream of something about Nurin bla bla bla etc etc will surface.

Leave it to the sensational fictitious imagination of these `cheap journalism` people, they will cook-up something delicious to feed the hungry readers on commercial motive.

Sad, isnt it? To those who practice clean ethical journalism -I salute you. For those who don`t, please go pick-up some good books on journalism and start learning your table manners.

A Good journalist is just like eating with someone with good table manners - you enjoy their company. The bad ones is just like eating with someone sloopy table manners. Its just destroy your appetite to eat.

I could not agree more with Farah comments... some interview questions are just to painful to ask when someone is at his or hers lowest. Would NOT be surprise if some reporters request to repeat the whole burial process in slow motion so that their photographers can take a good pictures for their tabloids!

Sometime you have to put down your mike, cameras, recorders, pdas, pen and papers and do a reality check! If it is you in their shoes - how would you feel to be harrassed and intimidated by cheap journalist or reporters?

During this trying times, Nurin`s parents do not have a PR manager to manage any PC for the hungry journalist. Nevertheless, with this blog "In Memory of Nurin Jazlin" its clears lots of smoke in the air. You got it straight from the horses mouth.

A week from now - there will be theories, hypothesis and assumptions on Nurin`s case. The sensational and juicier the stories to be told, the better readership or viewership rating by AC Nelson or ABC this people will get.

Should`n you be paying Nurin`s parents for the exclusivity of the stories given? It help you sell your tv stations and papers?

I shall pray to al-mighty to show us the justice for Nurin Jazlin.

To the killer/s may you Rot in Hell and should I catch you alive, I shall do the copy WWF Smack Down Raw is War - before tying you up at a lamp post for general public contributions.

God knows what you bastards has made me and other people to be. There is fire in our eyes seeking revenge for Nurin Jazlin.

" NURIN JAZLIN - Damailah kamu disana sesunggohnya Allah lebih mencintaimu, sayang."


A member of the grieving public said...

The murderer should be executed in public. And let his death be slow.

Jurgen said...

Every child who ever gets hurt... is a child too much to be hurt.

Every child that's taken out of life... is a life cut off.

I pray for Nurin, her family and all her beloved ones...
I pray for every child who's victim of child abuse.

Jajarbink said...

I am very sad and angry with what had happened to this innocent little girl.The person who did this
is is considered inhuman and should
be removed from earth.

For the parent and relative to Nurin Jazlin ,i experess my deepest condolence. Hope all of you will brace your heart and continue on your life.

Let us unite and trace or share any information towards nabbing these scumbag and put it into justice.

R.I.P. Dear Nurin...Amin.

Anonymous said...

salam....betapa hinanya makhluk bernama manusia tg berlaku kejam ke atas adik nurin...marilah kita sama2 berfikir kenapa terjadi kes seperti ini...salah siapa???daulatkan undang2 Islam..sesungguhnya hanya undang2 ciptaan Allah ini sahaja dapat membanteras kejadian seperti ini...jangan selepas ini ada lagi kejadian yang seperti ini fatihah....

Anonymous said...

Tiada lagi damai di negara Hadhari....

Anonymous said...

tidurlah wahai puteriku...damailah adik di sana..kami tangisi saat genting yg kamu lalui...namun Allah jua yang Maha Mengetahui...semadilah adikku didalam kamar syurgamu...doa kami meniti disetiap bibir khas untukmu adikku....Allah itu Maha Pengasih dan Maha Agung...


Anonymous said...

May your soul rest in peace

It is really sad to see what has become of our world today. Humans with animal attitude. Innocent children are their victim.

I try not to imagine what that poor child would have gone through but it keeps haunting me. What kind of beast that animal must be to hurt a cute little angel like Jazlin.

Our justice system must be changed. Catch the beast, tie him/her to a pole where we the people of this country can stone, hurt or injury the beast. I read one comment by a reader saying she will do the same thing the beast did to Jazlin, I agree... We must stuff durian inside them.. Let them suffer and die..

Please give the mother strength to carry on.

Fara said...

Encik Jasni, It was gross to learn how cheap and artificial and unethical the press(es)are. I remember the case of Suzaily Mukhtar, a UK graduate whose body was found naked at Klang. She was brutally raped and sodomised by a bus driver, and the fact that the incident happened on early morning and she was on her way to work and in a public transport that was supposed to be safe!

And at that point, her family was as you call it, at their lowest point. Her mother was totaly wrecked and destroyed but was called for a telephone interview with Mazidul in some live telecast show (can't remember the title). I still remember vividly on that part of the conversation. It goes something like:

Mazidul: Apa pesanan Puan Harison kpd ibubapa yg mempunyai anak perempuan supaya memerhatikan pergerakan mereka?
(as if her daughter was raped on her way for some clubbing activities)

Pn Harison: (still sobbing and speechless)

Mazidul: Puan Harisonnn.... (in a higher tone, sounded impatient and long sigh)...kami faham akan kesedihan Puan ketika ini, tapi kami nak juga tau apa pesanan dan nasihat puan kepada ibubapa yang mempunyai anak2 perempuan agar tidak mengalami nasib yg sama seperti anak puan?

Puan Harison: (Still sobbing and reluctantly spoke) nasihat saya kpd semua ibubapa, jagalah anak2 anda baik..

Mazidul: Itu sahaja ye, Puan Harison, terima kasih (hung up)

Oh my God! At that point, I just couldn't keep my eyes off the tv for not believing how RUDE AND INSENSITIVE AND CRUEL this Mazidul can be??

AlFatihah for both Arwah Suzaily Mukhtar and Arwah Adik Nurin Jaslin. Peace be upon both of you.... And my prayer goes to the rest of the family.

KarumbaX said...

I am one of the grieving public. So are many other millions..

KarumbaX said...

to fara, that stupid mazidul is well known for his insentivity. In fact TV3 is now showing a programme called Jejak Sahur or something, a programme where the hosts will go around during sahur and interviewed family yg kematian anak2 baru2 ni. Semalam, they were in Melaka, interviweing a family yg kematian anak dlm kemalangan a month back. Just imagine, kena bangun pukul 4 pagi oleh tetamu yg tak diundang utk bercerita pasal kematian anak yg tersayang. Luka baru nak heal, dah kena remind balik semula.

Utk TV3 dan siaran2 TV yg lain, come lah, be a tiny bit sensitive pada perasaan org yg kehilangan ahli keluarga ni. U nak cari bahan berita pergi lah ke tempat lain.

Jan Ar-Rijal said...

Al-Fatehah untuk adik Nurin..dan semoga keluarga arwah tabahkan hati bersabar di atas dugaan ini.

Kejadian ini mengingatkan saya kepada peristiwa hampir 20-25 tahun lalu yang berlaku pada keluarga sepupu sebelah ibu saya di Singapura. Mangsa berumur lingkungan 12 tahun diculik, diikat dan diperlakukan secara sadis dan dibunuh. Arwah dijumpai terikat pada pokok dalam semak belukar dan hanya dikenali melalui pakaian sahaja disebabkan sudah menjadi rangka. AlhamduLlah pelaku devian tesebut dapat ditangkap dan dihukum bunuh.

Berbalik kepada kes adik Nurin, pelaku jenayah tersebut perlu ditangkap hidup-hidup. Sebelum dijatuhkan hukuman mati, pesalah berkenaan perlu di "forensik" kan. Pakar-pakar jiwa perlu mengkaji kenapa penjenayah ni melakukan perbuatan yang terkutuk itu. Jika perlu dibedah kepalanya hidup-hidup, lakukan saja. Keturunannya perlu dikaji dan diprofilkan.

Biar pesalah berkenaan dijadikan "guinea pig" sebagai bahan kajian bagi mengetahui asas dan punca masalah yang menyebabkan tindakaan devian berkenaan.

Pakar-pakar jiwa perlu mengetahui punca sebenar kenapa pelaku berkenaan bertindak demikian. Adakah disebabkan bahan pornografi atau pengaruh dadah atau mungkin kerana amalan ilmu hitam. Apabila diketahui apa sebab dan musabab pelaku bertindak demikian, dapatlah pihak Kerajaan atau pihak yang berkuasa seperti polis bahkan masyarakat keseluruhannya dapat membendung perkara seperti ini daripada berulang...Wallaualam.

Anonymous said...

may the family and the relatives of allahyarham nurin jazilah find strength to go thru tis..
we all will pray for the justice and th truth to be revealed..
till then let us pray for the sweet lil girl who has passed fatihah..
and please dear parents, take tis as a lesson, we must protect the younger ones..

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why some people call the murderer as beast/animal/binatang...animals don't do such thing, only human are capable of doing this. Believe me God is watching, you can't get away with it!
May you rest in peace nurin...My deepest condolence to her family.

Anonymous said...

Allah memberikan sesuatu kepada kita dalam rupa yang cukup elok dan sempurna..kurniaan seorang anak merupakan harta tak ternilai..namun semuanya hanyalah pinjaman..adat meminjam, suatu hari nanti perlu dipulangkan dalam keadaan yang lebih elok dari asalnya..barulah kita tergolong dari orang-orang yang tahu menghargai kurniaan-Nya...

adik nurin pulang kepada Penciptanya dalam keadaan yang amat menghibakan..mungkin ini takdir Allah untuknya...

melihat gambar2 dari album keluarga nurin yang banyak disiarkan dalam akhbar..dapat dilihat bahawa adik nurin serta kakak dan adiknya telah dibesarkan dengan penuh kasih saynag dan perhatian dari kedua ibu bapanya..sambutan hari jadi, bersiar-siar di taman...bapa nurin juga memilih untuk membawa teksi bagi memudahkan urusan membawa nurin untuk rawatan2 nya di hospital..dapat dilihat.. mereka merupakan ibu bapa yang baik...

saya cuma pelajar berusia 20 tahuntidak tahu bagaimana rasanya dikurniakan anak dan kehilangannya..namun sebagai perempuan dan manusia biasa..umum tahu akan nikmat dan seksanya...

cuai???mengapa tuduhan sebegitu boleh keluar dari mulut mereka2 yang tidak pun tahu menjaga kepentingan dan kebajikan orang lain..pihak polis,dan orang ramai..punyai masa 30 hari untuk menjejak nurin..tapi kenapa kita hanya menemui nurin dengan cara diserahkan sendiri oleh peragut nyawanya dalam keadaan sebegitu kejam..tidakkah kita semua yang cuai dalam tempoh mencari itu? sistem undang2 pula hanya menerima laporan orang hilang hanya selepas 48 jam..aduhai...bermacam perkara boleh terjadi sekelip mata..

tidak dapat dibayangkan kenyataan bahawa nurin masih hidup ketika hari lahirnya..ketika Ramadhan baru menjelma..ketika kita semua tertanya-tanya di mana nurin...mayat tang ditemui di dalam beg itu hanya mati lebih kurang 6 jam sebelum ditemui...sepanjang kehilangannya..apa yang telah kita lakukan??? bagaimanalah seksa yang dialami sebelum tercabut nyawa puteri manis ini...

memang budaya kita sekarang makin tidak ambil peduli dan kurang kasih sayang sesama insan..

adik nurin menjadi korban untuk menyedarkan kita semua..besar sungguh harga yang perlu dibayar...

takziah buatkeluarga nurin..kita semua harus terus tabah mengahadapi hari-hari mendatang dmi adik dan kakak nurin..demi rakan2 nurin..dan berdoalah agar diberikan kesmpatan oleh Allah bertemu nurin di tempatnya..

Anak BumiKenyalang said...


ALLAH maha mengetahui segalanya, dengan apa yang terjadi kepada adik Nurin, mungkin ada hikmah di sebalinya.

Saya terpanggil untuk berbicara disini, kerana tidak dapat pejam kan mata asyik ternampak muka adik Nurin yang jauh berbeza..

Walau apa pun kita percaya QADAG N QADAR, suratan takdir.

Kita semua rakyat Malaysia terkenal penyayang, tapi kenapa ada juga yang sanggup kejam dan tiada berasa kesian.

Saya rasa memang TIDAK SIUMAN..


Saya nak ucap kan TAKZIAH kepada mak dan ayah Nurin, moga tabah kan hati. Sebagai seorang ibu saya dapat merasa apa yang kamu rasa.


mama said...

nurin sayang,
tidurlah di sana dgn aman.tiada lagi makhluk2 yg akan menyakitimu.mama tahu nurin sudah penat utk semua itu.doakan utk ayah dan ibu semoga tenang menghadapi hidup tnpa nurin trsayang.nurin adalah seorang anak yg baik.tidur lah sayang..kami semua akan merinduimu..

naim said...

saa muhaimin naim mengucapkan takziah kepada bapa nurin... diharap dapat bersabar... orang yang berbuat jahat x akan bebas dari perbuatan... allah maha besar.. setiap perbuatan yang dier buat tidak akan terlepas.... berdoalah selalu...

NAZURA said...

My sweet angel Nurin, we share your pain. Thinking of it is so unbearable. What more to suffer it as what you had been through.
Menyentakkan, menyesakkan. Yang sebangsa dan seagama have been so ridiculously insensitive. Bangsa lain lebih membela. lebih simpati dan lebih supportive. Malu. Malu. Yang setannya pun sebangsa dan seagama. Bagus. Bagus. Inilah Islam Hadhari.

Nurin membayar dengan nyawanya untuk menyedarkan kita bahawa ini adalah masanya undang-undang ciptaan manusia ditukar kepada HUDUD. Nak dalih apa lagi?????????

cwet gal... said...

As a gal with humanity I would like to express my deepest condolences to Nurin's family.Its so surprising to know that there are humans can act so cruelty and cant imagine how wud they behave so cheap as tiz..